Exquisite Corpse Episode October 8, 2009

Speeding to a crawl.

7:30am - 9:31am

1. People Like Us, Abridged too Far, Sedimental Journey
2. People Like Us/Ergo Phizmiz, Honeysuckle Blvd, Merry go Round
3. Negativland, No Business, Piece a Pie
4. John Oswald , , Klangfarbenprobe
5. Joshua Fried, Jimmy Because, Jimmy Because (remix)
6. Steve Fisk , 448 Deathless days, Oh Little Seeds
7. Phantogram, Running from the Cops, Running from the Cops
8. The Mayfair Set, Young One, Let It Melt
9. Tones on Tail , Everything!, There's Only One
10. Twink , The Broken Record , Alphabent
11. Cold Cave, Love Comes Close, The Trees Grew Emotions and Died.
12. crocodiles, summer of hate, i wanna kill
13. Animal Collective, Summertime Clothes, Summertime Clothes (Zomby's Analog Lego Mix)
14. Port Royal , Dying in Time, The Photoshopped Prince
15. aerosol, Airborne, Midnight Ride Down the Mental Freeway