Exquisite Corpse Episode September 17, 2009

Cold Cave, and more scrapey-pop wonders.

7:29am - 9:00am

1 Cold Cave, CREMATIONS, An Understanding
2 Cold Cave, CREMATIONS, Poison Berries
3 Cold Cave, Love Comes Close, Rainbow Girls
4 Cold Cave, Love Comes Close, Love Comes Close
5 Cold Cave, Love Comes Close, Heaven Was Full
6 Mayfair Set, Mayfair Set, Cease to Be
7 Blank Dogs, Diana (The Herald), Leaving the Light On
8 Joshua Fried, Jimmy Because 12", Jimmy Because remix
9 Felix da Housecat, He Was King, Elvis
10 People Like Us, Abridged Too Far, Nobody Does
11 R.D. Laing & Son, Morgan Fisher's Miniatures, Tiperary
12 Experimental Dental School, Forest Feild, Square Wave Cave
13 HC-B, Soundcheck for a Missing Movie, Hot Afternoon in the Bulls' Square
14 Port Royal, Dying in Time, Balding Generation
15 Sublamp, Breathletters, Echolalic
16 Aircraft, Le Son 666, Persist
17 Aerosol, Airborne, Transition,