Exquisite Corpse Episode August 20, 2009

I printed a happy puke mess of a old, epic picture of a needle through my running eye

7:30am - 9:01am

1. Xela , In Bocca Al Lupo, Ut Nos Vivicaret
2. Xinlisupreme, Murder License, I Drew a Picture of my Eyes
3. Offset Needle Radius vs. Nickname: Rebel, Offset Needle Radius vs. Nickname: Rebel, Print Through
4. Intercom , s/t., i puked a rainbow
5. Gang Wizard , Jeckyll Loves Hyde, KQ Means Let Me In
6. The Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers , Auld Lang Sine, Old Long Sin
7. Phantogram, Running from the Cops, Running from the Cops
8. Blank Dogs , On Two Sides, Epic Moves
9. Din A Testbild, New Wave Complex, Logischer Gefrierpunkt
10. People Like Us , Various Artists arranged by People Like Us, A Happy Mess
11. A trillian Barnacle Lapse, A cruise in Heaven, Stamina