Exquisite Corpse Episode August 13, 2009

Les Paul, Plucked from his mortal Coil.

7:29am - 9:00am

1. Plucked, Spun Around, Discrimination against a Person of Green Skin
2. Plucked, Spun Around, They Get Those Funny Looks
3. Plucked, Spun Around, Forked Tongue
4. Plucked, Spun Around, What is On the Radio
5. Plucked, Spun Around, The DJ Says Goodnight
6. Tortoise, Beacons of Ancestorship, Northern Something
7. Coil , England's Hidden Reverse, Are You Shivering
8. Phantogram, Running from the Cops, Running from the Cops
9. David Kristian , Tribute to Robert Moog, Tremen 29
10. Clark , Totems Flare, Talis
11. Blank Dogs, Under and Under, Two Months / Message One
12. Freescha , slower than church music, Gole
13. Dusty Wright with guitarist and Gibson guitar inventor 14. Les Paul, Dusty Wright Show Vid021 , Interview with Les Paul
15. Charles Mingus, Mingus Ah Um, Bird Calls
16. Miles Davis , Sketches of Spain, Saeta