Exquisite Corpse Episode April 16, 2009

We watch as life goes by. No time for you and I.

7:31am - 9:01am

Prolapse, Ghosts of Dead Aeroplanes, Fob.com
Obits, I Blame You, Talking to the Dog
Young Gods, s/t, Did You Miss Me?
The Grass, Rogue Waves, Casino Taxi
Cheer-Accident, Fear Draws Misfortune, Humanizing the Distance
Elodie Lauten, The Death of Don Juan, Overture
Micachu, jewellery, Sweetheart / Eat Your Heart
Spencer Yeh, Memories of Murder (on ubu,com), Murderer of Memories
Swans, Holy Money, Coward
Gang Gang Dance, Saint Dymphna, Afoot
Sebadoh, The Freed Weed, Yellow Submarine / Wall of Doubt
William S. Burroughs , Dead City Radio, Kill the Badger
Blank Dogs, Yeti #6, Spinning
Laila France, Orgonon, David Hamilton
David J , Etiquette of Violence, Joe Orton's Wedding