Exquisite Corpse Episode March 5, 2009

Intl Women's Day special

7:30am - 9:01am

Anne Laplantine, nordheim, Keep Me Updated
Miranda July, 10 Million Hours A Mile, Hotel Voulez Vous
Laurie Anderson, Women in Electronic Music, New York Social Life
Victoria Jordanova, Emergency Music Collection, Call 330 CURB
Valet , Blood is Clean, Mystic Flood
Aedria Hughs, Women Take Back the Noise, Moment of Truth,
Katie McMurran, Deep Wireless 4, Your List of Transcendant Experiences
Tickley Feather, Tickley Feather, Keyboard is Drunk
Cobra Killer, Cobra Killer, Seducer
[sic], [sic], Arturo's Dad
People Like Us , Thermos , Music of Your Own
People Like Us / Ergo Phizmiz, Rhapsody in Glue, Social Folk Dance
Listen with Sarah, Hula fro Everyone demo, Mulatto
Irene Moon, Women Take Back the Noise, Go Away Dreadful Creature
Kendra Smith, The Guild of the Temporal Adventurers, She Brings the Rain
Ellen Allien, Ellen Allien and Appparat, Floating
Genevieve Pasquier, Soap Bubble Factory, Disappointed Expectations
Black Spider Clan, Black Spider Clan, Living in a Twilight
Cosey Fanni Tutti, Women Take Back the Noise, Wired