Exquisite Corpse Episode December 11, 2008

Alphabets & Animals, and so on.

7:32am - 9:03am

Negativland, No Business, Piece a Pie
Viktoria A. Lisbet, Alphabets & Animals, D (Dead Dog Dream)
Atom, Alphabets & Animals, The Peacocks Say
The Darth Vader Girls, Alphabets & Animals, X Ray Fish
Rad Skeleton and Herpes, Alphabets & Animals, Hungry Hungry Hippos
The Stomache Aches, Alphabets & Animals, Gopher Bomb
Escape Mechanism, Empasis Added, Whiz Bang
Michael Matthews, Cult Figures, On the Outer Edge
Robin Minard, Music works 102+, Music for Quiet Spaces,
Cobra Killer, Cobra Killer, Camera Eye
Teedub, demo, Sweet Pea
Valet , Naked Acid, We Went There
Listen With Sarah, Listen With Sarah e.p., Duelling DJs,
Primes, Psychowolf
Dean and Britta , Yeti 5, Tugboat (live)