Exquisite Corpse Episode April 24, 2008

Love and Circuits, etc.

7:30am - 9:01am

Citro & Doily, V/A Love and Circuits, Magpies
These Are Powers, V/A Love and Circuits, The South Angel
Books On Tape, V/A Love and Circuits, Orphan
Excepter, Debt Dept, Greenhouse / Stretch
Tzadeka, s/t, Boogieman
Jeri Rossi, V/A The Local Anecthetic, I Left My Heart But I Don't Know Where
Birds of Avalon, Bazaar Bazaar, Instant Coma
Tickley Feather, s/t, Tonight is the Nite
Ecstatic Sunshine, way, Herrons
Les Rita Mitsouko, The No Comprendo, Stupid Anyway
Two Lone Swordsmen, from the double gone chapel, taste Our Flames
Team Doyobi, Branches and Routes, E5
Kommunity FK, , Noob
Factrix, Artifact, Obsession
Diane Labrosse, Music Works 100, Best of
Connect-icut, Connect-icut, CI 1205 Mix 1
Bruce Nauman, Record (ubu.com), Rhythmic Stamping (Four Rhythms in Preparation for Video Tape Problems)
Mitchell Akiyama, Music Works 100, The Uses of Fiction