Exquisite Corpse Episode April 26, 2007

Parts is Parts + a fabulous disaster

7:30am - 9:01am

1. Animals within Animals, Parts is Parts, Who are These People?
2. Animals within Animals, Parts is Parts, Sequences of War,
3. Animals within Animals, Parts is Parts, Transient Random Noisebusts with Funny Samples
4. Noumena, Popular Music for Popular People, October Ninth
5. Jake Vida , Seeking a Comfortable Silence, Part 2
6. Clinic, Visitations, Harvest
7. Genevieve Pasquier, Fairy Tale, Existence
8. Les Jardiniers, Moon Patrol, Spacegirl
9. Rabbit Girls, Noisehell, That Aint Right
10. The Former Yugoslavia, remixes, mash-ups & reconstructions, Dream Girl (taint)
11. Thunderbunnies, Battle of Britain + 7, Battle of Britain +7 (22 Century mix)
12. Ill Ease, All Sysytems a-go-go, Too Much Sucky
13. Oleg Kostrow, Oleg Kostrow, Todesvision
14. Escape Mehanism , Free Speech for Sale, Smoke Screen
15. Momus, Ocky Milk, Zanzibar
16. Nurse, mp3s, Parfums Tranges
17. Big City Orchestra Women's Auxiliary, Women Take Back the Noise, Dronebone
18. Point Line Plane, Point Line Plane, 8-Bit Graveyard
19. Fennez, Endless Summer, A Year in a Minute