Exquisite Corpse Episode March 15, 2007

Experimental Music with Flying Monkeys, etc.

7:30am - 9:00am

purest spiritual pigs, purest spiritual pigs, blood-let,
red sparowes, every red heart shines toward the sun, a message of avarice rained down...,
winning, this is an ad for cigarettes, top fanmail
the cyber killers, -
lithops, mound magnet, vortext
eluvium, copia, seeing you off the edges
inca ore, the birds, spine milk
jessamine, , lisboa
SFT, Oh Venus, Eyes Open
infinity loop, gate 8, till the end of the world
the distributors, new wave complex 16, tv me
under byen, samme stof som stof, siamesisk
secret mommy, plays, inch up to fur
ergo phizmiz, nose points in different directions, fuck the free world
the party's over, new wave complex 16, crash,
Animals within Animals, Mono A Mono, A Prayer for Cold Turkey