Exquisite Corpse Episode February 8, 2007

Exqeuisite Corpse,

7:33am - 9:00am

February 8, 2007
Solvet , Idol Tryouts 2, An Introduction to Ghosts,
Loscil, Idol Tryouts 2, Umbra,
Mobius Band, Idol Tryouts 2, The Loving Sounds of Static,
Tim Hecker, Idol Tryouts 2, Sundown6093,
SFT, Oh Venus, Eyes Open,
Stereolab, Oscillons from the Anti-sun, Off On,
Waldchengarten, The Leech - (Drone Records New 7" ...., Ignorant,
Officerfishdumplings, Finds Your Way Home, Elephant,
Noisette, Original Recipe, The Chase,
Deerhunter, Cryptograms, Octet,
Vampire Can't, Key Cutter, The Rat,
White Mice, Blassstphlegmmeice, Porn Again,
The Haunting , More Self is Less Self, a living room,
Benjamin Zephaniah, , Rong Radio Station,