Exploding Head Movies Episode July 3, 2023

XHM #655 - "Sandy shores that stretch for centuries" (2023 July 03)

6:59pm - 8:59pm

Part 12 of our all-ambient series goes under the water and through the desert with a mix of ethereal sounds to evoke the ocean and Americana amidst some tributes to Roger Payne, Manuel Göttsching & Robert Black.

1. Kilometre Club: Quiet Summer (Lake Dream, 2023) Slow Echo
2. Takashi Kokubo & Andrea Esperti: Whales of Sirius (Music for a Cosmic Garden, 2023) WRWTFWW
3. Frank Watlington, Roger Payne & Katharine Payne: Solo Whale/Slowed-Down Solo Whale/Tower Whales/Distant Whale (Songs of the Humpback Whale, 1970) CRM/Capitol
4. Wands of the Minor Arcana: Summoning the Sky Serpent (Into the Gloaming Isle EP, 2023) self-released
5. Ashra: Ocean of Tenderness (New Age of Earth, 1976) Isadora
6. Lau Nau: Valemuisto (Själö OST with Sound Environments by Janne Laine, 2020) Fonal
7. Nils Frahm: Mussel Memory (Music for Animals, 2022) Leiter
8. Marisa Anderson & William Tyler: News about Heaven (Lost Futures, 2021) Thrill Jockey
9. Limbs of the Stars: Cloudless [thirteen] (2023) self-released
10. Chuck Johnson: Moonstone (Balsams, 2017) Vin du Select Qualitite/Thin Wrist
11. Ánicoc: Kiiro (Teku, 2023) Élan Vital
12. Beqa Ungiadze: The Desert Full of Disgrace (Station, 2023) Spirituals
13. Faith Coloccia & Philip Jeck: Stardust (Stardust, 2021) Touch
14. Bang on a Can: 2/2 (Music for Airports, 1998) Point Music
15. Laraaji & Kramer: Ascension (Baptismal: Ambient Symphony #1, 2023) Shimmy Disc
16. Simon Scott: Under Crumbling Skies (Navigare, 2009) Miasmah


Track Listing:

Quiet Summer
Kilometre Club · Lake Dream
Whales of Sirius
Takashi Kokubo & Andrea Esperti · Music for a Cosmic Garden
Solo Whale/Slowed-Down Solo Whale/Tower Whales/Distant Whale
Frank Watlington, Roger Payne & Katharine Payne · Songs of the Humpback Whale
Summoning the Sky Serpent
Wands of the Minor Arcana · Into the Gloaming Isle EP
Ocean of Tenderness
Ashra · New Age of Earth
Lau Nau · Själö OST with Sound Environments by Janne Laine
Mussel Memory
Nils Frahm · Music for Animals
News about Heaven
Marisa Anderson & William Tyler · Lost Futures
Cloudless [thirteen]
Limbs of the Stars · Cloudless [thirteen]
Chuck Johnson · Balsams
Ánicoc · Teku
The Desert Full of Disgrace
Beqa Ungiadze · Station
Faith Coloccia & Philip Jeck · Stardust
Bang on a Can · Music for Airports
Laraaji & Kramer · Baptismal: Ambient Symphony #1
Under Crumbling Skies
Simon Scott · Navigare