Exploding Head Movies Episode March 27, 2023

XHM #642 - "Recent reflections, to wit to whom" (2023 March 27)

6:59pm - 9:00pm

In light of radio station business happening at the same time as airtime, we'll have a pre-recorded episode that marks Part 10 of our all-ambient series, featuring recent ambient works and rereleases.

1. Sontag Shogun x Lau Nau: Dusk Bells (Valo Siroutuu, 2022) Beacon Sound
2. Roman Angelos: Foghorns (Music for Underwater Supermarkets, 2022) Happy Robot/Cargo
3. Bryozone: Ambiency (Eye of Delirious, 2023) Muscut
4. Nico Georis: A Rainbow in Curved Air (A Rainbow in Curved Air, 2022) Spiritual Pajamas
5. prOphecy Sun: Sanctuary Lullaby (Calliope, 2022) Hotham Sound
6. Michael Red: Respect [Buffalo] (Gateways, 2022) Hotham Sound
7. Kuma: This is What Happens at the End of Time (Buy the Tools You Need with Time, 2022) self-released
8. Afternoon Bike Ride: Musubi (Glossover, 2023) Friends of Friends
9. Anthony Tan: Endlessnessnessness (Susurrus, 2023) Gengseng
10. Takashi Kokubo & Andrea Esperti: A Calm & Elegant Utopia (Music for a Cosmic Garden, 2023) WRWTFWW
11. PJS: Pyramids [Labyrinths] (Time? 2022) Distant Time
12. Fling II: Mithra (Fling II, 2022) self-released
13. Yards: Still (Forest City Series: Volume 5, 2022) A Person Disguised as People
14. Tim Hecker: The Infinity Pool (Infinity Pool OST, 2023) Milan
15. Patricia Wolf: The Culmination of (Calliope, 2022) Hotham Sound
16. Seaming To: An Overture (Dust Gatherers, 2023) O Singatme
17. Dream Dolphin: Stars (Gaia: Selected Ambient & Downtempo Works: 1996-2003, 2023) Music from Memory
18. Ryuichi Sakamoto: 20220123 (12, 2023) Commmons
19. Terry Riley: A Rainbow in Curved Air [for electric piano, dumbak & tambourines] (A Rainbow in Curved Air, 1969) Columbia Masterworks


Track Listing:

Dusk Bells
Sontag Shogun x Lau Nau · Valo Siroutuu
Roman Angelos · Music for Underwater Supermarkets
Bryozone · Eye of Delirious
A Rainbow in Curved Air
Nico Georis · A Rainbow in Curved Air
Sanctuary Lullaby
prOphecy Sun · Calliope
Respect [Buffalo]
Michael Red · Gateways
This is What Happens at the End of Time
Kuma · Buy the Tools You Need with Time
Afternoon Bike Ride · Glossover
Anthony Tan · Susurrus
A Calm & Elegant Utopia
Takashi Kokubo & Andrea Esperti · Music for a Cosmic Garden
Pyramids [Labyrinths]
PJS · Time?
Fling II · Fling II
Yards · Forest City Series: Volume 5
The Infinity Pool
Tim Hecker · Infinity Pool OST
The Culmination of
Patricia Wolf · Calliope
An Overture
Seaming To · Dust Gatherers
Dream Dolphin · Gaia: Selected Ambient & Downtempo Works: 1996-2003
Ryuichi Sakamoto · 12
A Rainbow in Curved Air [for electric piano, dumbak & tambourines]
Terry Riley · A Rainbow in Curved Air