Exploding Head Movies Episode January 16, 2023

XHM #632 - "The crystal owls are totally what they seem" (2023 January 16)

6:58pm - 9:02pm

In honour of composer Angelo Badalamenti (1937-2022), we pay tribute to only a modest selection of his wide varied musical career, definitely leaning on the David Lynch collaborations we primarily associate with him. gak also marks 15 years at CITR with a mix of moody melodies.

1. Guy Smiley: The 15 Commercial [w.The Count] (The Count Counts, 1975) Sesame Street
2. Henry Mancini: Main Title from Days of Wine and Roses (Days of Wine and Roses OST, 1962) Intrada
3. Angelo Badalamenti: Slow Speed Orchestra 1 [24 Hours] (Twin Peaks Archive, 2012) David Lynch
4. Faithless: Insomnia [Monster radio edit] (Insomnia single [US import], 1997) Arista
5. Yukihiro Takahashi: Extra-Ordinary (Neuromatic: Yoshinori Sunahara remaster, 2021) Sony Japan
6. Yellow Magic Orchestra: Rydeen (Yellow Magic Orchestra, 1978) Alfa
7. Run the Jewels: Love Again/Akinyele Back [w.Gangsta Boo] (Run the Jewels 2, 2014) Mass Appeal
8. SZA: Conceited (SOS, 2022) Top Dawg
9. Jeff Beck: Where Were You [w.Terry Bozzio & Tony Hymas] (Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop, 1989) Epic
X. Dry Cleaning: Kwenchy Kups (Stumpwork, 2022) 4AD
11. Junior Boys: Waiting Game (Waiting Game, 2022) City Slang
12. Joseph Shabason: 13-15 (The Fellowship, 2021) Western Vinyl/Telephone Explosion
13? Shabason & Krgovich: Templeton Field (At Scaramouche, 2022) Idée Fixe
14. William Orbit: Nuestra Situación [w.Lido Pimienta] (The Painter, 2022) Guerilla Studios/Rhino
15! The Art of Noise: Hummingbird (Balance: Music for the Eye, 2022) ZTT
16. Apollo Ghosts: Gave Up the Dream (2023) You've Changed
17. Thaïs: Le Vent (Tout est Parfait, 2022) Bravo
18. Bclip: El 15 (Herramientas Para el Club, 2020) Salviatek
19. Tess Parks: Brexit at Tiffany's (And Those Who Were Seen Dancing, 2022) Fuzz Club/Hand Drawn Dracula
XX. The Garrys: Graveyard Curve (Surf Manitou, 2017) Grey
21. Adrian Quesada: Starry Nights (Jaguar Sound, 2022) ATO
22. Orville Peck: Old River (Pony, 2019) Sub Pop
23. Jessica Moss: Light Falls on Every Door (Galaxy Heart, 2022) Constellation
24. Castle If: Eerie Foliage (The Verdant Realm, 2022) self-released
25. Nina Simone: I Hold No Grudge (High Priestess of Soul, 1967) Philips
26. Barbara Mason: Child of Tomorrow [version] (Gordon's War OST, 1973) Buddah
27. Badder than Evil: Hot Wheels [The Chase] (Gordon's War OST, 1973) Buddah
28. Isabella Rossellini & Angelo Badalamenti: Blue Velvet/Blue Star [montage] (Blue Velvet OST: Deluxe Edition, 1986) Varèse Sarabande
29. Julee Cruise: The Swan (Floating into the Night, 1989) Warner Bros
XXX. Xiu Xiu: Audrey's Dance (Xiu Xiu Plays the Music of Twin Peaks, 2016) Bella Union/Polyvinyl
31. Angelo Badalamenti: Twin Peaks Theme [alternate version] (Twin Peaks Archive, 2012) David Lynch
32. Angelo Badalamenti: Dance of the Dream Man [solo sax] (Twin Peaks Archive, 2012) David Lynch
33? Angelo Badalamenti: Générique - Marcello/Who Will Take My Dreams Away [w.Marianne Faithfull] (The City of Lost Children OST, 1995) Point
34. Angelo Badalamenti: Careless Love [w.Siouxsie Sioux] (The Edge of Love OST, 2008) UCJ/Universal
35! Angelo Badalamenti & Kinny Landrum: Cool Cat Walk (Wild at Heart OST, 1990) London/Polydor
36. The Staple Singers: Take My Hand Precious Lord [live] (Freedom Highway, 1965) Epic

He made it like the wind.
RIP to the bad angel.

And I blame a device for skipping Wild at Heart into City of Lost Children, harkening to past faulty objects that make the show a rodeo sometimes, so good callback, technology.


Track Listing:

The 15 Commercial [w.The Count]
Guy Smiley · The Count Counts
Main Title from Days of Wine and Roses
Henry Mancini · Days of Wine and Roses
Slow Speed Orchestra 1 [24 Hours]
Angelo Badalamenti · Twin Peaks Archive
Insomnia [Monster radio edit
Faithless · Insomnia single [US import]
Yukihiro Takahashi · Neuromatic: Yoshinori Sunahara remaster
Yellow Magic Orchestra · Yellow Magic Orchestra
Love Again/Akinyele Back [w.Gangsta Boo]
Run the Jewels · Run the Jewels 2
Where Were You [w.Terry Bozzio & Tony Hymas]
Jeff Beck · Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop
Kwenchy Kups
Dry Cleaning · Stumpwork
Waiting Game
Junior Boys · Waiting Game
Joseph Shabason · The Fellowship
Templeton Field
Shabason & Krgovich · At Scaramouche
Nuestra Situación [w.Lido Pimienta]
William Orbit · The Painter
The Art of Noise · Balance: Music for the Eye
Gave Up the Dream
Apollo Ghosts · Gave Up the Dream single
Le Vent
Thaïs · Tout est Parfait
El 15
Bclip · Herramientas Para el Club
Brexit at Tiffany's
Tess Parks · And Those Who Were Seen Dancing
Graveyard Curve
The Garrys · Surf Manitou
Starry Nights
Adrian Quesada · Jaguar Sound
Old River
Orville Peck · Pony
Light Falls on Every Door
Jessica Moss · Galaxy Heart
Eerie Foliage
Castle If · The Verdant Realm
I Hold No Grudge
Nina Simone · High Priestess of Soul
Child of Tomorrow [version]
Barbara Mason · Gordon's War OST
Hot Wheels [The Chase]
Badder than Evil · Gordon's War OST
Blue Velvet/Blue Star [montage]
Isabella Rossellini & Angelo Badalamenti · Blue Velvet OST: Deluxe Edition
The Swan
Julee Cruise · Floating into the Night
Audrey's Dance
Xiu Xiu · Xiu Xiu Plays the Music of Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks Theme [alternate version]
Angelo Badalamenti · Twin Peaks Archive
Dance of the Dream Man [solo sax]
Angelo Badalamenti · Twin Peaks Archive
Générique - Marcello/Who Will Take My Dreams Away [w.Marianne Faithfull]
Angelo Badalamenti · The City of Lost Children OST
Careless Love [w.Siouxsie Sioux]
Angelo Badalamenti · The Edge of Love OST
Cool Cat Walk
Angelo Badalamenti & Kinny Landrum · Wild at Heart OST
Take My Hand Precious Lord [live]
The Staple Singers · Freedom Highway