Exploding Head Movies Episode January 9, 2023

XHM #631 - "Only feels like it's raining forever" (2023 January 09)

7:03pm - 9:00pm

As we crawl into 2023 properly, we pay tribute to Seattle composer Norm Chambers (1972-2022), who recorded ambient music under various aliases. We'll focus on his score to the 2017 documentary Graphic Means amongst other bleepy bits, eulogies, quality tunes from 2022 and a taste of the music already out in the new year.

1. Reindeer: 2023 (Reindeer, 2014) self-released
2. Esmerine: Entropy - Incantation/Radiance/The Wild Sea (Everything was Forever Until It was No More, 2022) Constellation
3. The Velvelettes: Lonely, Lonely Girl Am I (The Velvelettes, 1965) Motown
4. Sérgio Mendes: Ciudade Grande [w.Pelé] (Pelé OST, 1977) Atlantic
5. Ashra: Sunrain (New Age of Earth, 1976) Isadora
6. Manuel Göttsching: E2-E4 [excerpt] (E2-E4, 1981) Inteam/MG-Art
7. John Carroll Kirby & Laraaji: Dawn of New Day (Dance Ancestral, 2022) Stones Throw
8. Baris Manço: 2023 (2023, 1975) Yavuz Plak
9. Dora Jar: Bumblebee (2022) Made of Elves/Island
10. Pom Poko: Enduro Corner (This is Our House EP, 2022) Bella Union
11. Hipnosis: Theme for a New Year (Hipnosis, 1984) ZYX
12. Kelela: Washed Away (Raven, 2023) Warp
13. Lil Yachty: Poland (2022) Quality Control
14. Vincent Parker: The Pier (For Nothing Tho..., 2021) self-released
15. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Burning (Cool It Down, 2022) Secretly Canadian
16. Aiko Tomi: Fit (2022) Tominaga
17. Molly Lewis: Mirage (Mirage EP, 2022) Jagjaguwar
18. Busty & the Bass: All the Things I Couldn't Say to You (2022) Arts & Crafts
19. Yo La Tengo: Fallout (This Stupid World, 2023) Matador
20. Mary Lattimore & Paul Sukeena: Didn't See the Comet (West Kensington, 2022) Three Lobed
21. Khotin: Fountain, Growth [w.Tess Roby] (Release Spirit, 2023) Khotin Industries
22. Best Fern: Way Inside (Earth Then Air, 2023) Backward/Redeye
23. Nick Schofield: Mirror Image (Glass Gallery, 2020) Backward
24. Marc Canham & Duotone: Parallel Worlds (Black Mass EP, 2022) Sound of Solar
25. Jan Garbarek & The Hilliard Ensemble: Regnanten Sempiterna (Officium, 1994) ECM New Series
26. Jürgen Müller: Jenseits des Stromes (Science of the Sea, 2011) Digitalis
27. Jürgen Müller: Traumfolge Einer Qualle (Science of the Sea, 2011) Digitalis
28. Norm Chambers: Sargasso (Seaside Resonance, 2021) Hotham Sound
29. Norm Chambers: Linotype Theme (Graphic Means OST, 2017) self-released
30. Norm Chambers: Line Screen (Graphic Means OST, 2017) self-released
31. Norm Chambers: Index (Graphic Means OST, 2017) self-released
32. Cub/Cub: Red Tarn (2022) self-released
33. M Mucci: An Ending - 2022 Pt. 2 (An Ending - 2022, 2022) Tall House


Track Listing:

Reindeer · Reindeer
Entropy - Incantation/Radiance/The Wild Sea
Esmerine · Everything was Forever Until It was No More
Lonely, Lonely Girl am I
The Velvelettes · The Velvelettes
Ciudade Grande [w.Pelé]
Sérgio Mendes · Pelé OST
Ashra · New Age of Earth
E2-E4 [excerpt]
Manuel Göttsching · E2-E4
Dawn of New Day
John Carroll Kirby & Laraaji · Dance Ancestral
Baris Manço · 2023
Dora Jar · Bumblebee single
Enduro Corner
Pom Poko · This is Our House EP
Theme for a New Year
Hipnosis · Hipnosis
Washed Away
Kelela · Raven
Lil Yachty · Poland single
The Pier
Vincent Parker · For Nothing Tho...
Yeah Yeah Yeahs · Cool It Down
Aiko Tomi · Fit single
Molly Lewis · Mirage EP
All the Things I Couldn't Say to You
Busty & the Bass · All the Things I Couldn't Say to You single
Yo La Tengo · This Stupid World
Didn't See the Comet
Mary Lattimore & Paul Sukeena · West Kensington
Fountain, Growth [w.Tess Roby]
Khotin · Release Spirit
Way Inside
Best Fern · Earth Then Air
Mirror Image
Nick Schofield · Glass Gallery
Parallel Worlds
Marc Canham & Duotone · Black Mass EP
Regnanten Sempiterna
Jan Garbarek & The Hilliard Ensemble · Officium
Jenseits des Stromes
Jürgen Müller · Science of the Sea
Traumfolge Einer Qualle
Jürgen Müller · Science of the Sea
Norm Chambers · Seaside Resonance
Linotype Theme
Norm Chambers · Graphic Means OST
Line Screen
Norm Chambers · Graphic Means OST
Norm Chambers · Graphic Means OST
Red Tarn
Cub/Cub · Red Tarn single
An Ending - 2022 Pt. 2
M Mucci · An Ending - 2022