Exploding Head Movies Episode October 3, 2022

XHM #619 - "Unidentified flying horse" (2022 October 03)

7:00pm - 9:02pm

October primarily means a horror month in the lead to Hallowe'en but with the Vancouver International Film Festival bringing Michael Abels to town for a talk, we'll profile his score to Jordan Peele's latest scary film Nope. We'll also do the usual film listings, tributes to the recently deceases, acts in town and some Iranian noise in support of protestors.

1. James Devane: Sudden Oak Death (Beauty is Useless, 2022) Umeboshi
2. SUNN O))): Troubled Air (Life Metal, 2019) Southern Lord
3. Mama's Broke: October's Lament (Narrow Line, 2022) Free Dirt
4. TV SETS: Gold October (An Embarrassment of Riches, 2022) self-released
5. The Cyrillic Typewriter: Tell All the Poets (Buzz, 2022) JAZ
6. The Feelies: Raised Eyebrows (Crazy Rhythms, 1980) Stiff
7. The Golden Palominos: Omaha (Visions of Excess, 1985) Celluloid
8. Nick Storring: IV (Music from Wéi, 2022) Orange Milk
9. Friend & Lover: Reach Out of the Darkness (Reach Out of the Darkness, 1968) Verve Forecast
10. Coolio: Fantastic Voyage [Timber mix] (Fantastic Voyage single, 1994) Tommy Boy
11. Surprise Chef: Velodrome (Education & Recreation, 2022) Big Crown
12. GWAR: Americanized (Hell-O, 1988) Shimmy Disc
13. Gillian B Anderson & Brandenburg Philharmonic Orchestra: Hans Erdmann's Knock in Asylum/Hutter Racing Home/Nosferatu Killing Ship's Crew (Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror [1922], 1995) RCA Victor Red Seal/BMG Classics
14. William Basinski & Janek Schaefer: ...On Reflection [Three] (...On Reflection, 2022) Temporary Residence
15. The Bastion Mews: Sweet (Distance Haze #1: Sweet, 2022) CSAF
16. Parastoo Ahmadi: Balal Balalom (This is Tehran?, 2021) 30M
17. Vatican Shadow: Taxi Journey Through the Teeming Slums of Tehran (Persian Pillars of the Gasoline Era, 2020) 20 Buck Spin
18. Sote: Strings of Agony (Majestic Noise Made in Beautiful Rotten Iran, 2022) Sub Rosa
19. Tehransmission: Leaving the Planet (Anthology of Persian Experimental Music, 2019) Unexplained Sounds Group
20. Kramer: Requiem for Max (Music for Films Edited by Moths, 2022) Shimmy Disc
21. Mount Maxwell: Be Angry at the Sun (Calliope, 2022) Hotham Sound
22. Kelly Lee Owens: Olga (LP.8, 2022) Smalltown Supersound
23. Anthéne: Margin (Held, 2021) Oscarson
24. Michael Abels, Luniz & Michael Marshall: I Got 5 on It [Tethered mix] (Us OST, 2019) Back Lot
25. Michael Abels: The Library (Nightbooks: Music from the Netflix Film, 2021) Maisie Music
26. Michael Abels: The Muybridge Clip (Nope OST, 2022) Back Lot
27. Michael Abels: Jupiter's Claim (Nope OST, 2022) Back Lot
28. Michael Abels: It's in the Cloud (Nope OST, 2022) Back Lot
29. Michael Abels: Purple People Reader [w.Michael Wincott] (Nope OST, 2022) Back Lot
30. Michael Abels: WTF is That (Nope OST, 2022) Back Lot
31. Michael Abels: Pursuit (Nope OST, 2022) Back Lot
32. Michael Abels: Nope (Nope OST, 2022) Back Lot
33. Corey Hart: Sunglasses at Night [Jean Jacket mix] (Nope OST, 2022) Back Lot


Track Listing:

Sudden Oak Death
James Devane · Beauty is Useless
Troubled Air
SUNN O))) · Life Metal
October's Lament
Mama's Broke · Narrow Line
Gold October
TV SETS · An Embarrassment of Riches
Tell All the Poets
The Cyrillic Typewriter · Buzz
Raised Eyebrows
The Feelies · Crazy Rhythms
The Golden Palominos · Visions of Excess
Nick Storring · Music from Wéi
Reach Out of the Darkness
Friend & Lover · Reach Out of the Darkness
Fantastic Voyage [Timber mix]
Coolio · Fantastic Voyage single
Surprise Chef · Education & Recreation
GWAR · Hell-O
Hans Erdmann's Knock in Asylum/Hutter Racing Home/Nosferatu Killing Ship's Crew
Gillian B Anderson & Brandenburg Philharmonic Orchestra · Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror [1922]
...On Reflection [Three]
William Basinski & Janek Schaefer · ...On Reflection
The Bastion Mews · Distance Haze #1: Sweet
Balal Balalom
Parastoo Ahmadi · This is Tehran?
Taxi Journey Through the Teeming Slums of Tehran
Vatican Shadow · Persian Pillars of the Gasoline Era
Strings of Agony
Sote · Majestic Noise Made in Beautiful Rotten Iran
Leaving the Planet
Tehransmission · Anthology of Persian Experimental Music
Requiem for Max
Kramer · Music for Films Edited by Moths
Be Angry at the Sun
Mount Maxwell · Calliope
Kelly Lee Owens · LP.8
Anthéne · Held
I Got 5 on It [Tethered mix
Michael Abels, Luniz & Michael Marshall · Us OST
The Library
Michael Abels · Nightbooks: Music from the Netflix Film
The Muybridge Clip
Michael Abels · Nope OST
Jupiter's Claim
Michael Abels · Nope OST
It's in the Cloud
Michael Abels · Nope OST
Purple People Reader [w.Michael Wincott]
Michael Abels · Nope OST
WTF is That
Michael Abels · Nope OST
Michael Abels · Nope OST
Michael Abels · Nope OST
Sunglasses at Night [Jean Jacket mix]
Corey Hart · Nope OST