Exploding Head Movies Episode June 20, 2022

XHM #608 - "Shuffling around Turtle Island" (2022 June 20)

6:59pm - 9:03pm

All the holidays are upon us as Bloomsday and Juneteenth have passed, then National Indigenous Peoples Day and Midsummer approach. We'll tackle all that along with Joe Strummer's score to the 1987 film Walker plus a preview of the Vancouver International Jazz Festival.

1. Fontaines DC: Bloomsday (Skinty Fia, 2022) Partisan
2. Brian John McBrearty: Second Story Tune (Blue Twenty-Three, 2017) Blue Tapes
3. Charlotte Cardin: Daddy (Phoenix, 2021) Cult Nation/Atlantic
4. Gladys "Fatso" Bentley: June-Teenth Jamboree (Bob Dylan: Radio Radio - Theme Time Radio Hour: Volume 2, 1920) Mischief Music
5. Anthony Davis, James Newton & Abdul Wadud: Juneteenth (I've Known Rivers, 1982) Gramavision
6. They Might Be Giants: Moonbeam Rays (Book, 2021) Idlewild
7. "Weird Al" Yankovic: Hardware Store (Poodle Hat, 2003) Volcano/Way Moby
8. Moat Bells: Circles in June (Bones of Things, 2022) A Person Disguised as People
9. Men I Trust: Ante Meridiem (Untourable Album, 2022) Return to Analog
10. Jr. Gone Wild: I Don't Know About All That (Brave New Waves Sessions, 2017) Artoffact
11. Carpatho Ukrainian Orchestra: Country Dances (Folk Music of Ukraine, 1951) Ethnic Folkways Library
12. Folklore Ensemble of the village of Tchumaki: Raven Cawing on the Birch Tree [Recruit's Song] (Ukrainian Music: Anthology of Folk Music, 2010) Melodiya
13. Ghostkeeper: Tropical Metis (Multidimensional Culture, 2022) Victory Pool
14. Buffy Sainte-Marie & Jack Nitzsche: The Morning After Theme (An Officer and a Gentleman OST, 1982) Island
15. Russell Wallace: Salish Counting Song (2017) self-released
16. Snotty Nose Rez Kids: Wild Boy [w.Polo Brian] (Life After, 2021) Distorted Muse
17. Huevos Rancheros: Burrito Grand Prix (Estrus Gearbox, 1991) Estrus
18. Beatrice Deer: Aanngiq (Shifting, 2021) self-released
19. Jerusalem in My Heart: Qalaq 1 [w.Alanis Obomsawin & Diana Combo] (Qalaq, 2021) Constellation
20. Solstice: Stress (Mirage, 1978) Les Disques Cadence
21. Ombiigizi: Residential Military (Sewn Back Together, 2022) Arts & Crafts
22. TJ Felix: Death of an Honest Injun (Honest Injun EP, 2022) self-released
23. Sväng: Kirkonkellot ja Maanitus (In Trad We Trust, 2020) Galileo
24. Sontag Shogun x Lau Nau: Leikkikalu (Valo Siroutuu, 2022) Beacon Sound
25. The Clash: Straight to Hell (Combat Rock + The People's Hall, 2022) Epic
26. Havana 3AM: Hey Amigo (Havana 3AM, 1990) IRS
27. Joe Strummer: Sandstorm (Walker OST, 1987) Virgin
28. Joe Strummer: Viperland (Walker OST, 1987) Virgin
29. Joe Strummer: The Unknown Immortal (Walker OST, 1987) Virgin
30. Audrey Ochoa: Postcards (Frankenhorn, 2020) Chronograph
31. Laila Biali: Alpha Waves (Out of Dust, 2020) ACT
32. François Houle, Gerry Hemingway, Mark Helias & Gordon Grdina: Canyamel (Recoder, 2020) Songlines
33. Amanda Tosoff: A Dream Within a Dream (Earth Voices, 2021) Empress


Track Listing:

Fontaines DC · Skinty Fia
Second Story Tune
Brian John McBrearty · Blue Twenty-Three
Charlotte Cardin · Phoenix
June-Teenth Jamboree
Gladys "Fatso" Bentley · Bob Dylan: Radio Radio - Theme Time Radio Hour: Volume 2
Anthony Davis, James Newton & Abdul Wadud · I've Known Rivers
Moonbeam Rays
They Might Be Giants · Book
Hardware Store
"Weird Al" Yankovic · Poodle Hat
Circles in June
Moat Bells · Bones of Things
Ante Meridiem
Men I Trust · Untourable Album
I Don't Know About All That
Jr. Gone Wild · Brave New Waves Sessions
Country Dances
Carpatho Ukrainian Orchestra · Folk Music of Ukraine
Raven Cawing on the Birch Tree [Recruit's Song]
Folklore Ensemble of the village of Tchumaki · Ukrainian Music: Anthology of Folk Music
Tropical Metis
Ghostkeeper · Multidimensional Culture
The Morning After Theme
Buffy Sainte-Marie & Jack Nitzsche · An Officer and a Gentleman OST
Salish Counting Song
Russell Wallace · Salish Counting Song
Wild Boy [w.Polo Brian]
Snotty Nose Rez Kids · Life After
Burrito Grand Prix
Huevos Rancheros · Estrus Gearbox
Beatrice Deer · Shifting
Qalaq 1 [w.Alanis Obomsawin & Diana Combo]
Jerusalem in My Heart · Qalaq
Solstice · Mirage
Residential Military
Ombiigizi · Sewn Back Together
Death of an Honest Injun
TJ Felix · Honest Injun EP
Kirkonkellot ja Maanitus
Sväng · In Trad We Trust
Sontag Shogun x Lau Nau · Valo Siroutuu
Straight to Hell
The Clash · Combat Rock + The People's Hall
Hey Amigo
Havana 3AM · Havana 3AM
Joe Strummer · Walker OST
Joe Strummer · Walker OST
The Unknown Immortal
Joe Strummer · Joe Strummer
Audrey Ochoa · Frankenhorn
Alpha Waves
Laila Biali · Out of Dust
François Houle, Gerry Hemingway, Mark Helias & Gordon Grdina · Recoder
A Dream Within a Dream
Amanda Tosoff · Earth Voices