Exploding Head Movies Episode June 6, 2022

XHM #606 - "Reserved complications" (2022 June 06)

6:59pm - 9:02pm

In tribute to actor William Hurt (1950-2022), we profile a wide swath of the actor's films, primarily focusing on John Barry's sultry score to the 1981 neo-noir Body Heat and selected music from 1998's sci-fi puzzler Dark City amongst other film scores.

1. Kamikaze Nurse: Aileen (Stimuloso, 2022) Mint
2. Mount Maxwell: Senescent Vivarium (Senescent Vivarium, 2022) Hotham Sound
3. Iggy Pop: The Passenger (Lust for Life, 1977) RCA
4. Depeche Mode: Any Second Now [Voices] (Speak & Spell, 1981) Mute
5. Depeche Mode: Pimpf (Music for the Masses, 1987) Mute
6. The Judds: Why Not Me (Why Not Me, 1984) RCA Nashville
7. The Tragically Hip: Wheat Kings (Fully Completely, 1992) MCA
8. M Netchai: Wedding Melodies for Drymba (Music of Ukraine, 1951) Ethnic Folkways
9. Kate Bush: Running Up That Hill [A Deal with God] (Hounds of Love, 1985) EMI
10. Tori Amos: Flowers Burn to Gold (Ocean to Ocean, 2021) Decca
11. Ólafur Arnalds: Still/Sound (Some Kind of Peace, 2020) Decca/Mercury
12. Charlotte Day Wilson: Keep Moving (Alpha, 2021) Stone Woman
13. Royal Canoe: Alexandria [w.Begonia] (Sidelining, 2021) Paper Bag
14. Thomas Fehlmann: Karnickel (Böser Herbst, 2021) Kompakt
15. Sunflower Bean: I Don't Have Control Sometimes (Headful of Sugar, 2022) Mom + Pop
16. HAIM: Gasoline (Women in Music Pt III, 2020) Columbia/Polydor
17. Alessandro Cortini: Nebbia (Forse, 2021) Important
18. Sally Shapiro: Love in Slow Motion [w.Electric Youth] (Sad Cities, 2022) Italians Do It Better
19. Leon Ware: Body Heat [w.Bobby Womack] (Musical Massage, 1976) Gordy
20. Red Gazelle Trio: Stargazing [radio edit] (In the Midst of It All, 2022) self-released
21. John Barry: Main Title (Body Heat OST, 2012) Film Score Monthly
22. John Barry: I'm Frightened (Body Heat OST, 2012) Film Score Monthly
23. Alexandre Desplat: Syriana [piano solo] (Syriana OST, 2005) RCA Red Seal/Sony
24. John Corigliano: Main Title & First Halluciation [Ritual Sacrifice & Religious Memories] (Altered States OST, 1980) RCA Red Seal
25. Michael Convertino: Main Title (Children of a Lesser God OST, 1986) GNP Crescendo/Seven Seas
26. John Williams: A Second Chance [End Titles] (The Accidental Tourist OST, 1989) Warner Bros
27. Howard Shore: Nice Gate (A History of Violence OST, 2005) New Line/Silva Screen
28. Jane Siberry: Calling All Angels [w.kd lang] (Until the End of the World OST, 1991) Warner Bros
29. Adams, Dunn & Haas: Tulips for Cygnus (Future Moons, 2022) Ansible Editions
30. Anita Kelsey: The Night has 1000 Eyes (Dark City OST, 1998) Eagle/TVT Soundtrax


Track Listing:

Kamikaze Nurse · Stimuloso
Senescent Vivarium
Mount Maxwell · Senescent Vivarium
The Passenger
Iggy Pop · Lust for Life
Any Second Now [Voices]
Depeche Mode · Speak & Spel
Depeche Mode · Music for the Masses
Why Not Me
The Judds · Why Not Me
Wheat Kings
The Tragically Hip · Fully Completely
Wedding Melodies for Drymba
M Netchai · Music of Ukraine
Running Up That Hill [A Deal with God]
Kate Bush · Hounds of Love
Flowers Burn to Gold
Tori Amos · Ocean to Ocean
Ólafur Arnalds · Some Kind of Peace
Keep Moving
Charlotte Day Wilson · Alpha
Alexandria [w.Begonia]
Royal Canoe · Sidelining
Thomas Fehlmann · Böser Herbst
I Don't Have Control Sometimes
Sunflower Bean · Headful of Sugar
HAIM · Women in Music Pt III
Alessandro Cortini · Forse
Love in Slow Motion [w.Electric Youth]
Sally Shapiro · Sad Cities
Body Heat [w.Bobby Womack]
Leon Ware · Musical Massage
Stargazing [radio edit]
Red Gazelle Trio · In the Midst of It All
Main Title
John Barry · Body Heat OST
I'm Frightened
John Barry · Body Heat OST
Syriana [piano solo]
Alexandre Desplat · Syriana OST
Main Title & First Halluciation [Ritual Sacrifice & Religious Memories]
John Corigliano · Altered States OST
Main Title
Michael Convertino · Children of a Lesser God OST
A Second Chance [End Titles]
John Williams · The Accidental Tourist OST
Nice Gate
Howard Shore · A History of Violence OST
Calling All Angels [w.kd lang]
Jane Siberry · Until the End of the World OST
Tulips for Cygnus
Adams, Dunn & Haas · Future Moons
The Night has 1000 Eyes
Anita Kelsey · Dark City OST