Exploding Head Movies Episode April 4, 2022

XHM #597 - "Solitary respite" (2022 April 04)

7:00pm - 8:59pm

With awards season over, it's time an overdue Part 8 of our all-ambient episodes, this time focusing on soothing sounds that came out last year.

1. Kaleema: Ambrosia (Útera, 2021) Wonderwheel
2. Area 3: Whale (Amb, 2021) Khotin Industries
3. M Crook & Oxherding: Shelter in Place (Shelter in Place, 2021) self-released
4. A Winged Victory for the Sullen: The Celestial City (Invisible Cities/Le Città Invisibili, 2021) Artificial Pine Arch Manufacturing
5. Connect_icut: Lonely in the House (Talisman, 2021) CSAF
6. Christina Chatfield: Nameless Islet (Sutro, 2021) Mysteries of the Deep
7. These Liminal Days: Space 1.1 (Empty Spaces 1, 2021) self-released
8. Deborah Martin & Jill Haley: The Stillness of Forest Bathing (The Silence of Grace, 2021) Spotted Peccary
9. Carlos Niño & Friends: Cloud Prayer (The Lagniappe Sessions, 2021) Aquarium Drunkard
10. Dean Hurley: Val Verde Horizon (Concrete Feather, 2021) Boomkat Editions/Sacred Bones
11. Kuma: Twelve Words for Cosmos (A Beautiful Use of Negative Space, 2021) self-released
12. The Black Dog: Vertical Grip on Reality (Music for Photographers, 2021) Dust Science
13. Demetrio Cecchitelli: Nuance 03 (Nuance, 2021) Élan Vital
14. Hannu Karjalainen: Fish in the Afternoon (Luxe, 2021) Karaoke Kalk
15. Laraaji: Illusion of Time (@0, 2021) Ahead of Our Time
16. Shn Shn: Growth (Forest City Series: Volume 4, 2021) A Person Disguised as People
17. Pauline Anna Strom: Temple Gardens at Midnight (Angel Tears in Sunlight, 2021) RVNG Intl.
18. Pendant: Formula to Attract Affections (To All Sides They Will Stretch Out Their Hands, 2021) West Mineral Ltd.
19. Sarah Davachi: First Cadence (Antiphonals, 2021) Late Music
20. Keith Berry: Sakura (Viable Systems 4, 2021) VSM Theory
21. Jon Hopkins: Deep in the Glowing Heart (Music for Psychedelic Therapy, 2021) Domino
22. Patricia Brennan: Solar (Maquishti, 2021) Valley of Search
23. Warmth: Odessa (Retrospective: 2016-2021, 2021) Archives

If you like this kinda of music, another CITR radio show focuses on ambience: Mantra


Track Listing:

Kaleema · Útera
Area 3 · Amb
Shelter in Place
M Crook & Oxherding · Shelter in Place
The Celestial City
A Winged Victory for the Sullen · Invisible Cities/Le Città Invisibili
Lonely in the House
Connect_icut · Talisman
Nameless Islet
Christina Chatfield · Sutro
Space 1.1
These Liminal Days · Empty Spaces 1
The Stillness of Forest Bathing
Deborah Martin & Jill Haley · The Silence of Grace
Cloud Prayer
Carlos Niño & Friends · The Lagniappe Sessions
Val Verde Horizon
Dean Hurley · Concrete Feather
Twelve Words for Cosmos
Kuma · A Beautiful Use of Negative Space
Vertical Grip on Reality
The Black Dog · Music for Photographers
Nuance 03
Demetrio Cecchitelli · Nuance
Fish in the Afternoon
Hannu Karjalainen · Luxe
Illusion of Time
Laraaji · @0
Shn Shn · Forest City Series: Volume 4
Temple Gardens at Midnight
Pauline Anna Strom · Angel Tears in Sunlight
Formula to Attract Affections
Pendant · To All Sides They Will Stretch Out Their Hands
First Cadence
Sarah Davachi · Antiphonals
Keith Berry · Viable Systems 4
Deep in the Glowing Heart
Jon Hopkins · Music for Psychedelic Therapy
Patricia Brennan · Maquishti
Warmth · Retrospective: 2016-2021