Exploding Head Movies Episode March 14, 2022

XHM #594 - "But we love sand!" (2022 March 14)

7:01pm - 9:00pm

For the 5th part of our annual Oscar profiles, we'll listen again at Hans Zimmer's score to Denis Villeneuve's adaptation of Dune since it became nominated since we last spoke about it. We'll also a lot of live music options in Vancouver this week as pandemic mandates lift amongst more Ukrainian music and tributes to the recently deceased.

1. Dragobrath: Intro (Fra Myrer Taake, 2010) Eastside
2. The Chieftains: The Foggy Dew [w.Sinéad O'Connor] (The Long Black Veil, 1995) RCA Victor
3. Thomas Kotcheff: Foggy Dew (Frederic Rzewksi: Songs of Insurrection, 2020) Coviello Contemporary
4. Spada & Korolova: Be Strong (2022) Armada Electronic Elements
5. 6th Crowd: Sokolonko (2022) self-released
6. Yan Cook: Hacked (Dnepr_Vancouver 1.0 EP, 2015) Reclaim Your City
7. Betty Davis: Game is My Middle Name (Betty Davis, 1973) Just Sunshine
8. Ann Peebles: If We Can't Trust Each Other (I Can't Stand the Rain, 1973) Hi Records
9. The Bo-Keys: Hi Roller (Got to Get Back!, 2011) Electraphonic
10. Todd Rundgren & Sparks: Your Fandango (2021) Cleopatra
11. Adam Driver, Marion Cotillard & Sparks: She's Out of This World! (Annette OST [Cannes edition], 2021) Milan/Masterworks/Sony
12. Ludovico Einaudi: Swordfish (Underwater, 2022) Decca
13. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis: Lavender Fields (Carnage, 2021) Goliath/AWAL
14. Anna Meredith: Inhale Exhale (Fibs, 2019) Moshi Moshi
15. Kiefer: Running out the Clock [w.The Kount] (Between Days EP, 2021) Stones Throw
16. Apollo Ghosts: Cloud Hotel (Pink Tiger, 2022) You've Changed
17. Little Sprout: Albatross (Fake Cake, 2021) self-released
18. Heiki: Railpath Dub [video edit] (Dub Town, 2021) Paper+Sound
19. Sleepy Gonzales: Lucky Charmzzz (Fishbowl Sessions: Live from CITR/Discorder, 2020) CITR
20. Ouri: Wrong Breed (Frame of a Fauna, 2021) Born Twice-Lighter than Air
21. Ennio Morricone: Ricerca (Sans Mobile Apparent OST, 2022) Wewantsounds
22. Jenny Hval: Year of Sky (Classic Objects, 2022) 4AD
23. Nicholas Krgovich: Plants (This Spring: Songs by Veda Hille, 2021) Tin Angel
24. Joni Void: Garden (Retrospective, 2021) Everyday Ago/Constellation
25. Sarah Davachi & Sean McCann: Stiege (Mother of Pearl, 2021) Recital
26. Sote: Life (Majestic Noise Made in Beautiful Rotten Iran, 2022) Sub Rosa
27. Hans Zimmer: Dream of Arrakis (Dune OST, 2021) WaterTower
28. Hans Zimmer: Herald of the Change (Dune OST, 2021) WaterTower
29. Gordon Grdina's The Marrow: Outsize (Safar-e-Daroon, 2020) Songlines
30. Concord Quartet: George Crumb's Black Angels [Images I] for Electric String Quartet - 1st Movement, Departure (American String Quartets 1950-1970, 1995) VoxBox

Thus is the spice of life.


Track Listing:

Dragobrath · Fra Myrer Taake
The Foggy Dew [w.Sinéad O'Connor]
The Chieftains · The Long Black Veil
Foggy Dew
Thomas Kotcheff · Frederic Rzewksi: Songs of Insurrection
Be Strong
Spada & Korolova · Be Strong single
6th Crowd · Sokolonko single
Yan Cook · Dnepr_Vancouver 1.0 EP
Game is My Middle Name
Betty Davis · Betty Davis
If We Can't Trust Each Other
Ann Peebles · I Can't Stand the Rain
Hi Roller
The Bo-Keys · Got to Get Back!
Your Fandango
Todd Rundgren & Sparks · Your Fandango single
She's Out of This World!
Adam Driver, Marion Cotillard & Sparks · Annette OST [Cannes edition]
Ludovico Einaudi · Underwater
Lavender Fields
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis · Carnage
Inhale Exhale
Anna Meredith · Fibs
Running out the Clock [w.The Kount]
Kiefer · Between Days EP
Cloud Hotel
Apollo Ghosts · Pink Tiger
Little Sprout · Fake Cake
Railpath Dub [video edit]
Heiki · Dub Town
Lucky Charmzzz
Sleepy Gonzales · Fishbowl Sessions: Live from CITR/Discorder
Wrong Breed
Ouri · Frame of a Fauna
Ennio Morricone · Sans Mobile Apparent OST
Year of Sky
Jenny Hval · Classic Objects
Nicholas Krgovich · This Spring: Songs by Veda Hille
Joni Void · Retrospective
Sarah Davachi & Sean McCann · Mother of Pearl
Sote · Majestic Noise Made in Beautiful Rotten Iran
Dream of Arrakis
Hans Zimmer · Dune OST
Herald of the Change
Hans Zimmer · Dune OST
Gordon Grdina's The Marrow · Safar-e-Daroon
George Crumb's Black Angels [Images I] for Electric String Quartet - 1st Movemen
Concord Quartet · American String Quartets 1950-1970