Exploding Head Movies Episode March 7, 2022

XHM #593 - "Adjacent agencies" (2022 March 07)

7:00pm - 9:02pm

Part IV of our annual Oscars profile looks at Alberto Iglesias' nominated score to Pedro Almodóvar's 2021 film Parallel Mothers. We also pay tribute to Mark Lanegan (1964-2022) and the continued Ukraine resistance.

1. PJ Harvey: Ballad of the Soldier's Wife (September Songs: Music of Kurt Weill, 1997) Sony Classical
2. Robert Fripp: Elegy [Nashville 2006 March 1] (Music for Quiet Moments, 2021) Discipline Global Mobile/Panegyric/Wowow/Inner Knot
3. The Polka Drifters: A Soldier's Lament (Ukrainian Times, ????) Ukrainian
4. Mickey & Bunny: Out Behind the Barn (Mickey and Bunny sing This Land is Your Land, 1964) V Records
5. Mike Domish Orchestra: Ukrainian Hopak (Alpine Polka, ????) Alpine/RCA Victor
6. Ummagma: Ty i Ya (Caravan single, 2019) self-released
7. Montag: Sunflower (Des Cassettes et un Walkman Jaune, 2009) self-released
8. Paul Leonard-Morgan & Philip Glass: Tales from the Loop [theme] (Tales from the Loop OST, 2020) Mondo/Hollywood
9. Squid: Peel St. (Bright Green Field, 2021) Warp
10. Procol Harum: Whisky Train (Home, 1970) Regal Zonophone/A&M
11. Sandy Nelson: Beat That #?!* Drum (Beat That #?!* Drum 7", 1966) Imperial
12. Screaming Trees: You Tell Me All These Things (Clairvoyance, 1986) Velvetone
13. Mark Lanegan: Ugly Sunday (The Winding Sheet, 1990) Sub Pop
14. Horde of Two: If I Can't Dance (I Knew I was a Rebel Then, 2022) Shrimper
15. Blushing: Blame [w.Miki Berenyi] (Possessions, 2022) Kanine
16. Dina Ögon: Ficktjuven (Dina Ögon, 2021) Sing a Song Fighter
17. Catherine Graindorge: Lockdown (Eldorado, 2021) Tak:til/Glitterbeat
18. You'll Never Get to Heaven: Pink and Gold and Blue (Wave Your Moonlight Hat for the Snowfall Train, 2021) Séance Centre/Mystic Roses
19. Magdalena Bay: Dawning of the Season (Mercurial World, 2021) Luminelle
20. Louville: Dawn '46 (BTR: 5th Anniversary: Volume 2, 2014) Bad Taste
21. Riches: Light of Dawn (2022) self-released
22. Munya: Marucuya (Voyage to Mars, 2021) Luminelle
23. Alessandro Cortini: Sera (Forse, 2021) Important
24. Jeremy Dutcher: Ghost House [by Beverly Glenn-Copeland] (Keyboard Fantasies Reimagined, 2021) Transgressive
25. Thick Pigeon: Subway (Subway 7", 1982) Les Disques Du Crépuscule
26. µ-ziq & Mrs Jynx: Jynxiq (Secret Garden, 2021) Planet Mu
27. Alberto Iglesias: Sesión de Fotos (Parallel Mothers OST, 2021) Quartet
28. Alberto Iglesias: El Visillo Volante (Parallel Mothers OST, 2021) Quartet
29. Alberto Iglesias: La Pesadilla (Parallel Mothers OST, 2021) Quartet
30. Dimitri Tiomkin: Shall We Get Wet? (Champion OST, 1949) Screen Archives Entertainment
31. Janis Joplin: Summertime (Parallel Mothers OST, 2021) Quartet


Track Listing:

Ballad of the Soldier's Wife
PJ Harvey · September Songs: Music of Kurt Weill
Elegy [Nashville 2006 March 1]
Robert Fripp · Music for Quiet Moments
A Soldier's Lament
The Polka Drifters · Ukrainian Times
Out Behind the Barn
Mickey & Bunny · Mickey and Bunny sing This Land is Your Land
Ukrainian Hopak
Mike Domish Orchestra · Alpine Polka
Ty i Ya
Ummagma · Caravan single
Montag · Des Cassettes et un Walkman Jaune
Tales from the Loop [theme]
Paul Leonard-Morgan & Philip Glass · Tales from the Loop OST
Peel St.
Squid · Bright Green Field
Whisky Train
Procol Harum · Home
Beat That #?!* Drum
Sandy Nelson · Beat That #?!* Drum 7"
You Tell Me All These Things
Screaming Trees · Clairvoyance
Ugly Sunday
Mark Lanegan · The Winding Sheet
If I Can't Dance
Horde of Two · I Knew I was a Rebel Then
Blame [w.Miki Berenyi]
Blushing · Possessions
Dina Ögon · Dina Ögon
Catherine Graindorge · Eldorado
Pink and Gold and Blue
You'll Never Get to Heaven · Wave Your Moonlight Hat for the Snowfall Train
Dawning of the Season
Magdalena Bay · Mercurial World
Dawn '46
Louville · BTR: 5th Anniversary: Volume 2
Light of Dawn
Riches · Light of Dawn single
Munya · Voyage to Mars
Alessandro Cortini · Forse
Ghost House [by Beverly Glenn-Copeland]
Jeremy Dutcher · Keyboard Fantasies Reimagined
Thick Pigeon · Subway 7"
µ-ziq & Mrs Jynx · Secret Garden
Sesión de Fotos
Alberto Iglesias · Parallel Mothers OST
El Visillo Volante
Alberto Iglesias · Parallel Mothers OST
La Pesadilla
Alberto Iglesias · Parallel Mothers OST
Shall We Get Wet?
Dimitri Tiomkin · Champion OST
Janis Joplin · Parallel Mothers OST