Exploding Head Movies Episode August 30, 2021

XHM #569 - "Samurai piece of craft" (2021 August 30)

7:00pm - 9:01pm

Flying Lotus does the score to LeSean Thomas' alternate history anime Yasuke. We also pay tribute to drummer Charlie Watts, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Parris Bowens and the band Chromatics. gak just moved houses this week and is likely making little sense.

1. The Rolling Stones: Undercover of the Night (Undercover, 1983) self-released
2. Dream Dolphin: Take No Michi (Heisei No Oto: Japanese Left-field Pop from the CD Age 1989-1996, 2021) Music from Memory
3. Tonk: Condo (Songs to Glorify the Peasant and His Tractor, 2020) self-released
4. The Garrys: Sintaluta (Get Thee to a Nunnery, 2021) Grey
5. Shiken Honzo: Spirits are Gods (Fate Worlds, 2021) Inperspective
6. Leanne Betasamosake Simpson: Viscosity (Theory of Ice, 2021) You've Changed
7. Zoongideewin: Vibrant Colours (Bleached Wavves, 2020) Paper Bag
8. Greg Andersen: Everything Stopped (Another World: Music from Tomomi on the Farm OST, 2021) self-released
9. Erez Zobary: How (To Bloom, 2021) self-released
10. Charlotte Day Wilson: If I Could (ALPHA, 2021) Stone Woman
11. Nadia Struiwigh: Dreaming about Rollercoasters (Pax Aurora, 2021) Nous'klaer Audio
12. Men I Trust: Oh Dove (Untourable Album, 2021) self-released
13. Jasper Sloan Yip: August (Strange Calm/Blushing Autumn, 2021) self-released
14. The Upsetters: Scratch the Dub Organizer (Scratch and Company, Chapter 1: The Upsetters, 1981) Clocktower
15. Lee Perry & Prince Buster: Call on Me (Ernest Ranglin & Prince Buster's All Stars split 7", 1967) Olive Blossom
16. Lee "Scratch" Perry & Junior Byles: Dreader Locks (Dreader Locks 7", 1974) Dip
17. Parris Bowens: Avengeance (2018) self-released
18. Chromatics: Touch Red [on Film] (Faded Now, 2020) Italians Do It Better
19. LEATHERS: Missing Scene (Reckless EP, 2021) Artoffact
20. Anthéne: Light Shade (Collide, 2020) Home Normal
21. Gilligan Moss: Ferris Wheel [w.Rebecca & Fiona] (Gilligan Moss, 2021) Foreign Family Collective
22. Giant Claw: Earther (Mirror Guide, 2021) Orange Milk
23. Robert Walter's 20th Congress: Beat Bop (The Lagniappe Sessions #3, 2021) Aquarium Drunkard
24. Mach-Hommy: Folie Á Deux [w.Westside Gunn & Keisha Plum] (Pray for Haiti, 2021) Griselda
25. Scotch Rolex: Afro Samurai [w.Don Zilla] (Tewari, 2021) Hakuna Kulala
26. The RZA: The Empty 7 Theme (Afro Samurai OST, 2007) Ample Soul
27. Flying Lotus: Actually Virtual (Flamagra, 2019) Warp
28. Yuzo Kayama: Black Sand Beach (Black Sand Beach, 1998) No Tyme
29. Flying Lotus: Black Gold [w.Thundercat] (Yasuke OST, 2021) Warp
30. Flying Lotus: Fighting Without Honour (Yasuke OST, 2021) Warp
31. Flying Lotus: War Lords (Yasuke OST, 2021) Warp
32. Flying Lotus: Your Armour (Yasuke OST, 2021) Warp
33. Flying Lotus: Between Memories [w.Niki Randa] (Yasuke OST, 2021) Warp
34. Bruce Harris Quartet: Satellite (Soundview, 2021) Cellar
35. Dexter Gordon: August Blues (Tangerine, 1975) Prestige

Did this episode have its own missing scene?
O the perils of faulty monitors...


Track Listing:

Undercover of the Night
The Rolling Stones · Undercover
Take No Michi
Dream Dolphin · Heisei No Oto: Japanese Left-field Pop from the CD Age 1989-1996
Tonk · Songs to Glorify the Peasant and His Tractor
The Garrys · Get Thee to a Nunnery
Spirits are Gods
Shiken Honzo · Fate Worlds
Leanne Betasamosake Simpson · Theory of Ice
Vibrant Colours
Zoongideewin · Bleached Wavves
Everything Stopped
Greg Andersen · Another World: Music from Tomomi on the Farm OST
Erez Zobary · To Bloom
If I Could
Charlotte Day Wilson · ALPHA
Dreaming about Rollercoasters
Nadia Struiwigh · Pax Aurora
Oh Dove
Men I Trust · Untourable Album
Jasper Sloan Yip · Strange Calm/Blushing Autumn
Scratch the Dub Organizer
The Upsetters · Scratch and Company, Chapter 1: The Upsetters
Call on Me
Lee Perry & Prince Buster · Ernest Ranglin & Prince Buster's All Stars split 7"
Dreader Locks
Lee "Scratch" Perry & Junior Byles · Dreader Locks 7"
Parris Bowens · Avengeance single
Touch Red [on Film]
Chromatics · Faded Now
Missing Scene
LEATHERS · Reckless EP
Light Shade
Anthéne · Collide
Ferris Wheel [w.Rebecca & Fiona]
Gilligan Moss · Gilligan Moss
Giant Claw · Mirror Guide
Beat Bop
Robert Walter's 20th Congress · The Lagniappe Sessions #3
Folie Á Deux [w.Westside Gunn & Keisha Plum]
Mach-Hommy · Pray for Haiti
Afro Samurai [w.Don Zilla]
Scotch Rolex · Tewari
The Empty 7 Theme
The RZA · Afro Samurai OST
Actually Virtual
Flying Lotus · Flamagra
Black Sand Beach
Yuzo Kayama · Black Sand Beach
Black Gold [w.Thundercat]
Flying Lotus · Yasuke OST
Fighting Without Honour
Flying Lotus · Yasuke OST
War Lords
Flying Lotus · Yasuke OST
Your Armour
Flying Lotus · Yasuke OST
Between Memories [w.Niki Randa]
Flying Lotus · Yasuke OST
Bruce Harris Quartet · Soundview
August Blues
Dexter Gordon · Tangerine