Exploding Head Movies Episode May 31, 2021

XHM #559 - "Each like is validation" (2021 May 31)

7:00pm - 9:10pm

Laurel Halo scored the 2018 experimental documentary Possessed, which came out as a soundtrack last year, so this week profiles this wild electronic composer. We also talk Laurie Anderson, the Beats in Space radio show and eulogize Yoshi Wada and Franco Battiato.

1. Laurie Anderson: Big Science (Big Science, 1982) Warner Bros
2. Loscil: Lines (Faults, Coasts, Lines, 2020) self-released
3. Tornado Wallace: Desperate Pleasures (BIS: 001-020, 2016) Beats in Space
4. Anna: Systems Breaking Down [dance version] (Systems Breaking Down 12", 1982) RCA
5. Yoshi Wada: Untitled (International Friendship, 1983) Syncord/De Fabriek
6. Franco Battiato: No U Turn (Clic, 1974) Island
7. Modeselektor: Social Distancing [FJAAK remix] (Social Distancing 12", 2021) Monkeytown
8. Sunroof: 30.5.19 (Electronic Music Improvisation: Volume 1, 2021) Parallel Series/Mute
9. Burial: Dark Gethsemane (Shock Power of Love EP, 2021) Keysound
10. Madlib: Road of the Lonely Ones (Sound Ancestors, 2021) Madlib Invazion
11. Kiefer: Superhero (Between Days EP, 2021) Stones Throw
12. Cygnets: Greyscale (Swan Songs, 2021) self-released
13. Ghost Twin: Blue Sunshine (Love Songs for End Times, 2021) Artoffact
14. Max Richter: Psychogeography (Voices 2, 2021) Decca
15. Andy Stott: Never the Right Time (Never the Right Time, 2021) Modern Love
16. Plains Apparition: Phantom Phone Calls (Asylum, 2021) Special Series
17. Yards: Train Came from Kalbajar (Forest City Series: Volume 4, 2021) A Person Disguised as People
18. Mary Garnett Edwards: Face a Reality (White Lightning, 2020) self-released
19. Cowboy Junkies: The Possessed (Ghosts, 2020) Latent Recordings
20. Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein: Possessed (Stranger Things: Hallowe'en Sounds from the Upside Down, 2018) Lakeshore/Invada
21. Fly Pan Am: Grid/Wall (Frontera, 2021) Constellation
22. Laurel Halo: Hot Style (MF Compilation Part One, 2020) Mother's Finest
23. St Vincent: Young Lover [Laurel Halo remix] (Nina Kraviz presents Masseduction Rewired, 2019) Loma Vista
24. Laurel Halo: Hyphae (Possessed OST, 2020) The Vinyl Factory
25. Laurel Halo: Lead (Possessed OST, 2020) The Vinyl Factory
26. Laurel Halo: Rome Theme II (Possessed OST, 2020) The Vinyl Factory
27. Laurel Halo: Zeljava (Possessed OST, 2020) The Vinyl Factory
28. Jim Williams: Possessor (Possessor OST, 2020) Death Waltz
29. Ilmiliekki Quartet: O Superman (Land of Real Men, 2019) We Jazz

I may have said "Chic" instead of "Clic" for the album name.
Quality control at 1am is Job 1 here at XHQ.


Track Listing:

Big Science
Laurie Anderson · Big Science
Loscil · Faults, Coasts, Lines
Desperate Pleasures
Tornado Wallace · BIS: 001-020
Systems Breaking Down [dance version]
Anna · Systems Breaking Down 12"
Yoshi Wada · International Friendship
No U Turn
Franco Battiato · Clic
Social Distancing [FJAAK remix]
Modeselektor · Social Distancing 12"
Sunroof · Electronic Music Improvisation: Volume 1
Dark Gethsemane
Burial · Shock Power of Love EP
Road of the Lonely Ones
Madlib · Sound Ancestors
Kiefer · Between Days EP
Cygnets · Swan Songs
Blue Sunshine
Ghost Twin · Love Songs for End Times
Max Richter · Voices 2
Never the Right Time
Andy Stott · Never the Right Time
Phantom Phone Calls
Plains Apparition · Asylum
Train Came from Kalbajar
Yards · Forest City Series: Volume 4
Face a Reality
Mary Garnett Edwards · White Lightning
The Possessed
Cowboy Junkies · Ghosts
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein · Stranger Things: Hallowe'en Sounds from the Upside Down
Fly Pan Am · Frontera
Hot Style
Laurel Halo · MF Compilation Part One
Young Lover [Laurel Halo remix]
St Vincent · Nina Kraviz presents Masseduction Rewired
Laurel Halo · Possessed OST
Laurel Halo · Possessed OST
Rome Theme II
Laurel Halo · Possessed OST
Laurel Halo · Possessed OST
Jim Williams · Possessor OST
O Superman
Ilmiliekki Quartet · Land of Real Men