Exploding Head Movies Episode May 17, 2021

XHM #557 - "You only think that you can never go down the drain, but..." (2021 May 17)

6:59pm - 9:08pm

gak missed 24 Hours of Radio Art earlier this year, so with a 17th landing on a Monday at long last, experience 2 hours of experimental music along with some kitchen appliance silliness.

0. gak: interview with the dishwasher (2021) self-released
[in para//e/ with]
/. The Avalanches: Star Song.IMG (We Will Always Love You, 2020) Modular
2a. Robert Filliou: Whispered History of Art [excerpt] (Fluxus Anthology: 30th Anniversary 1962-1992, 1980) Slowscan
2b. Antonio Russolo: Luigi Russolo's Corale [1921] (Die Kunst Der Geräusche, 2000) WERGO
3. Kinnie Starr: Proprioception [DlaYah'algaang] (Edge of the Knife/SGaawaay K’uuna OST, 2020) Apopria
4. The Brandeis University Chamber Chorus: Alvin Lucier's North American Time Capsule 1967 (Extended Voices, 1968) Odyssey
5. David Greenfield & JJ Brunel: Unknown Song / (Fire & Water/Ecoutez Vos Murs OST [outtakes], 1983) Edsel
6. Faulty Machine Recordings Service: 2013-05-21 @ Barrington Hills, IL - Mower and Birdsong (Faulty Machine Recordings Service: December 2020, 2021) Faulty Machine
7. Francis Theberge: The Burial of William B Pt./// (The Burial of William B, 2021) Adventurous Music
8. Mika Vainio: Movement 1 (Last Live, 2021) Mego/Cave12
9. Carmen Villain: Things That Are Solid (Sketch for Winter /X: Perlita, 2021) Geographic North
TEN Sylvia Courvoisier, Ned Rothenberg & Julian Sartorius: Quarantina (Lockdown, 2021) Clean Feed
//. Off World: Impulse Controller [pre-dub] (Corona Borealis Longplay Singles series 2020-2021, 2021) Constellation
/2. Astasie-Abasie: Steam Room in Buitenzorg (Molecular Gamelan, 2021) Shame File
/3. Phew, John Duncan & Kondo Tatsuo: Backfire (Backfire of Joy, 2021) Black Truffle
/4. Fernando Vigueras: Trazo (Anthology of Experimental Music from Mexico, 2020) Unexplained Sounds Group
/5. Sleepy Gonzales: Pit of Despair (Pit of Despair, 2020) self-released
/6. Ennio Morricone: Un Tempo Infinito (Un Uomo da Rispettare: Colonna Originale del Film, 1972) CBS
/7. Gia Margaret: Body (Mia Gargaret, 2020) Dallaince/Orindal
FIN Boards of Canada: /nter/ude - "Get a Shot of Protection, The Swine Flu Shot" (Societas X Tape, 2019) NTS Radio



Track Listing:

interview with the dishwasher
gak · a qualitee home recording
Star Song.IMG
The Avalanches · We Will Always Love You
Whispered History of Art [excerpt]
Robert Filliou · Fluxus Anthology: 30th Anniversary 1962-1992
Luigi Russolo's Corale [1921]
Antonio Russolo · Die Kunst Der Geräusche
Proprioception [DlaYah'algaang]
Kinnie Starr · Edge of the Knife/SGaawaay K’uuna OST
Alvin Lucier's North American Time Capsule 1967
The Brandeis University Chamber Chorus · Extended Voices
Unknown Song 1
David Greenfield & JJ Brunel · Fire & Water/Ecoutez Vos Murs OST [outtakes]
2013-05-21 @ Barrington Hills, IL - Mower and Birdsong
Faulty Machine Recordings Service · Faulty Machine Recordings Service: December 2020
The Burial of William B Pt.III
Francis Theberge · The Burial of William B
Movement 1
Mika Vainio · Last Live
Things That Are Solid
Carmen Villain · Sketch for Winter IX: Perlita
Sylvia Courvoisier, Ned Rothenberg & Julian Sartorius · Lockdown
Impulse Controller [pre-dub]
Off World · Corona Borealis Longplay Singles series 2020-2021
Steam Room in Buitenzorg
Astasie-Abasie · Molecular Gamelan
Phew, John Duncan & Kondo Tatsuo · Backfire of Joy
Fernando Vigueras · Anthology of Experimental Music from Mexico
Pit of Despair
Sleepy Gonzales · Pit of Despair
Un Tempo Infinito
Ennio Morricone · Un Uomo da Rispettare: Colonna Originale del Film
Gia Margaret · Mia Gargaret
interlude - "Get a Shot of Protection, The Swine Flu Shot"
Boards of Canada · Societas X Tape