Exploding Head Movies Episode May 10, 2021

XHM #556 - "00:00:00ish" (2021 May 10)

7:04pm - 9:09pm

Along with a preview of this year's Vancouver Doxa Documentary Film Festival, we pay tribute to the French director Bertrand Tavernier (1941-2021) and we feature some of the jazzy sounds from his 1986 film 'Round Midnight.

1. Squid: Documentary Filmmaker (Bright Green Field, 2021) Warp
2. Laurie Spiegel: Three Modal Pieces - III. A Myth [1983] (Obsolete Systems, 2001) Electronic Music Foundation
3. Laurie Spiegel: A Folk Study (The Expanding Universe, 2012) Unseen Worlds
4. Daphne Oram: Ursa Major [Sun mix, 1962] (The Oram Tapes: Volume 1, 2011) Young Americans
5. Daphne Oram: Eton (The Oram Tapes: Volume 1, 2011) Young Americans
6. Delia Derbyshire: Ziwzih Ziwzih OO-OO-OO (BBC Radiophonic Music, 1968) Society of Sound Music/Bowers & Wilkins/Real World
7. Pauline Oliveros: Alien Bog [excerpt] (Music from Mills, 1986) Mills College
8. Suzanne Ciani: A Sonic Womb Pt.4 (A Sonic Womb: Live Buchla Performance at Lapsus, 2020) Lapsus
9. Fanny: Borrowed Time (Fanny Hill, 1972) Reprise
10. X-Ray Spex: I am a Poseur (Germfree Adolescents, 1978) EMI
11. Thomas Bangalter: Spinal Scratch (Spinal Scratch 12", 1996) Roulé
12:00. CFCF: Self Service 1999 (Memoryland, 2021) BGM Solutions
13. Todd Edwards: You're Sorry [extended mix] (You're Sorry Extended Mixes, 2019) Defected
14. Sébastien Guérive: Omega V (Omega Point, 2021) Atypeek
15. Rochelle Jordan: Broken Steel [w.Farrah Fawx] (Play with the Changes, 2021) Young Art
16. Postmoderndisco: Begin Again (2021) self-released
17. Jimi Tenor: Espoo (Deep Sound Learning 1993-2000, 2021) Bureau B
18. Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & London Symphony Orchestra: Movement I (Promises, 2021) Luaka Bop
19. Joseph Shabason: Life with My Grandparents (The Fellowship, 2021) Western Vinyl/Telephone Explosion
20. Charlie Parker: Laura (Bird OST, 1988) Columbia/CBS
21. The Oscar Peterson Trio: Blues of the Prairies (Canadiana Suite, 1964) Limelight
22. Thelonius Monk: Round Midnight (Genius of Modern Music, 1951) Blue Note
23. Herbie Hancock: Chan's Song [Never Said] ('Round Midnight OST, 1986) Columbia/CBS
24. Herbie Hancock: Bérangére's Nightmare ('Round Midnight OST, 1986) Columbia/CBS
25. Herbie Hancock: The Peacocks ('Round Midnight OST, 1986) Columbia/CBS
26. Herbie Hancock: Still Time ('Round Midnight OST, 1986)
27. Dexter Gordon: Body and Soul ('Round Midnight OST, 1986) Columbia/CBS
28. Dexter Gordon: How Long Has This Been Going On? [w.Lonette McKee] ('Round Midnight OST, 1986) Columbia/CBS
29. Dexter Gordon: Tivoli (Other Side of Round Midnight OST, 1986) Blue Note
30. The Cosmic Range: New Latitudes (New Latitudes, 2016) Idée Fixe


Track Listing:

Documentary Filmmaker
Squid · Bright Green Field
Three Modal Pieces - III. A Myth
Laurie Spiegel · Obsolete Systems
A Folk Study
Laurie Spiegel · The Expanding Universe
Ursa Major [Sun mix]
Daphne Oram · The Oram Tapes: Volume 1
Daphne Oram · The Oram Tapes: Volume 1
Ziwzih Ziwzih OO-OO-OO
Delia Derbyshire · BBC Radiophonic Music
Alien Bog [excerpt]
Pauline Oliveros · Music from Mills
A Sonic Womb Pt.4
Suzanne Ciani · A Sonic Womb: Live Buchla Performance at Lapsus
Borrowed Time
Fanny · Fanny Hill
I am a Poseur
X-Ray Spex · Germfree Adolescents
Spinal Scratch
Thomas Bangalter · Spinal Scratch 12"
Self Service 1999
CFCF · Memoryland
You're Sorry [extended mix]
Todd Edwards · You're Sorry Extended Mixes
Omega V
Sébastien Guérive · Omega Point
Broken Steel [w.Farrah Fawx]
Rochelle Jordan · Play with the Changes
Begin Again
Postmoderndisco · Begin Again single
Jimi Tenor · Deep Sound Learning 1993-2000
Movement I
Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & London Symphony Orchestra · Promises
Life with My Grandparents
Joseph Shabason · The Fellowship
Charlie Parker · Bird OST
Blues of the Prairies
The Oscar Peterson Trio · Canadiana Suite
Round Midnight
Thelonius Monk · Genius of Modern Music
Chan's Song [Never Said]
Herbie Hancock · 'Round Midnight OST
Bérangére's Nightmare
Herbie Hancock · 'Round Midnight OST
The Peacocks
Herbie Hancock · 'Round Midnight OST
Still Time
Herbie Hancock · 'Round Midnight OST
Body and Soul
Dexter Gordon · 'Round Midnight OST
How Long Has This Been Going On? [w.Lonette McKee]
Dexter Gordon · 'Round Midnight OST
Dexter Gordon · Other Side of Round Midnight OST
New Latitudes
The Cosmic Range · New Latitudes