Exploding Head Movies Episode March 15, 2021

XHM #548 - "The robots that rocked" (2021 March 15)

6:59pm - 9:02pm

As Daft Punk have broken up, we pay tribute to the humans behind the masks with selections from their 28 year career, including their work from the films Tron: Legacy and Electroma. Remixes, covers, samples & only one bad French vocoder attempt: the back half of this episode shows their prowess as they became a force in pop culture.

01. Breakwater: Release the Beast (Splashdown, 1980) Arista
02. Heiki: Recovery (Dub Town, 2021) Paper+Sound
03. Bernice: Big Mato (Eau de Bonjourno, 2021) Telephone Explosion/Figureight
04. Laura Lefebvre: Flashback (2021) self-released
05. Kiefer: Cute (Bridges EP, 2019) Stones Throw
06. Russell Louder: Hello Stranger (Humour, 2021) Lisbon Lux
07. Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu: Worst Comes to Worst [Morgan Geist remix] (Worst Comes to Worst single, 2021) Ninja Tune
08. Sébastien Guérive: Bellatrix (Omega Point, 2021) Atypeek/The Orchard
09. JWM83: Saguaro (Forest City Series: Volume 4, 2021) A Person Disguised as People
10. Ólafur Arnalds: Back to the Sky [w.JFDR] (Some Kind of Peace, 2020) Mercury KX
11. Chromeo: 'Roni Got Me Stressed Out [instrumental] (Quarantine Casanova, 2020) self-released
12. Brijean: Wifi Beach (Feelings, 2021) Ghostly International
13. Wizerdz: Dwarf Punk (Wizerdz EP, 2010) self-released
14. Daft Punk: Indo Silver Club (Homework, 1996) Virgin/Soma Quality Recordings
15. Daft Punk: Rollin' & Scratchin' [Chilly Gonzales Rework] (Pianist Envy, 2010) self-released
16. Daft Punk: Face to Face [w.Todd Edwards] (Discovery, 2001) Virgin
17. Daft Punk: Horizon (Random Access Memories [Japanese edition], 2013) Columbia/Sony
18. Daft Punk: Around the World/Harder Better Stronger Faster [live] (Alive 2007, 2007) Virgin
19. The Weeknd: I Feel It Coming [w.Daft Punk] (Starboy, 2016) XO/Republic
20. Daft Punk: Sea of Simulation (Tron Legacy OST: The Complete Edition, 2020) Walt Disney
21. Daft Punk: Derezzed [NTEIBINT remix] (2010) self-released
22. Daft Punk: End of Line [Photek remix] (Tron Legacy: Reconfigured, 2011) Walt Disney
23. Daft Punk: Outlands, Pt. II (Tron Legacy OST: The Complete Edition, 2020) Walt Disney
24. Arcade Fire: Put Your Money on Me (Everything Now, 2017) Sonovox
25. Charlotte Gainsbourg: Rest (Rest, 2017) Because Music
26. Brian Eno: In Dark Trees (Another Green World, 1975) Island
27. Linda Perhacs: If You Were My Man [demo] (Parallelograms, 1970) Kapp
28. Thomas Bangalter: The End (Irréversible OST, 2003) Roulé/Thrive
29. Howard Shore: Quarantine (The Aviator OST, 2004) Decca/UMG
30. Le Knight Club: Boogie Shell (Boogie Shell 12", 1999) Crydamoure


Track Listing:

Release the Beast
Breakwater · Splashdown
Heiki · Dub Town
Big Mato
Bernice · Eau de Bonjourno
Laura Lefebvre · Flashback
Kiefer · Bridges EP
Hello Stranger
Russell Louder · Humour
Worst Comes to Worst [Morgan Geist remix]
Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu · Worst Comes to Worst single
Sébastien Guérive · Omega Point
JWM83 · Forest City Series: Volume 4
Back to the Sky [w.JFDR]
Ólafur Arnalds · Some Kind of Peace
'Roni Got Me Stressed Out [instrumental]
Chromeo · Quarantine Casanova
Wifi Beach
Brijean · Feelings
Dwarf Punk
Wizerdz · Wizerdz EP
Indo Silver Club
Daft Punk · Homework
Rollin' & Scratchin' [Chilly Gonzales Rework]
Daft Punk · Pianist Envy
Face to Face [w.Todd Edwards]
Daft Punk · Discovery
Daft Punk · Random Access Memories [Japanese edition]
Around the World/Harder Better Stronger Faster [live]
Daft Punk · Alive 2007
I Feel It Coming [w.Daft Punk]
The Weeknd · Starboy
Sea of Simulation
Daft Punk · Tron Legacy OST: The Complete Edition
Derezzed [NTEIBINT remix]
Daft Punk · Derezzed [NTEIBINT remix]
End of Line [Photek remix]
Daft Punk · Tron Legacy: Reconfigured
Outlands, Pt. II
Daft Punk · Tron Legacy OST: The Complete Edition
Put Your Money on Me
Arcade Fire · Everything Now
Charlotte Gainsbourg · Rest
In Dark Trees
Brian Eno · Another Green World
If You Were My Man [demo]
Linda Perhacs · Parallelograms
The End
Thomas Bangalter · Irréversible OST
Howard Shore · The Aviator OST
Boogie Shell
Le Knight Club · Boogie Shell 12"