Exploding Head Movies Episode March 8, 2021

XHM #547 - "She floats, she persists" (2021 March 08)

7:06pm - 9:16pm

Monday marks International Women's Day, so for our 7th installment of all-ambient episodes, the future will be all female too.

1. Emily A Sprague: Water Memory Poem (Water Memory/Mount Vision, 2019) Rvng Intl.
2. Chika Asamoto: Obsession (Gypsy Moon, 1988) Columbia
3. Pauline Anna Strom: Spatial Spectre (Spectre, 1984) Trans-Millenia Consort Recordings
4. Pauline Anna Strom: The Eighteen Beautiful Memories (Angel Tears in Sunlight, 2021) Rvng Intl.
5. Mary Lattimore: Thirty Tulips (Silver Ladders, 2020) Ghostly International
6. Mary Lattimore: Chop on the Climbout (Silver Ladders, 2020) Ghostly International
7. Carmen Villain: Light in Phases (Sketch for Winter IX: Perlita, 2021) Geographic North
8. Sarah Davachi: Live in San Francisco [excerpt] (Figures in Open Air, 2020) Late Music
9. Ana Roxanne: A Study in Vastness (Because of a Flower, 2020) Kranky
10. Gia Margaret: INWIW (Mia Gargaret, 2020) Dalliance/Orindal
11. Eve Parker Finley: Meditation #2 (Chrysalia, 2020) Coax/Florafone
12. Adrianne Lenker: Mostly Chimes (Songs & Instrumentals, 2020) 4AD
13. Sleepy Gonzales: Marmalade (Some Jams to Spice Up Your Quarantine, 2020) self-released
14. x/o: Memories (Cocoon Egg, 2017) Quantum Natives
15. Geneva Skeen: For the Foreseeable Future (Double Bind, 2020) Room40


Track Listing:

Water Memory Poem
Emily A Sprague · Water Memory/Mount Vision
Chika Asamoto · Gypsy Moon
Spatial Spectre
Pauline Anna Strom · Spectre
The Eighteen Beautiful Memories
Pauline Anna Strom · Angel Tears in Sunlight
Thirty Tulips
Mary Lattimore · Silver Ladders
Chop on the Climbout
Mary Lattimore · Silver Ladders
Light in Phases
Carmen Villain · Sketch for Winter IX: Perlita
Live in San Francisco [excerpt]
Sarah Davachi · Figures in Open Air
A Study in Vastness
Ana Roxanne · Because of a Flower
Gia Margaret · Mia Gargaret
Meditation #2
Eve Parker Finley · Chrysalia
Mostly Chimes
Adrianne Lenker · Songs & Instrumentals
Sleepy Gonzales · Some Jams to Spice Up Your Quarantine
x/o · Cocoon Egg
For the Foreseeable Future
Geneva Skeen · Double Bind