Exploding Head Movies Episode February 1, 2021

XHM #542 - "Mild metamorphosis" (2021 February 01)

7:01pm - 9:11pm

In honour of Black History Month and all sorts of other political pageantry, this mostly jazzy episode profiles Kamasi Washington's score to the 2020 Netflix Documentary on Michelle Obama: Becoming.

1. Norah Jones: American Anthem (The War: A Ken Burns Film OST, 2007) Legacy
2. Gordon Grdina's Nomad Trio: Nomad (Nomad, 2020) Skirl
3. Fucked Up: Year of the Ox (Year of the Ox 12", 2010) Merge
4. Gerry Weil: The Bull's Problem (The Message, 1971) Mercury
5. Junia-T: Complicated [w.Adam Bomb] (Studio Monk, 2020) Pirates Blend
6. HMLT: Bedroom [w.Joyia] (Need You, 2019) Urbnet
7. Holy Hive: Ice Dreaming [instrumental] (Harping: Instrumentals, 2020) Big Crown
8. Westside Gunn & Benny the Butcher: Nerve of You [w.Armani Caesar] (Conflicted OST, 2021) Griselda/Black Soprano Family
9. Melle Mel & Duke Bootee: Message II [Survival] (Message II 12", 1982) Sugar Hill
10. Joy Guerrilla: The Park is Closed (2020) self-released
11. Jerry Cook Quartet: Walk in the Park (Walk in the Park, 2020) Cellar
12. Matthew Tavares & Leland Whitty: Through the Looking Glass (Visions, 2020) Mr Bongo
13. Moe Koffman: Syrinx (Master Session, 1973) GRT
14. Peripheral Vision: Brooklyn's Bearded (Irrational Revelation & Mutual Humiliation, 2020) self-released
15. Will Bonness: Bullet with Butterfly Wings (Change of Plans, 2020) self-released
16. The Dave Brubeck Quartet: Charles Matthew Hallelujah (Time Further Out, 1961) Columbia/Legacy
17. Ma Rainey: Booze & Blues (Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, 1924) Yazoo
18. Viola Davis & Branford Marsalis: Those Dogs of Mine (Ma Rainey's Black Bottom OST, 2020) Milan
19. Branford Marsalis: The Story of Memphis Green (Ma Rainey's Black Bottom OST, 2020) Milan
20. Ajoyo: Invitation (War Chant, 2020) Shems
21. Siya Makuzeni Sextet: Out of This World [single version] (New Horizons: Young Stars of South African Jazz, 2020) Afrosynth
22. Kamasi Washington: Perspective (Harmony of Difference EP, 2017) Young Turks
23. Kamasi Washington: Take in the Story (Becoming OST, 2020) Young Turks
24. Kamasi Washington: Song for Fraser (Becoming OST, 2020) Young Turks
25. Kamasi Washington: Provocation (Becoming OST, 2020) Young Turks
26. Kamasi Washington: Looking Forward (Becoming OST, 2020) Young Turks
27. Kamasi Washington: Southside V.2 (Becoming OST, 2020) Young Turks
28. Yusef Lateef: Sister Mamie (Spiritual Jazz XII: Esoteric, Modal & Progressive Jazz from the Impulse! Label 1962-75, 1964) Jazzman
29. Kamasi Washington: Change of the Guard (The Epic, 2015) Brainfeeder

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Track Listing:

American Anthem
Norah Jones · The War: A Ken Burns Film OST
Gordon Grdina's Nomad Trio · Nomad
Year of the Ox
Fucked Up · Year of the Ox 12"
The Bull's Problem
Gerry Weil · The Message
Complicated [w.Adam Bomb]
Junia-T · Studio Monk
Bedroom [w.Joyia]
HMLT · Need You
Ice Dreaming [instrumental]
Holy Hive · Harping: Instrumentals
Nerve of You [w.Armani Caesar]
Westside Gunn & Benny the Butcher · Conflicted OST
Message II [Survival]
Melle Mel & Duke Bootee · Message II 12"
The Park is Closed
Joy Guerrilla · The Park is Closed
Walk in the Park
Jerry Cook Quartet · Walk in the Park
Through the Looking Glass
Matthew Tavares & Leland Whitty · Visions
Moe Koffman · Master Session
Brooklyn's Bearded
Peripheral Vision · Irrational Revelation & Mutual Humiliation
Bullet with Butterfly Wings
Will Bonness · Change of Plans
Charles Matthew Hallelujah
The Dave Brubeck Quartet · Time Further Out
Booze & Blues
Ma Rainey · Ma Rainey's Black Bottom
Those Dogs of Mine
Viola Davis & Branford Marsalis · Ma Rainey's Black Bottom OST
The Story of Memphis Green
Branford Marsalis · Ma Rainey's Black Bottom OST
Ajoyo · War Chant
Out of This World [single version]
Siya Makuzeni Sextet · New Horizons: Young Stars of South African Jazz
Kamasi Washington · Harmony of Difference EP
Take in the Story
Kamasi Washington · Becoming OST
Song for Fraser
Kamasi Washington · Becoming OST
Kamasi Washington · Becoming OST
Looking Forward
Kamasi Washington · Becoming OST
Southside V.2
Kamasi Washington · Becoming OST
Sister Mamie
Yusef Lateef · Spiritual Jazz XII: Esoteric, Modal & Progressive Jazz from the Impulse! Label 1
Change of the Guard
Kamasi Washington · The Epic