Exploding Head Movies Episode December 7, 2020

XHM #534 - "Half dad, half risked" (2020 December 07)

7:00pm - 8:59pm

As we enter the final month in a bizarre year, we profile Mychael & Jeff Danna's score to the recent Pixar film Onward.

1. Pharoah Overlord: Tomorrow's Sun (6, 2020) Rocket
2. Tom Holkenborg/Junkie XL: Immortan's Citadel [extended] (Mad Max: Fury Road OST, 2015) WaterTower
3. Brian May: Rampage of the Toecutter (Mad Max OST, 1980) Varèse Sarabande
4. Wendy Carlos: Theme from A Clockwork Orange [Beethoviana] (A Clockwork Orange: Complete Original Score, 1972) Columbia
5. John Williams & The London Symphony Orchestra: Darth Vader's Death (Star Wars Trilogy: The Original Soundtrack Anthology, 1993) Arista
6. Andrew Weatherall: Unknown Plunderer (Unknown Plunderer/End Times Sound 12", 2020) ByrdOut
7. Daniel Avery: Lone Swordsman (Dusting for Smoke single, 2020) self-released
8. NWIII: 2020 (2020, 2020) Fuselab
9. Buscabulla: NTE [Jonti remix] (Regresa Remix, 2020) Ribbon
10. Disclosure: Tondo [w.Eko Roosevelt] (Energy, 2020) Island/Universal
11. Blanck Mass: Descent (Calm with Horses OST, 2020) Invada
12. Susanna & The Magical Orchestra: Subdivisions (3, 2009) Rune Grammofon
13. CFCF: Subdivisions (Liquid Colours, 2019) BGM Solutions/Plancha
14. Brian Eno & Jah Wobble: Lockdown (Spinner: Expanded Edition, 2020) All Saints
15. Flora Yin-Wong: Martyrr (Holy Palm, 2020) Modern Love
16. The Chemical Brothers: Got to Keep On (No Geography, 2019) Astralwerks/Virgin EMI
17. Emily A Sprague: Moon View (Hill, Flower, Fog, 2020) self-released/Plancha
18. Actors: Love U More (2020) Artoffact
19. Les Dales Hawerchuk: Dale Hawerchuk (Les Dales Hawerchuk, 2005) C4
20. Minor Science: Spoken and Unspoken (Second Language, 2020) Whities
21. Waxahatchee: Fire (Saint Cloud, 2020) Merge
22. Maybe Babs: Doorstep (2020) self-released
23. The Caretaker: Loss of Want Back There (Everywhere, An Empty Bliss, 2019) History Always Favours the Winners
24. Rina Sawayama: Bad Friend (Sawayama, 2020) Dirty Hit
25. US Girls: Overtime (Heavy Light, 2020) 4AD
26. Martin Rude & Jakob Skøtt Duo: A New Arrival (The Discipline of Assent, 2020) El Paraiso
27. Dirty Projectors: On and Ever Onward [w.Björk] (Mount Wittenberg Orca, 2010) Domino
28. Community Theatre: Onward and Upward (Northern Register, 2014) You've Changed/Headless Owl
29. John Barry: Onward Christian Spacemen (Beat for Beatniks & Beat Girls, 1963) Connoisseur Collection
30. Mychael & Jeff Danna: The World was Full of Wonder (Onward OST, 2020) Walt Disney/Pixar
31. Mychael & Jeff Danna: New Ian (Onward OST, 2020) Walt Disney/Pixar
32. Mychael & Jeff Danna: The Spell (Onward OST, 2020) Walt Disney/Pixar
33. Mychael & Jeff Danna: Driving Test (Onward OST, 2020) Walt Disney/Pixar
34. Mychael & Jeff Danna: Dance Fight (Onward OST, 2020) Walt Disney/Pixar
35. Mychael & Jeff Danna: Sacrifice (Onward OST, 2020) Walt Disney/Pixar
36. Mychael & Jeff Danna: Led Us to Our Victory! (Onward OST, 2020) Walt Disney/Pixar
37. Donald Byrd: Onward 'til Morning (Caricatures, 1976) Blue Note
38. Matthew Tavares & Leland Whitty: Black Magic (Visions, 2020) Mr Bongo


Track Listing:

Tomorrow's Sun
Pharoah Overlord · 6
Immortan's Citadel [extended]
Tom Holkenborg/Junkie XL · Mad Max: Fury Road OST
Rampage of the Toecutter
Brian May · Mad Max OST
Theme from A Clockwork Orange [Beethoviana]
Wendy Carlos · A Clockwork Orange: Complete Original Score
Darth Vader's Death
John Williams & The London Symphony Orchestra · Star Wars Trilogy: The Original Soundtrack Anthology
Unknown Plunderer
Andrew Weatherall · Unknown Plunderer/End Times Sound 12"
Lone Swordsman
Daniel Avery · Dusting for Smoke single
NWIII · 2020
NTE [Jonti remix]
Buscabulla · Regresa Remix
Tondo [w.Eko Roosevelt]
Disclosure · Energy
Blanck Mass · Calm with Horses OST
Susanna & The Magical Orchestra · 3
CFCF · Liquid Colours
Brian Eno & Jah Wobble · Spinner: Expanded Edition
Flora Yin-Wong · Holy Palm
Got to Keep On
The Chemical Brothers · No Geography
Moon View
Emily A Sprague · Hill, Flower, Fog
Love U More
Actors · Love U More single
Dale Hawerchuk
Les Dales Hawerchuk · Les Dales Hawerchuk
Spoken and Unspoken
Minor Science · Spoken and Unspoken
Waxahatchee · Saint Cloud
Maybe Babs · Doorstep single
Loss of Want Back There
The Caretaker · Everywhere, An Empty Bliss
Bad Friend
Rina Sawayama · Sawayama
US Girls · Heavy Light
A New Arrival
Martin Rude & Jakob Skøtt Duo · The Discipline of Assent
On and Ever Onward [w.Björk]
Dirty Projectors · Mount Wittenberg Orca
Onward and Upward
Community Theatre · Northern Register
Onward Christian Spacemen
John Barry · Beat for Beatniks & Beat Girls
The World was Full of Wonder
Mychael & Jeff Danna · Onward OST
New Ian
Mychael & Jeff Danna · Onward OST
The Spell
Mychael & Jeff Danna · Onward OST
Driving Test
Mychael & Jeff Danna · Onward OST
Dance Fight
Mychael & Jeff Danna · Onward OST
Mychael & Jeff Danna · Onward OST
Led Us to Our Victory!
Mychael & Jeff Danna · Onward OST
Onward 'til Morning
Donald Byrd · Caricatures
Black Magic
Matthew Tavares & Leland Whitty · Visions