Exploding Head Movies Episode November 9, 2020

XHM #530 - "Floating in our present limbo" (2020 November 09)

7:01pm - 9:06pm

This will be Part V of our all-ambient series, designed to put pause to frantic stress and allow for deeper reflection. We pay tribute to minimalist composer & performer Jon Gibson (1940-2020) amongst other languid pieces.

1. Shida Shahabi: Prolog (Lake on Fire, 2020) Fat Cat
2. Sea Oleena: Calvisius (Weaving a Basket, 2020) self-released
3. Jessica Moss: Opened Ending (Corona Borealis Longplay Singles Series 2020-2021, 2020) Constellation
4. Brian Eno: Harmonic Guitar (RAMS OST, 2020) UMC/Opal/Film First
5. Alexia Avina: Synth Jam (Unearth, 2020) Lost Maps/Top Shelf
6. Paradise Cinema: Utopia (Paradise Cinema, 2020) Gondwana
7. Anthéne: Versus (Collide, 2020) Home Normal
8. Chris Russell: Destiny (Destiny, 2020) Spotted Peccary
9. Sarah Davachi: Live at Western Front (Ever New, 2020) Ever New
10. Mike Hodsall: Germany (Atmospheres: Music for Films that Don't Exist, 2020) self-released
11. Formula Vee: Breeze Bitten (Dispersal, 2020) Mule
12. Drew Whiting: As Brightness is Smeared into Memory (In Lights Starkly Different, 2020) Innova
13. AJNA: Paralysis (Oracular, 2020) Cyclic Law
14. Silent Vigils: Munhitsu (Wake, 2020) Home Normal
15. Lawrence English: The Only Way Out is In (Field Recordings from the Zone, 2020) Boomkat Editions
16. AL-90: 2020 (2020, 2020) Fuselab
17. KMRU: Solace (Peel, 2020) Editions Migo
18. Hotspring: Obit for Sunshade (Obit for Sunshade, 2020) Mood Hut
19. Jon Gibson: Cycles (Two Solo Pieces, 1977) Chatham Square
20. Mary Lattimore: Silver Ladders (Silver Ladders, 2020) Ghostly International
21. Joan Atherton, Clare Hayes, Ian Rathbone & Judith Herbert: Arvo Pärt's Fratres (The Fruit of Silence at Truro Cathedral, 2019) BBC


Track Listing:

Shida Shahabi · Lake on Fire
Sea Oleena · Weaving a Basket
Opened Ending
Jessica Moss · Corona Borealis Longplay Singles Series 2020-2021
Harmonic Guitar
Brian Eno · RAMS OST
Synth Jam
Alexia Avina · Unearth
Paradise Cinema · Paradise Cinema
Anthéne · Collide
Chris Russell · Destiny
Live at Western Front
Sarah Davachi · Ever New
Mike Hodsall · Atmospheres: Music for Films that Don't Exist
Breeze Bitten
Formula Vee · Dispersal
As Brightness is Smeared into Memory
Drew Whiting · In Lights Starkly Different
AJNA · Oracular
Silent Vigils · Wake
The Only Way Out is In
Lawrence English · Field Recordings from the Zone
AL-90 · 2020
KMRU · Peel
Obit for Sunshade
Hotspring · Obit for Sunshade
Jon Gibson · Two Solo Pieces
Silver Ladders
Mary Lattimore · Silver Ladders
Arvo Pärt's Fratres
Joan Atherton, Clare Hayes, Ian Rathbone & Judith Herbert · The Fruit of Silence at Truro Cathedral