Exploding Head Movies Episode September 7, 2020

XHM #521 - "Pastoral prelude" (2020 September 07)

7:00pm - 9:05pm

Part four of our all-ambient adventure series, featuring recent quiet music along with a couple West Coast gems from 2011 in the lead-up to what looks like a strange school year.

1. Suzanne Ciani: Denali (Music for Denali EP, 2020) Finders Keepers
2. Joanna Brouk: Golden Cloud Layers (The Space Between, 1981) Hummingbird
3. Channelers: The Depth of Rest (The Depth of Rest, 2019) Inner Islands
4. Corey Fuller: Sanctuary (Sanctuary, 2020) self-released
5. Huerta: Plant Memory (Junipero, 2020) Voyage
6. NNGM: Metz Get Lost [Finding Home in the Blank City] (2020) Norman Milk
7. Loscil: Stave Peak (Coast/Range/Arc, 2011) Glacial Movements
8. X41: Shiretoko (2011) basic_sounds
9. Ennio Morricone: Mesa Verde (Sonorizzazioni: Ecologia, 1983) Cinevox


Track Listing:

Suzanne Ciani · Music for Denali EP
Golden Cloud Layers
Joanna Brouk · The Space Between
The Depth of Rest
Channelers · The Depth of Rest
Corey Fuller · Sanctuary
Plant Memory
Huerta · Junipero
Metz Get Lost [Finding Home in the Blank City]
NNGM · Metz Get Lost [Finding Home in the Blank City]
Stave Peak
Loscil · Coast/Range/Arc
X41 · Shiretoko
Mesa Verde
Ennio Morricone · Sonorizzazioni: Ecologia