Exploding Head Movies Episode August 31, 2020

XHM #520 - "Would we want to live forever?" (2020 August 31)

7:03pm - 9:15pm

We profile filmmaker Alan Parker (1944-2020) and music from his wide variety of song-centric films, including Midnight Express, Bugsy Malone, Fame, Birdy, The Commitments & Mississippi Burning. And with the end of summer looming, we also touch upon the 2020 edition of Vancouver's Victory Square Block Party, now a Watch Party in light of Covid-19.

1. Ghia: What's Your Voodoo (You Won't Sleep on My Pillow 7", 1991) Mikado
2. Teen Daze: Ocean Floor (Bioluminescence, 2019) Flora
3. Dumb: Fugue (Club Nites, 2019) Mint
4. Bedwetters Anonymous: Dog (R.U. Experiencing Discomfort, 2019) self-released
5. Non La: Explained (demos, 2019) self-released
6. Kardias Quing: Make It Last (2020) self-released
7. Turunesh: Peninsula Fantasy (Coastal Cider, 2019) self-released
8. Tor: Cymbol (Blue Book, 2016) Loci
9. Plexiglass: Car Tapes (demos, 2020) self-released
10. Laverne: Augustus (2020) self-released
11. Vladislav Delay, Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare: 520 (500-Push-Up, 2020) Sub Rosa
12. Bully: Where to Start (Sugaregg, 2020) Sub Pop
13. Land of Talk: Look to You (Indistinct Conversations, 2020) Saddle Creek
14. The Ventures: He Never Came Back (The Ventures in Space, 1964) Dolton
15. Jockstrap: Robert [w.Injury Reserve] (Wicked City EP, 2020) Warp
16. The Cosmopolitans: (How to Keep Your) Husband Happy (Husband Happy 7", 1980) Shake
17. Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom: Summertime (B-3 Blues & Grooves, 1993) Bullseye Blues
18. Orville Peck: Summertime (Show Pony EP, 2020) Columbia
19. Nêhiyawak: Kisiskâciwanisîpiy Pêyak (Nipiy, 2019) Arts & Crafts
20. Beat Market: Elastic (All Good, 2018) Lisbon Lux
21. Woolworm: Let Me Wear the Mask (Awe, 2019) Mint
22. Justin Townes Earle: Am I That Lonely Tonight? (Nothing's Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now, 2012) Bloodshot
23. Hand Habits: Albatross (Lagniappe Sessions, 2019) Aquarium Drunkard
24. Foonyap: Free & Easy Wandering (2020) self-released
25. Logan & Nathan: Stumble (The Happening, 2020) Fallen Tree
26. Badbadnotgood: Triangle (III, 2014) Innovative Leisure
27. Billie Eilish: My Future (2020) Darkroom/Interscope
28. Krief: Line Stepper (Chemical Trance, 2020) Indica/Rock Ridge
29. Giorgio Moroder: The Wheel (Midnight Express OST, 1978) Casablanca
30. Chris Bennett: Theme from Midnight Express (Midnight Express OST, 1978) Casablanca
31. Paul Williams: So You Wanna Be a Boxer (Bugsy Malone OST, 1976) Polydor/RSO
32. Michael Gore: Out Here on My Own [instrumental] (Fame OST, 1980) RSO/Rhino
33. Irene Cara: Fame (Fame OST, 1980) RSO/Rhino
34. The Commitments: Destination Anywhere (The Commitments OST, 1991) MCA
35. Peter Gabriel: The Heat [from the Rhythm of the Heat] (Birdy OST, 1985) Charisma/Virgin
36. Mahalia Jackson: Take My Hand, Precious Lord (Mississippi Burning OST, 1989) Antilles/Island
37. Trevor Jones: Requiem for Three Young Men (Mississippi Burning OST, 1989) Antilles/Island
38. Jimmy Smith: Root Down [and Get It] (Root Down: Jimmy Smith Live!, 1972) Verve
39. Stone Alliance: Sweetie Pie (Stone Alliance, 1976) PM


Track Listing:

What's Your Voodoo
Ghia · You Won't Sleep on My Pillow 7"
Ocean Floor
Teen Daze · Bioluminescence
Dumb · Club Nites
Bedwetters Anonymous · R.U. Experiencing Discomfort
Non La · demos
Make It Last
Kardias Quing · Make It Last
Peninsula Fantasy
Turunesh · Coastal Cider
Tor · Blue Book
Car Tapes
Plexiglass · demos
Laverne · Augustus
Vladislav Delay, Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare · 500-Push-Up
Where to Start
Bully · Sugaregg
Look to You
Land of Talk · Indistinct Conversations
He Never Came Back
The Ventures · The Ventures in Space
Robert [w.Injury Reserve]
Jockstrap · Wicked City EP
(How to Keep Your) Husband Happy
The Cosmopolitans · Husband Happy 7"
Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom · B-3 Blues & Grooves
Orville Peck · Show Pony EP
Kisiskâciwanisîpiy Pêyak
Nêhiyawak · Nipiy
Beat Market · All Good
Let Me Wear the Mask
Woolworm · Awe
Am I That Lonely Tonight?
Justin Townes Earle · Nothing's Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now
Hand Habits · Lagniappe Sessions
Free & Easy Wandering
Foonyap · Free & Easy Wandering
Logan & Nathan · The Happening
Badbadnotgood · III
My Future
Billie Eilish · My Future
Line Stepper
Krief · Chemical Trance
The Wheel
Giorgio Moroder · Midnight Express OST
Theme from Midnight Express
Chris Bennett · Midnight Express OST
So You Wanna Be a Boxer
Paul Williams · Bugsy Malone OST
Out Here on My Own [instrumental]
Michael Gore · Fame OST
Irene Cara · Fame OST
Destination Anywhere
The Commitments · The Commitments OST
The Heat [from the Rhythm of the Heat]
Peter Gabriel · Birdy OST
Take My Hand, Precious Lord
Mahalia Jackson · Mississippi Burning OST
Requiem for Three Young Men
Trevor Jones · Mississippi Burning OST
Root Down [and Get It]
Jimmy Smith · Root Down: Jimmy Smith Live!
Sweetie Pie
Stone Alliance · Stone Alliance