Exploding Head Movies Episode June 22, 2020

XHM #511 - "The swimming instructor seems kinda grim" (2020 June 22)

7:05pm - 9:15pm

In honour of saxophonist, arranger and composer Lennie Niehaus (1929-2020), we'll profile some of his music associated with Clint Eastwood's films, such as City Heat, The Bridges of Madison County and Unforgiven. Plenty of new music abounds too in this summery episode.

1. Bruce Peninsula: Summertime (No Earthly Sound, 2020) self-released
2. Bloto: Mady (Erozje, 2020) Astigmatic
3. Wyatt Waddell: Fight! (2020) Rosebud/ONErpm
4. Constantines: Call Me Out (2020) self-released
5. The Hang Ten Gallon Hats: Giddy Up Surfboard (Giddy Up Surfboard, 2020) self-released
6. Apollo Ghosts: Late Night Vietnamese Restaurant (Local Delivery Only, 2020) self-released
7. Dead Ghosts: Swiping Hubcaps (Automatic Changer, 2020) Burger
8. Hodge: The World is New Again (Shadows in Blue, 2020) Houndstooth
9. The Pointer Sisters: How Long/Betcha Got a Chick on the Side (Steppin', 1975) ABC/Blue Thumb
10. The Avalanches: Running Red Lights [w.Rivers Cuomo & Pink Siifu] (2020) Universal Australia
11. Nicola Cruz: Levanta Muertos (Fuego Nuevo, 2020) Optimo
12. Kelly Fraser: Immamiit (Sedna, 2017) Hitmakerz
13. Jeremy Dutcher: Nipuwoltin (Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa, 2018) self-released
14. Steve Moore: Primitive Neural Pathways (Primitive Neural Pathways, 2010) Static Caravan/Dangerous Ape
15. Space Afrika: dairyday4 (hybtwibt?, 2020) self-released
16. Kate NV: Not Not Not (Room for the Moon, 2020) Rvng Intl.
17. Lena Willikens: Neue Obakel (Dekmantel Best of 2018, 2018) Dekmantel
18. Chromeo: Clorox Wipe (Quarantine Casanova, 2020) self-released
19. Gwenno: Hi a Skoellyas Liv a Dhagrow (Le Kov, 2018) Heavenly
20. Funki Porcini: Boredom Never Looked So Good (Boredom Never Looked So Good, 2020) self-released
21. Braids: Young Buck (Shadow Offering, 2020) Secret City
22. Niemi: Silta (Spiraalit/Spirals, 2020) Bafe's Factory/Nordic Notes
23. Laurel Halo: Melt (14 Tracks: Ambient Zeitgeist, 2014) Boomkat
24. Phoebe Bridgers: Kyoto (Punisher, 2020) Dead Oceans
25. Mimico: New Haze (Hi-Action, 2019) Hand Drawn Dracula
26. Weyes Blood: Titanic Rising (Titanic Rising, 2019) Sub Pop
27. Nap Eyes: When I Struck Out on My Own (Snapshot of a Beginner, 2020) Jagjaguwar
28. Madeline Kenney: Cut Me Off (Perfect Shapes, 2018) Carpark
29. Ingrid Laubrock & Kris Davis: Elephant in the Room (Blood Moon, 2020) Intakt
30. Stan Kenton & His Orchestra: The Peanut Vendor (Milestones, 1955) Capitol
31. The Lennie Niehaus Octet: With the Wind and the Rain in Your Hair (Zounds! 1958) Contemporary
32. Clint Eastwood: Claudia's Theme #8 (Unforgiven OST, 1992) Varèse Sarabande
33. Lennie Niehaus: Pony for the Lady (Unforgiven OST, 1992) Varèse Sarabande
34. Lennie Niehaus: Love Theme (The Bridges of Madison County OST, 1995) Malpaso
35. Lennie Niehaus: Theme Variation #2 (The Bridges of Madison County OST, 1995) Malpaso
36. Lennie Niehaus: Diner Fight (City Heat OST, 2015) Warner Bros
37. Charlie Parker: Parker's Mood (Bird OST, 1988) Columbia
38. Jeff Parker & The New Breed: Fusion Swirl (Suite for Max Brown, 2020) Nonesuch/International Anthem
39. Hugh Fraser: Island Man (Bonehenge! 2004) Boathouse


Track Listing:

Bruce Peninsula · No Earthly Sound
Bloto · Erozje
Wyatt Waddell · Fight! single
Call Me Out
Constantines · Call Me Out single
Giddy Up Surfboard
The Hang Ten Gallon Hats · Giddy Up Surfboard
Late Night Vietnamese Restaurant
Apollo Ghosts · Local Delivery Only
Swiping Hubcaps
Dead Ghosts · Automatic Changer
The World is New Again
Hodge · Shadows in Blue
How Long (Betcha Got a Chick on the Side)
The Pointer Sisters · Steppin'
Running Red Lights [w.Rivers Cuomo & Pink Siifu]
The Avalanches · Running Red Lights single
Levanta Muertos
Nicola Cruz · Fuego Nuevo
Kelly Fraser · Sedna
Jeremy Dutcher · Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa
Primitive Neural Pathways
Steve Moore · Primitive Neural Pathways
Space Afrika · hybtwibt?
Not Not Not
Kate NV · Room for the Moon
Neue Obakel
Lena Willikens · Dekmantel Best of 2018
Clorox Wipe
Chromeo · Quarantine Casanova
Hi a Skoellyas Liv a Dhagrow
Gwenno · Le Kov
Boredom Never Looked So Good
Funki Porcini · Boredom Never Looked So Good
Young Buck
Braids · Shadow Offering
Niemi · Spiraalit/Spirals
Laurel Halo · 14 Tracks: Ambient Zeitgeist
Phoebe Bridgers · Punisher
New Haze
Mimico · Hi-Action
Titanic Rising
Weyes Blood · Titanic Rising
When I Struck Out on My Own
Nap Eyes · Snapshot of a Beginner
Cut Me Off
Madeline Kenney · Perfect Shapes
Elephant in the Room
Ingrid Laubrock & Kris Davis · Blood Moon
The Peanut Vendor
Stan Kenton & His Orchestra · Milestones
With the Wind and the Rain in Your Hair
The Lennie Niehaus Octet · Zounds!
Claudia's Theme #8
Clint Eastwood · Unforgiven OST
Pony for the Lady
Lennie Niehaus · Unforgiven OST
Love Theme
Lennie Niehaus · The Bridges of Madison County OST
Theme Variation #2
Lennie Niehaus · The Bridges of Madison County OST
Diner Fight
Lennie Niehaus · City Heat OST
Parker's Mood
Charlie Parker · Bird OST
Fusion Swirl
Jeff Parker & The New Breed · Suite for Max Brown
Island Man
Hugh Fraser · Bonehenge!