Exploding Head Movies Episode May 25, 2020

XHM #507 - "Embrace the association field" (2020 May 25)

6:59pm - 9:06pm

In honour of Kraftwerk's Florian Schneider (1947-2020), we'll provide a mostly German rock-inspired episode featuring more of their earlier psych-out jams before the robots took over. Call it krautrock, kosmische musik, what-you-will...this is the late-1960s/early-1970s sound from West Germany that had the driving motorik beat.

1. Joy Division: Isolation (Closer, 1980) Factory
2. Local Talent: Higienópolis (Higienópolis, 2019) self-released
3. Mirepoix: Chamomile (Moon in Taurus, 2020) self-released
4. Tough Age: Unclean (Shame, 2017) Mint
5. Afrodeutsche: Phase Two (Josey in Space, 2020) Beats in Space
6. Castle If: Audio (Zwei Hände: Part 1, 2012) self-released
7. Moon: One Thousand Natural Shocks (Moon, 2015) self-released
8. BEAK> Backwell (Couple in a Hole OST, 2016) Invada
9. Faith Healer: Light of Loving (Try :-), 2017) Mint
10. No Joy: Last Boss (Pastel & Pass Out EP, 2013) Mexican Summer
11. Trees Speak: Soul Sequencer (Ohms, 2020) Soul Jazz
12. Yo La Tengo: Ohm (Fade, 2013) Matador
13. The Hoa Hoa's: Falling in Love is for Young People (Psych Pop from Toronto, 2013) Optical Sounds
14. CAN: Bring Me Coffee or Tea (Tago Mago, 1971) United Artists
15. Faust: Krautrock (Faust IV, 1973) Virgin
16. Neu! Neuschnee (Neu! 2, 1973) Brain/United Artists
17. Kellarissa: Hall of Mirrors (Superstar EP, 2008) self-released
18. Stereo Total: Tour de France (Baby Ouh! 2010) Disko B/Kill Rock Stars
19. Popol Vuh: Aguirre (In the Gardens of Pharao/Aguirre, 1983) Celestial Harmonies
20. Organisation: Milk Rock (Tone Float, 1970) RCA Victor
21. Kraftwerk: Tongebirge (Ralf und Florian, 1973) Philips
22. Kraftwerk: K2 [Ruckzuck] (K4: Bremen Radio 1971, 2017) bootleg
23. The Bad Plus: The Robots (It's Hard, 2016) Okeh
24. Kraftwerk: Tanzmusik (Unearthed Volume 7: Rocky Mountain Time, 2019) Aquarium Drunkard
25. Kraftwerk: Morgenspaziergang (Autobahn [German version, remastered], 2009) Kling Klang/EMI/Parlophone
26. Kraftwerk: Franz Schubert (Trans Europa Express [remastered], 2009) Kling Klang/EMI/Parlophone
27. David Bowie: V-2 Schneider [remastered] (A New Career in a New Town: 1977-1982, 2017) Parlophone


Track Listing:

Joy Division · Closer
Local Talent · Higienópolis
Mirepoix · Moon in Taurus
Tough Age · Shame
Phase Two
Afrodeutsche · Josey in Space
Castle If · Zwei Hände: Part 1
One Thousand Natural Shocks
Moon · Moon
BEAK> · Couple in a Hole OST
Light of Loving
Faith Healer · Try :-)
Last Boss
No Joy · Pastel & Pass Out EP
Soul Sequencer
Trees Speak · Ohms
Yo La Tengo · Fade
Falling in Love is for Young People
The Hoa Hoa's · Psych Pop from Toronto
Bring Me Coffee or Tea
CAN · Tago Mago
Faust · Faust IV
Neu! · Neu! 2
Hall of Mirrors
Kellarissa · Superstar EP
Tour de France
Stereo Total · Baby Ouh!
Popol Vuh · In the Gardens of Pharao/Aguirre
Milk Rock
Organisation · Tone Float
Kraftwerk · Ralf und Florian
K2 [Ruckzuck]
Kraftwerk · K4: Bremen Radio 1971
The Robots
The Bad Plus · It's Hard
Kraftwerk · Unearthed Volume 7: Rocky Mountain Time
Kraftwerk · Autobahn [German version]
Franz Schubert
Kraftwerk · Trans Europa Express [remastered]
V-2 Schneider [remastered]
David Bowie · A New Career in a New Town: 1977-1982