Exploding Head Movies Episode May 11, 2020

XHM #505 - "No lyin' lasso here" (2020 May 11)

7:00pm - 9:02pm

With Mother's Day in mind, we profile music associated with the DC superhero Wonder Woman, including Rupert Gregson-Williams' score to the 2017 film adaptation. We also pay tribute to Kraftwerk's Florian Schneider, disco pioneer Hamilton Bohannon and actor Irrfan Khan.

1. Bon Iver: Hey, Ma (i,i, 2019) Jagjaguwar
2. Quiet Orchestra: The Pandemic Has a Woman's Face (Quiet Orchestra, 2007) Vosotros
3. Lucy Dacus: My Mother & I (2019 EP, 2019) Matador
4. SebastiAn: Pleasant [w.Charlotte Gainsbourg] (Thirst, 2019) Ed Banger
5. Tony Allen: Hustler (Jealousy, 1975) Soundworkshop
6. Tony Allen & Hugh Masekela: Slow Bones (Rejoice, 2020) World Circuit
7. Bohannon: South African Man (Keep on Dancin', 1974) Dakar
8. Bohannon: The Groove I Feel (Dance Your Ass Off, 1976) Dakar
9. Kraftwerk: Computerwelt (Computerwelt, 1981) Kling Klang/EMI/Capitol
10. Florian Schneider & Dan Lacksman: Stop Plastic Pollution (2015) Parley for the Ocean
11. Softcoresoft: Eternal Present (Solidarity, 2020) self-released
12. Nervous Operator: Care and Control (Solidarity, 2020) self-released
13. Minimal Violence: Innocents (Solidarity, 2020) self-released
14. T Gowdy: Up CTRL (Therapy with Colour, 2020) Constellation
15. Yu Su: Watermelon Woman [edit] (Watermelon Woman single, 2019) Technicolour
16. Imogen Heap & Clams Casino: I'm God (Instrumental Relics, 2020) self-released
17. Myke Weiskopf: International Geophysical Year (Faulty Machine Recordings Service: March 2020, 2020) self-released
18. Wares: Living Proof (Survival, 2020) Mint
19. Austra: All I Wanted (Hirudin, 2020) Domino
20. Jane Weaver: Elements [loops variation] (Loops in the Secret Society, 2019) Fire
21. Pale Red: Body of Water (In the Pink EP, 2020) self-released
22. Eleanor Friedberger: The River (2020) self-released
23. AR Rahman: Mausam & Escape (Slumdog Millionaire OST, 2008) Interscope
24. AR Rahman: Ringa Ringa [w.Alka Yagnik & Ila Arun] (Slumdog Millionaire OST, 2008) Interscope
25. Mychael Danna: Tiger Training (Life of Pi OST, 2012) Sony Classical
26. Mychael Danna: The Island (Life of Pi OST, 2012) SonyClassical
27. [unknown artist] Theme from Wonder Woman (Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3: 70s & 80s, 1996) TVT
28. Lawrence Hilton Jacobs: Wonder Woman (Lawrence Hilton Jacobs, 1978) ABC
29. JD Hall: Wonder Woman [instrumental] (Wonder Woman 12", 1981) Sunfire
30. Rupert Gregson-Williams: Fausta (Wonder Woman OST, 2017) WaterTower
31. Rupert Gregson-Williams: Hell Hath No Fury (Wonder Woman OST, 2017) WaterTower
32. Rupert Gregson-Williams: Action Reaction (Wonder Woman OST, 2017) WaterTower
33. Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL: Is She with You? (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice OST, 2016) WaterTower
34. The Wonderland Band: Wonder Woman Disco [American version] (Wonder Woman Disco 12", 1978) RS International


Track Listing:

Hey, Ma
Bon Iver · i,i
The Pandemic Has a Woman's Face
Quiet Orchestra · Quiet Orchestra
My Mother & I
Lucy Dacus · 2019 EP
Pleasant [w.Charlotte Gainsbourg]
SebastiAn · Thirst
Tony Allen · Jealousy
Slow Bones
Tony Allen & Hugh Masekela · Rejoice
South African Man
Bohannon · Keep on Dancin'
The Groove I Feel
Bohannon · Dance Your Ass Off
Kraftwerk · Computerwelt
Stop Plastic Pollution
Florian Schneider & Dan Lacksman · Stop Plastic Pollution single
Eternal Present
Softcoresoft · Solidarity
Care and Control
Nervous Operator · Solidarity
Minimal Violence · Solidarity
T Gowdy · Therapy with Colour
Watermelon Woman [edit]
Yu Su · Watermelon Woman single
I'm God
Imogen Heap & Clams Casino · Instrumental Relics
International Geophysical Year
Myke Weiskopf · Faulty Machine Recordings Service: March 2020
Living Proof
Wares · Survival
All I Wanted
Austra · Hirudin
Elements [loops variation]
Jane Weaver · Loops in the Secret Society
Body of Water
Pale Red · In the Pink EP
The River
Eleanor Friedberger · The River
Mausam & Escape
AR Rahman · Slumdog Millionaire OST
Ringa Ringa [w.Alka Yagnik & Ila Arun]
AR Rahman · Slumdog Millionaire OST
Tiger Training
Mychael Danna · Life of Pi OST
The Island
Mychael Danna · Life of Pi OST
Theme from Wonder Woman
[unknown artist] · Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3: 70s & 80s
Wonder Woman
Lawrence Hilton Jacobs · Lawrence Hilton Jacobs
Wonder Woman [instrumental]
JD Hall · Wonder Woman 12"
Rupert Gregson-Williams · Wonder Woman OST
Hell Hath No Fury
Rupert Gregson-Williams · Wonder Woman OST
Action Reaction
Rupert Gregson-Williams · Wonder Woman OST
Is She with You?
Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL · Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice OST
Wonder Woman Disco [American version, excerpt]
The Wonderland Band · Wonder Woman Disco 12"