Exploding Head Movies Episode May 4, 2020

XHM #504 - "The HMS Arctic Spring Sensation" (2020 May 04)

7:00pm - 9:03pm

After some more high-concept episodes, this low-key affair features some of the music from the AMC horror series The Terror, primarily by Marcus Fjellström. We also touch upon Jedi Day, Nova Scotia and recently deceased musicians including Vaughan Mason, Mike Huckaby & Tony Allen as quarantine time continues.

1. John Williams & The London Symphony Orchestra: 20th Century Fox Fanfare (Star Wars OST, 1977)
2. Roscoe Lee Browne & Cast: Intro (The Story of Star Wars, 1977) 20th Century Fox
3. Supergenius: I Got a Bad Feeling About This (Star Wars Breakbeats, 1998) Suckadelic
4. Meco: Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band [12" disco mix] (1977) Millennium/RCA
5. Ludwig Göransson: Back for Beskar (The Mandalorian: Chapter 1 OST, 2019) Walt Disney
6. John Williams: Final Saber Duel (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker OST, 2019) Walt Disney
7. John Williams: The Rise of Skywalker (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker OST, 2019) Walt Disney
8. Sloan: The N.S. (Between the Bridges, 1999) Murderecords
9. Ram Hoss: Scotia (Nova/Scotia 7", 2013) self-released
10. The High Llamas: HiBall Nova Scotia (Cold & Bouncy, 1998) V2/Alpaca Park
11. Vaughan Mason & Crew: Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll [12" special disco remix] (Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll, 1980) Brunswick
12. Mark Anthony & Lyte Speed: I'm Just a Boogie Roller (Stone Crush: Memphis Modern Soul 1977-1987, 1982) Light in the Attic
13. Mike Huckaby: Wavetable No.9 (My Life with the Wave 12", 2007) SYNTH
14. Yaeji: Waking Up Down (What We Drew mixtape, 2020) XL/Beat
15. Ferguson Neville: Disdancing [Closer to the Edit] (2020) self-released
16. Minor Science: Balconies (Second Language, 2020) Whities
17. Hag Face: Baby Doomers (Shearing Pinx split cassette, 2014) Isolated Now Waves
18. Cygnets: The Mask (Isolator, 2014) self-released
19. Luciano Illuminati: Pandemic (Terra Vision 2020, 2020) self-released
20. Future Star: I Miss Everything/Song for Quarantimes (2020) self-released
21. White Poppy: Hawk (Paradise Gardens, 2020) Not Not Fun
22. Jehnny Beth & Johnny Hostile: War Requiem (XY Chelsea OST, 2019) Pop Noire
23. Be Afraid: Automatic Worry (Remember Fun, 2020) self-released
24. Wut: Groceries (Now, 2020) self-released
25. Ajna: The Unknown (Oracular, 2020) Cyclic Law
26. Kaytranada: What You Need [w.Charlotte Day Wilson] (Bubba, 2020) RCA
27. Dead Can Dance: The Host of Seraphim (The Serpent's Egg [remastered], 1988) 4AD
28. Nine Inch Nails: The Worriment Waltz (Ghosts VI: Locusts, 2020) The Null Corporation
29. Tanya Tagaq: Fracking (Animism, 2014) Six Shooter
30. Lustmørd: Goetia (The Word as Power, 2013) Blackest Ever Black
31. Marcus Fjellström: LM-118 (Library Music 1, 2011) Kafkagarden
32. Marcus Fjellström: The Eroding [Fairytale Music 3] (Air Texture: Volume II, 2012) Air Texture
33. Marcus Fjellström: Tenebrous (Schattenspieler, 2010) Miasmah
34. Loscil: Brohm Ridge (Coast/Range/Arc, 2011) Glacial Movements
35. Ingram Marshall: Gambuh I (The Fragility Cycles, 1979) IBU
36. Tony Allen & His Afro Messengers: No Discrimation (No Discrimination, 1979) Grandstar/Afro Strut

Episode 504 for 5/04/2020.


Track Listing:

20th Century Fox Fanfare
John Williams & The London Symphony Orchestra · Star Wars OST
Roscoe Lee Browne & Cast · The Story of Star Wars
I Got a Bad Feeling About This
Supergenius · Star Wars Breakbeats
Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band [12" disco mix]
Meco · Star Wars single
Back for Beskar
Ludwig Göransson · The Mandalorian: Chapter 1 OST
Final Saber Duel
John Williams · Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker OST
The Rise of Skywalker
John Williams · Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker OST
The N.S.
Sloan · Between the Bridges
Ram Hoss · Nova/Scotia 7"
HiBall Nova Scotia
The High Llamas · Cold & Bouncy
Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll [12" special disco remix]
Vaughan Mason & Crew · Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll
I'm Just a Boogie Roller
Mark Anthony & Lyte Speed · Stone Crush: Memphis Modern Soul 1977-1987
Wavetable No.9
Mike Huckaby · My Life with the Wave 12"
Waking Up Down
Yaeji · What We Drew mixtape
Disdancing [Closer to the Edit]
Ferguson Neville · Disdancing
Minor Science · Second Language
Baby Doomers
Hag Face · Shearing Pinx split cassette
The Mask
Cygnets · Isolator
Luciano Illuminati · Terra Vision 2020
I Miss Everything/Song for Quarantimes
Future Star · I Miss Everything
White Poppy · Paradise Gardens
War Requiem
Jehnny Beth & Johnny Hostile · XY Chelsea OST
Automatic Worry
Be Afraid · Remember Fun
Wut · Now
The Unknown
Ajna · Oracular
What You Need [w.Charlotte Day Wilson]
Kaytranada · Bubba
The Host of Seraphim
Dead Can Dance · The Serpent's Egg [remastered]
The Worriment Waltz
Nine Inch Nails · Ghosts VI: Locusts
Tanya Tagaq · Animism
Lustmørd · The Word as Power
Marcus Fjellström · Library Music 1
The Eroding [Fairytale Music 3]
Marcus Fjellström · Air Texture: Volume II
Marcus Fjellström · Schattenspieler
Brohm Ridge
Loscil · Coast/Range/Arc
Gambuh I
Ingram Marshall · The Fragility Cycles
No Discrimation
Tony Allen & His Afro Messengers · No Discrimation