Exploding Head Movies Episode March 2, 2020

XHM #495 - "She wore Dakar noir" (2020 March 02)

6:57pm - 9:01pm

With International Women's Day coming this Sunday, this all-female episode has a profile on Fatima Al Qadiri's score to the 2019 film Atlantics.

1. Basia Bulat: Your Girl (Are You in Love?, 2020) Secret City
2. Cherushii: In Defence of Colours (Queen of Cups 12", 2013) 100% Silk
3. Forever: Blur (Close to the Flame EP, 2020) Cascine
4. Biawanna: Partner in Crime (2019) self-released
5. CEP: Pupil (Drawing the Target Around the Arrow, 2017) Pannonica
6. Opal: Fell from the Sun (Early Recordings, 1989) Rough Trade
7. Mazzy Star: Still (Still EP, 2018) Rhymes of an Hour
8. PJ Harvey: Descending (All About Eve OST, 2019) Invada
9. Mecca Normal: Man Thinks "Woman" (International Hip Swing, 1993) K
10. Brutal Poodle: Broadcast (Demo for Music Waste, 2017) self-released
11. White Ring: For Rotation (Chaind: Volume 2 - Flooded, 2019) self-released
12. Jorja Chalmers: Human Again (Human Again, 2019) Italians Do It Better
13. Lightning Dust: Joanna (Spectre, 2019) Western Vinyl
14. Wendy Carlos: Title Music from Woundings (Rediscovering Lost Scores: Volume 2, 2005) East Side Digital
15. Sylvia Wrath: Be Mine (Saint Catherine, 2015) self-released
16. Sleepy Gonzales: Abandoned Amusement Park (Mellowtrauma 10", 2019) Light Organ
17. Rachel Portman: Cincinnati Streets (Beloved OST, 1998) Epic
18. Champion Lawnmower: I Can Slinky (Champion Lawnmower, 2019) self-released
19. Garbage Dreams: Backlash (Demonstrations, 2018) self-released
20. Pinar Toprak: Learning the Truth (Captain Marvel OST, 2019) Hollywood
21. Charlotte Adigéry: Cursed and Cussed (Zandoli EP, 2019) Deewee/PIAS
22. Activity: Calls Your Name (Unmask Whoever, 2019) Western Vinyl
23. Sarah Davachi: Sybil (Thousands of Eyes in the Dark, 2019) Ghostly International
24. Villaelvin: Ettiquette Stomp (Headroof, 2020) Hakuna Kulala
25. Minimal Violence: New Hard Catch (InDreams, 2019) Technicolour/Ninja Tune
26. Mica Levi: Monos (Monos OST, 2019) Invada
27. Ikonika: Cryo (Aerotropolis, 2013) Hyperdub
28. Fatima Al Qadiri: Filth (HyperSwim, 2019) Williams Street
29. Fatima Al Qadiri: Star-Spangled (Adult Swim Singles Program, 2014) Williams Street
30. Fatima Al Qadiri: Souleiman's Theme (Atlantics OST, 2019) Éditions Milan Music
31. Fatima Al Qadiri: Yelwa Procession (Atlantics OST, 2019) Éditions Milan Music
32. Fatima Al Qadiri: Qasida - Sunset Fever 1 (Atlantics OST, 2019) Éditions Milan Music
33. Fatima Al Qadiri: Boys in the Mirror (Atlantics OST, 2019) Éditions Milan Music
34. Fatima Al Qadiri: Body Double (Atlantics OST, 2019) Éditions Milan Music
35. Fatima Al Qadiri: Syrat (Atlantics OST, 2019) Éditions Milan Music


Track Listing:

Your Girl
Basia Bulat · Are You in Love?
In Defence of Colours
Cherushii · Queen of Cups 12"
Forever · Close to the Flame EP
Partner in Crime
Biawanna · Partner in Crime single
CEP · Drawing the Target Around the Arrow
Fell from the Sun
Opal · Early Recordings
Mazzy Star · Still EP
PJ Harvey · All About Eve OST
Man Thinks "Woman"
Mecca Normal · International Hip Swing
Brutal Poodle · Demo for Music Waste
For Rotation
White Ring · Chaind: Volume 2 - Flooded
Human Again
Jorja Chalmers · Human Again
Lightning Dust · Spectre
Title Music from Woundings
Wendy Carlos · Rediscovering Lost Scores: Volume 2
Be Mine
Sylvia Wrath · Saint Catherine
Abandoned Amusement Park
Sleepy Gonzales · Mellowtrauma 10"
Cincinnati Streets
Rachel Portman · Beloved OST
I Can Slinky
Champion Lawnmower · Champion Lawnmower
Garbage Dreams · Demonstrations
Learning the Truth
Pinar Toprak · Captain Marvel OST
Cursed and Cussed
Charlotte Adigéry · Zandoli EP
Calls Your Name
Activity · Unmask Whoever
Sarah Davachi · Thousands of Eyes in the Dark
Etiquette Stomp
Villaelvin · Headroof
New Hard Catch
Minimal Violence · InDreams
Mica Levi · Monos OST
Ikonika · Aerotropolis
Fatima Al Qadiri · HyperSwim
Fatima Al Qadiri · Adult Swim Singles Program
Souleiman's Theme
Fatima Al Qadiri · Atlantics OST
Yelwa Procession
Fatima Al Qadiri · Atlantics OST
Qasida - Sunset Fever 1
Fatima Al Qadiri · Atlantics OST
Boys in the Mirror
Fatima Al Qadiri · Atlantics OST
Body Double
Fatima Al Qadiri · Atlantics OST
Fatima Al Qadiri · Atlantics OST