Exploding Head Movies Episode February 17, 2020

XHM #493 - "I'm carrying a gold shovel, so yes" (2020 February 17)

6:58pm - 9:05pm

It's Black History Month, so with the film award season ending earlier that usual this year, we can finally have a timely funky episode with a long overdue profile on Isaac Hayes' score to the 1971 blaxploitation classic Shaft! Can you dig it?

1. Red Circle: Red Blood Blues (Petrified, 2019) self-released
2. Ted Quinlan: Cheticamp (Absolutely Dreaming, 2019) self-released
3. Sudan Archives: Glorious (Athena, 2019) Stones Throw
4. Alicia Clara: Closing Time at the Gates (2020) Interstreet
5. Kronos Quartet: Terry Riley's The Electron Cyclotron Frequency Parlour (Sun Rings, 2019) Nonesuch
6. Khruangbin & Leon Bridges: C-Side (Texas Sun EP, 2020) Dead Oceans/Columbia/Night Time Stories
7. Antibalas: Fist of Flowers (Fu Chronicles, 2020) Daptone
8. K-Rec: Jealous (Chapel Sound Compilation: Volume 1, 2015) Chapel Sound
9. Funk Schwey: Summertime (Sh'qweyla single, 2014) self-released
10. The Slakadeliqs: The Other Side of Tomorrow (The Other Side of Tomorrow, 2012) Do Right!
11. Badbadnotgood: Boogie No. 69 (Velvet 7", 2014) Innovative Leisure
12. The Ballantynes: I Believe (Dark Drives Life Signs, 2015) La Ti Da
13. AM Static: Break Out (A Life Well Lived, 2014) self-released
14. Bobbi Humphrey: Spanish Harlem (Flute-In, 1971) Blue Note
15. The Soul Motivators: Do the Damn Thing (Do the Damn Thing, 2020) Do Right!
16. Dawn Pemberton: What I Got (Say Somethin', 2014) Do Right!
17. Jimmy Smith: Blues for 3+1 (Bluesmith, 1972) Verve
18. Lafayette Afro Rock Band: Hihache (Soul Makossa, 1973) Editions Makossa
19. Marsha Hunt's 22: [Oh, No! Not!] The Beast Day (The Beast Day 7", 1973) Vertigo
20. Richard Davis: Dealin' (Dealin', 1974) Muse
21. Aretha Franklin: Rock Steady (Young, Gifted & Black, 1972) Atlantic
22. The New Birth: Never Can Say Goodbye (Ain't No Big Thing, But It's Growing, 1971) RCA Victor
23. Generation Gap: Family Affair (Plays Shaft, 1972) RCA Camden
24. Miguel de Deus: Black Soul Brothers (Black Soul Brothers, 1977) Underground
25. [radio promo] Shaft (Super Bad Super Black, Can Y'all Dig That? Radio Spots from Blaxploitation, 2003) Waste Management
26. The Mighty Showstoppers: Shaft in Africa (Poly-Tones split 7", 2011) Freestyle
27. Isaac Hayes: Soulsville [film version] (Shaft OST, 2019) Craft/Enterprise
28. Isaac Hayes: Walk from Regio's [film version] (Shaft OST, 2019) Craft/Enterprise
29. Isaac Hayes: Ellie's Love Theme [film version] (Shaft OST, 2019) Craft/Enterprise
30. Isaac Hayes: Bumpy's Lament [reprise, film version] (Shaft OST, 2019) Craft/Enterprise
31. Isaac Hayes: Shaft's Pain (Shaft OST, 2019) Craft/Enterprise
32. Isaac Hayes: Theme from Shaft (Shaft OST, 2019) Craft/Enterprise
33. Donald Byrd: Xibaba (Electric Byrd, 1970) Blue Note
34. Ladysmith Black Mambazo: Nansi Imali (The Indestructible Beat of Soweto, 1985) Earthworks


Track Listing:

Red Blood Blues
Red Circle · Petrified
Ted Quinlan · Absolutely Dreaming
Sudan Archives · Athena
Closing Time at the Gates
Alicia Clara · Closing Time at the Gates
Terry Riley's The Electron Cyclotron Frequency Parlour
Kronos Quartet · Sun Rings
Khruangbin & Leon Bridges · Texas Sun EP
Fist of Flowers
Antibalas · Fu Chronicles
K-Rec · Chapel Sound Compilation: Volume 1
Funk Schwey · Sh'qweyla single
The Other Side of Tomorrow
The Slakadeliqs · The Other Side of Tomorrow
Boogie No. 69
Badbadnotgood · Velvet 7"
I Believe
The Ballantynes · Dark Drives, Life Signs
Break Out
AM Static · A Life Well Lived
Spanish Harlem
Bobbi Humphrey · Flute-In
Do the Damn Thing
The Soul Motivators · Do the Damn Thing
What I Got
Dawn Pemberton · Say Somethin'
Blues for 3+1
Jimmy Smith · Bluesmith
Lafayette Afro Rock Band · Soul Makossa
(Oh, No! Not!) The Beast Day
Marsha Hunt's 22 · The Beast Day 7"
Richard Davis · Dealin'
Rock Steady
Aretha Franklin · Young, Gifted & Black
Never Can Say Goodbye
The New Birth · Ain't No Big Thing, But It's Growing
Family Affair
Generation Gap · Plays Shaft
Black Soul Brothers
Miguel de Deus · Black Soul Brothers
[radio promo] · Super Bad Super Black, Can Y'all Dig That? Radio Spots from Blaxploitation
Shaft in Africa
The Mighty Showstoppers · Poly-Tones split 7"
Soulsville [film version]
Isaac Hayes · Shaft OST
Walk from Regio's [film version]
Isaac Hayes · Shaft OST
Ellie's Love Theme [film version]
Isaac Hayes · Shaft OST
Bumpy's Lament [reprise, film version]
Isaac Hayes · Shaft OST
Shaft's Pain
Isaac Hayes · Shaft OST
Theme from Shaft
Isaac Hayes · Shaft OST
Donald Byrd · Electric Byrd
Nansi Imali
Ladysmith Black Mambazo · The Indestructible Beat of Soweto