Exploding Head Movies Episode January 13, 2020

XiiHM #488 - "A dozen wee eggs" (2020 January 13)

6:59pm - 9:02pm

The nominees for the 92nd Academy Awards were announced this morning so gak celebrates his twelfth anniversary on air at CITR, Oscar season begins proper. We'll profile Alexander Desplat's nominated score to Greta Gerwig's adaptation of Little Women along with a nominated song from Rocketman. We'll also have tributes to Carroll Spinney, René Auberjonois & Neil Peart.

1. Hans Zimmer: Main Title (12 Years a Slave: Score, 2013) Columbia
2. Alan Silvestri: Trumpet Fanfare (Who Framed Roger Rabbit? OST, 2018) Intrada/Mondo
3. The Pointer Sisters: Pinball Number Count [DJ Food re-edit] (C is for Cookie 12", 2003) Ninja Tune
4. Yu Su: Tipu's Tiger (Roll with the Punches 12", 2019) Second Circle
5. Oscar the Grouch: I Love Trash (The Sesame Street Book & Record, 1970) Columbia
6. Buffy Sainte-Marie & Big Bird: Different People, Different Ways (Sesame Street, 1977) Sesame Street
7. CFCF: Re-Utopia (Liquid Colours, 2019) BGM Solutions
8. René Auberjonois: Les Poissons (The Little Mermaid OST, 1989) Walt Disney
9. Dennis McCarthy: Main Titles [Seasons 1-3] (Star Trek Deep Space 9: The Collection, 2013) La-La Land
X? The Bad Plus: Tom Sawyer (Prog, 2007) Heads Up International/Do the Math
11. Selina Martin: The Spirit of Radio (Disaster Fantasies, 2010) self-released
TWELVE! Rush: YYZ (Moving Pictures, 1981) Anthem
13. Montréal Guitare Trio: Tom Sawyer (Der Prinz, 2014) Analekta
14. BEA1991: Philip (Brand New Adult, 2019) self-released
15. Trentemøller: The Dream [w.Low] (Lost, 2013) In My Room
16. Matthew Cardinal: Jan 8th (Ho! Ho! Ho! Canada 10, 2018) The Line of Best Fit
17. Laura Barrett: Humble Fawn (Paper Bag Records Winter Sampler, 2019) Paper Bag
18. The Postmarks: Pinball Number Count (By the Numbers, 2008) Unfiltered
19. André Perry: J'ai perdu 15 cents dans le nez froid d'un ange bronzé [Pte. III du Ode a L'affaire, Direction: Walter Boudreau] (L'Infonie, 1969) Tir Groupé/Polydor
20. Storc: Join Us (II, 2019) Birdface
21. Necking: Rover (Cut Your Teeth, 2019) Mint
22. Miguel Angel Fuster: Polvo Lunar (Venezuela 70, 2016) Soul Jazz
23. Róisín Murphy: Narcissus (2019) Skint
24. Elton John & Taron Egerton: [I'm Gonna] Love Me Again (Rocketman OST, 2019) Virgin EMI/Interscope
25. Octo Octa: Deep Connections (Resonant Body, 2019) T4T LUV NRG
26. Elton John & Lebo M: Never Too Late (The Lion King OST, 2019) Walt Disney
27. Beyoncé: Spirit (The Lion King OST, 2019) Walt Disney
28. Malibu: One Life (One Life 12", 2019) Joyful Noise
29. Alexandre Desplat: Little Women (Little Women OST, 2019) Sony Classical
30. Alexandre Desplat: The Beach (Little Women OST, 2019) Sony Classical
31. Alexandre Desplat: Telegram (Little Women OST, 2019) Sony Classical
32. Alexandre Desplat: Snow in the Garden (Little Women OST, 2019) Sony Classical
33. Alexandre Desplat: Dr March's Daughters (Little Women OST, 2019) Sony Classical
34. The Neil Cowley Trio: Pinball Number Count (Displaced, 2006) Hide Inside


Track Listing:

Main Title
Hans Zimmer · 12 Years a Slave: Score
Trumpet Fanfare
Alan Silvestri · Who Framed Roger Rabbit? OST
Pinball Number Count [DJ Food re-edit]
The Pointer Sisters · C is for Cookie 12"
Tipu's Tiger
Yu Su · Roll with the Punches 12"
I Love Trash
Oscar the Grouch · The Sesame Street Book & Record
Different People, Different Ways
Buffy Sainte-Marie & Big Bird · Sesame Street
CFCF · Liquid Colours
Les Poissons
René Auberjonois · The Little Mermaid OST
Main Titles [Seasons 1-3]
Dennis McCarthy · Star Trek Deep Space 9: The Collection
Tom Sawyer
The Bad Plus · Prog
The Spirit of Radio
Selina Martin · Disaster Fantasies
Rush · Moving Pictures
Tom Sawyer
Montréal Guitare Trio · Der Prinz
BEA1991 · Brand New Adult
The Dream [w.Low]
Trentemøller · Lost
Jan 8th
Matthew Cardinal · Ho! Ho! Ho! Canada 10
Humble Fawn
Laura Barrett · Paper Bag Records Winter Sampler
Pinball Number Count
The Postmarks · By the Numbers
J'ai perdu 15 cents dans le nez froid d'un ange bronzé [Pte. III du Ode a L'affa
André Perry · L'Infonie
Join Us
Storc · II
Necking · Cut Your Teeth
Polvo Lunar
Miguel Angel Fuster · Venezuela 70
Róisín Murphy · Narcissus single
[I'm Gonna] Love Me Again
Elton John & Taron Egerton · Rocketman OST
Deep Connections
Octo Octa · Resonant Body
Never Too Late
Elton John & Lebo M · The Lion King OST
Beyoncé · The Lion King OST
One Life
Malibu · One Life 12"
Little Women
Alexandre Desplat · Little Women OST
The Beach
Alexandre Desplat · Little Women OST
Alexandre Desplat · Little Women OST
Snow in the Garden
Alexandre Desplat · Little Women OST
Dr March's Daughters
Alexandre Desplat · Little Women OST
Pinball Number Count
The Neil Cowley Trio · Displaced