Exploding Head Movies Episode October 31, 2019

XHM #336 [REDUX] - "Lupine hominoid" (2019 Hallowe'en)

7:07pm - 7:07pm

As a bonus to recent podcast listeners, this Hallowe'en episode from 2016, set to re-air in 2019 but didn't due to technical issues, is available. "WOLFMAN GAK guesthosts this All Hallowed Eve episode as regular host gak is asleep somewhere. All manners of spooky sounds from this raspy-voiced legend of radio as he overpowers all procedures, though he ran low on whiskey and throat lozenges."

Full details: https://www.citr.ca/radio/exploding-head-movies/episode/20161031/

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Episode 336: Lupine hominoid
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