Exploding Head Movies Episode October 21, 2019

XHM #478 - "Hormones & heavy artillery" (2019 October 21)

6:56pm - 8:59pm

gak's on the road for work so this prerecorded episode features Mica Levi's eerie score to the 2019 South American film Sonos. Not horror in concept but totally in sound. Plenty of Thom Yorke here too since he plays in Vancouver the night this airs on the radio.

1. Sloan: Money City Maniacs (Navy Blues, 1998) Murderecords
2. Concubine: Decenter (2018, 2018) self-released
3. Thom Yorke: Not the News (ANIMA, 2019) XL
4. Thom Yorke: The7th7th7th7thson (Suspiria OST [unreleased material], 2019)XL
5. Thom Yorke: The Universe is Indifferent (Suspiria OST, 2018) XL
6. Jeremy Dutcher: Qonute (Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa, 2018) self-released
7. Sampha: Treasure (Beautiful Boy OST, 2018) Warner Bros
8. Blank Banshee: Fluid (Metamorphosis, 2019) Hologram Bay
9. Danny Brown: Belly of the Beast [w.Obongjayar] (uknowhatimsayin¿, 2019) Warp
X. XXXTentacion: Moonlight (?, 2018) Bad Vibes Forever
11. Plains Apparition: Orb Levitation (Encrypt, 2019) self-released
12. Velvet Negroni: Wine Green (Neon Brown, 2019) 4AD
13. Sink Ya Teeth: Freak 4 the Kick (Sink Ya Teeth, 2018) Hey Buffalo
14. PRG/M: Mefite (Radiant Fields EP [digital version], 2019) Midgar
15. Haviah Mighty: In Women Colour (13th Floor, 2019) self-released
16. Rosalía: Dio$ No$ Libre del Dinero (Fucking Money Man single, 2019) Columbia
17. Massive Attack: Risingson [Setting Sun Dub Two] (Massive Attack v. Mad Professor Part II - Mezzanine Remix Tapes 1998, 2019) UMC/Virgin EMI
18. Curses: This is the Day (Lagasta 10 Years Anniversary Compilation, 2019) Lagasta
19. Unknown Mobile: Medicine Man (Daucile Moon, 2019) Pacific Rhythm
20. Gazelle Twin: Cutting into Flesh (The Virtues OST, 2019) Invada
21. Loscil: Equivalent 3 (Equivalents, 2019) Kranky
22. Jump Source: Radiant Shift (JS01 12", 2019) self-released
23. Aphex Twin: "Spots" (Selected Ambient Works: Volume 2, 1994) Warp
24. Minor Pieces: Grace (The Heavy Steps of Dreaming, 2019) FatCat
25. Psychic Pollution: Existential Response Test (AI Existential Intelligence Report, 2016) Eat Glass
26. Mica Levi: Andrew Void (Under the Skin OST, 2014) Milan/Rough Trade
27. cEvin kEy: Coma (Artoffact Records, 2019) Artoffact
28. Mica Levi: Delete Beach [Japanese version] (Delete Beach EP, 2017) DDS
29. Mica Levi: Interlude 2 (Delete Beach EP, 2017) DDS
30. Mica Levi: Guerreros (Monos OST, 2019) Invada
31. Mica Levi: Lobo y Lady (Monos OST, 2019) Invada
32. Mica Levi: Aullido (Monos OST, 2019) Invada
33. Mica Levi: Solos (Monos OST, 2019) Invada
34. Mica Levi: Sin Radio (Monos OST, 2019) Invada
35. Mica Levi: Helicoptero (Monos OST, 2019) Invada
36. Mono: Silent Fight, Sleeping Dawn (Hymn to the Immortal Wind, 2019) Human Highway/Conspiracy/Temporary Residence
37. Radiohead: Ill Wind (Ill Wind single, 2016) XL


Track Listing:

Money City Maniacs
Sloan · Navy Blues
Concubine · 2018
Not the News
Thom Yorke · ANIMA
Thom Yorke · Suspiria OST [unreleased material]
The Universe is Indifferent
Thom Yorke · Suspiria OST
Jeremy Dutcher · Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa
Sampha · Beautiful Boy OST
Blank Banshee · Metamorphosis
Belly of the Beast [w.Obongjayar]
Danny Brown · uknowhatimsayin¿
XXXTentacion · ?
Orb Levitation
Plains Apparition · Encrypt
Wine Green
Velvet Negroni · Neon Brown
Freak 4 the Kick
Sink Ya Teeth · Sink Ya Teeth
PRG/M · Radiant Fields EP [digital version],
In Women Colour
Haviah Mighty · 13th Floor
Dio$ No$ Libre del Dinero
Rosalía · Fucking Money Man single
Risingson [Setting Sun Dub Two]
Massive Attack · Massive Attack v. Mad Professor Part II - Mezzanine Remix Tapes 1998
This is the Day
Curses · Lagasta 10 Years Anniversary Compilation
Medicine Man
Unknown Mobile · Daucile Moon
Cutting into Flesh
Gazelle Twin · The Virtues OST
Equivalent 3
Loscil · Equivalents
Radiant Shift
Jump Source · JS01 12"
Aphex Twin · Selected Ambient Works: Volume 2
Minor Pieces · The Heavy Steps of Dreaming
Existential Response Test
Psychic Pollution · AI Existential Intelligence Report
Andrew Void
Mica Levi · Under the Skin OST
cEvin kEy · Artoffact Records
Delete Beach [Japanese version]
Mica Levi · Delete Beach EP
Interlude 2
Mica Levi · Delete Beach EP
Mica Levi · Monos OST
Lobo y Lady
Mica Levi · Monos OST
Mica Levi · Monos OST
Mica Levi · Monos OST
Sin Radio
Mica Levi · Monos OST
Mica Levi · Monos OST
Silent Fight, Sleeping Dawn
Mono · Hymn to the Immortal Wind
Ill Wind
Radiohead · Ill Wind single