Exploding Head Movies Episode October 14, 2019

XHM #477 - "A gritty Teen Wolf (minus Gritty)" (2019 October 14)

6:58pm - 8:59pm

On this Canadian Thanksgiving episode, we continue with our October horror theme by delving into some of the music tied to the teenage werewolf film series Ginger Snaps. Keep your turkeys safe outdoors; gobble gobble!

1. Stereolab: Brakhage (Dots and Loops: Expanded Edition, 2019) Duophonic
2. Yu Su: Words without Sound (Roll with the Punches 12", 2019) Second Circle
3. Little Eva: Let's Turkey Trot (Let's Turkey Trot 7", 1963) Dimension
4. The King Khan Experience: Turkey Ride (Turkey Ride, 2019) Ernest Jenning/Khannibalism
5. Angelo Badalamenti: Deer Meadow Shuffle (Twin Peaks: Limited Event Series OST, 2017) Rhino
6. Bloodstone: Natural High (Jackie Brown OST, 1997) Maverick/A Band Apart
7. Robert Forster & Tiny Lister Jr: Dialogue - "Catch a Movie" (Jackie Brown, 1997) A Band Apart
8. Graham Bond Organization: Harmonica (There's a Bond Between Us, 1965) Columbia
9. Graham Bond Organization: Camels & Elephants (There's a Bond Between Us, 1965) Columbia
10. Gladys Knight & The Pips: Mr Welfare Man (Claudine OST, 1974) Buddah
11. Big Thief: Cattails (UFOF, 2019) 4AD
12. Kid Koala: Shielded (Music to Draw to: Io, 2019) Arts & Crafts
13. (Sandy) Alex G: Bad Man (House of Sugar, 2019) Domino
14. Cat Power: In Your Face (Wanderer, 2018) Domino
15. Ken Nordine & His Kinsmen: Strollin' Spooks (Hot Sake 7", 1958) Dot
16. Blue Hawaii: Trust (Open Reduction Internal Fixation, 2019) Arbutus
17. Jenny Hval: Lions [w.Vivian Wang] (The Practice of Love, 2019) Sacred Bones
18. Tijuana Bibles: Wheelchair Werewolf (Fists of Fury, 2004) Trophy
19. Matty: How Can He Be (Déjàvu, 2018) Matty Unlimited
20. Minor Pieces: Shipbreaking [excerpt] (The Heavy Steps of Dreaming, 2019) FatCat
21. Possum: Tusk (Space Grade Assembly, 2019) Garment District
22. Hutch Davie & His Honky Tonkers: Gwendolyn and the Werewolf (In the Mood 7", 1958) ATCO
23. Lightning Dust: Devoted To (Spectre, 2019) Western Vinyl
24. Doomsquad: Emma (Let Yourself Be Seen, 2019) Bella Union
25. Guitar Wolf: Planet of the Wolves (Planet of the Wolves, 1997) Kioon/Matador
26. The Battles: Lycanthropy (The Good Jacket presents Vancouver Special, 2000) Mint
27. Dr John: Loop Garoo (Remedies, 1970) ATCO
28. Lee Kristofferson: Night of the Werewolf (Dinner with Drac 7", 1977) Thrust/Chiswick
29. Godhead: Inside You (Ginger Snaps OST, 2000) Roadrunner Arcade
30. Hatebreed: Burial for the Living (Ginger Snaps OST, 2000) Roadrunner Arcade
31. Junkie XL: Love Like a Razorblade [excerpt] (Big Sounds of the Drags, 1999) Roadrunner
32. Mike Shields: Ginger Snaps Theme [long version] (Ginger Snaps, 2000) unreleased
33. Kurt Swinghammer: Beneath the Skin (Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed OST, 2004) Reaction
34. Kurt Swinghammer: Leapin' Werewolves (Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed OST, 2004) Reaction
35. Kurt Swinghammer: Welcome Home Waltz (Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed OST, 2004) Reaction
36. Kurt Swinghammer: Institutional Green (Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed OST, 2004) Reaction
37. Kurt Swinghammer: Purple Drug (Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed OST, 2004) Reaction
38. Stereolab: Old Lungs (Emperor Tomato Ketchup: Expanded Edition, 2019) Duophonic

Sorry Flyers fans!


Track Listing:

Stereolab · Dots and Loops: Expanded Edition
Words without Sound
Yu Su · Roll with the Punches 12"
Let's Turkey Trot
Little Eva · Let's Turkey Trot 7"
Turkey Ride
The King Khan Experience · Turkey Ride
Deer Meadow Shuffle
Angelo Badalamenti · Twin Peaks: Limited Event Series OST
Natural High
Bloodstone · Jackie Brown OST
Dialogue - "Catch a Movie"
Robert Forster & Tiny Lister Jr · Jackie Brown
Graham Bond Organization · There's a Bond Between Us
Camels & Elephants
Graham Bond Organization · There's a Bond Between Us
Mr Welfare Man
Gladys Knight & The Pips · Claudine OST
Big Thief · U.F.O.F.
Kid Koala · Music to Draw to: Io
Bad Man
(Sandy) Alex G · House of Sugar
In Your Face
Cat Power · Wanderer
Strollin' Spooks
Ken Nordine & His Kinsmen · Hot Sake 7"
Blue Hawaii · Open Reduction Internal Fixation
Lions [w.Vivian Wang]
Jenny Hval · The Practice of Love
Wheelchair Werewolf
Tijuana Bibles · Fists of Fury
How Can He Be
Matty · Déjàvu
Shipbreaking [excerpt]
Minor Pieces · The Heavy Steps of Dreaming
Possum · Space Grade Assembly
Gwendolyn and the Werewolf
Hutch Davie & His Honky Tonkers · In the Mood 7"
Devoted To
Lightning Dust · Spectre
Doomsquad · Let Yourself Be Seen
Planet of the Wolves
Guitar Wolf · Planet of the Wolves
The Battles · The Good Jacket presents Vancouver Special
Loop Garoo
Dr John · Remedies
Night of the Werewolf
Lee Kristofferson · Dinner with Drac 7"
Inside You
Godhead · Ginger Snaps OST
Burial for the Living
Hatebreed · Ginger Snaps OST
Love Like a Razorblade [excerpt]
Junkie XL · Big Sounds of the Drags
Ginger Snaps Theme [long version]
Mike Shields · Ginger Snaps
Beneath the Skin
Kurt Swinghammer · Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed OST
Leapin' Werewolves
Kurt Swinghammer · Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed OST
Welcome Home Waltz
Kurt Swinghammer · Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed OST
Institutional Green
Kurt Swinghammer · Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed OST
Purple Drug
Kurt Swinghammer · Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed OST
Old Lungs
Stereolab · Emperor Tomato Ketchup: Expanded Edition