Exploding Head Movies Episode September 23, 2019

XHM #474 - "I can feel the air from a far-off sigh" (2019 September 23)

6:57pm - 9:02pm

Autumn's picking up steam as the Vancouver International Film Festival starts this week, New Forms Festival happens over the weekend and so many acts in town. Main profile will be on PJ Harvey's recent soundtrack work for All About Eve & The Virtues.

1. Haviah Mighty: Bag Up (13th Floor, 2019) self-released
2. Watering: Tall Basser (Songs, 2015) self-released
3. Nitzer Ebb: Let Your Body Learn (That Total Age, 1987) Mute/Geffen/Warner Bros
4. Minimal Violence: June Anthem (InDreams, 2019) Technicolour
5. Jade Statues: in ur eyes i see so much more (2014) self-released
6. Aurora Halal: Fattal 22 (Liquiddity, 2019) Mutual Dreaming
7. D. Tiffany: Tiffany Sway (D. Tiffany, 2014) 1080p
8. Phil Western: Shallow Breathing (No Love Lost, 2018) self-released
9. Nilüfer Yanya: Baby Blu (Miss Universe, 2019) ATO/PIAS
10. Vampire Weekend: Harmony Hall (Father of the Bride, 2019) Columbia
11. Blaine L Reininger: Autumn Shore (The Godfather of Odd: A Hardy Fox Tribute, 2019) Klanggalerie
12. Cigarettes After Sex: Heavenly (2019) Partisan
13. Louise Burns: Young Mopes (Young Mopes, 2017) Light Organ
14. Kurt Marble: White Hair (Notes, 2015) self-released
15. Fly Pan Am: Distance Dealer (C'est ça, 2019) Constellation
16. The Cars: Candy-O (Candy-O, 1979) Elektra
17. Ólafur Arnalds: Film Credits (Living Room Songs, 2011) Erased Tapes
18. RJD2: Through the Walls [w.Ric Ocasek] (Through the Walls 7", 2004) Definitive Jux
19. Romeo Void: Never Say Never (Benefactor, 1982) Columbia
20. Colin Stetson: Memory and Ambition (The First OST: Volume 1, 2018) New Deal/Record Collection
21. Rich Aucoin: The Mind (Release, 2019) Haven Sounds
22. Hal: Extremis [w.Gillian Anderson] (Extremis single, 1997) Virgin
23. PJ Harvey: Becoming (All About Eve OST, 2019) Invada
24. PJ Harvey: The Sandman [w.Gillian Anderson] (All About Eve OST, 2019) Invada
25. PJ Harvey: Ascending (All About Eve OST, 2019) Invada
26. PJ Harvey: The Moth [w.The Moth] (All About Eve OST, 2019) Invada
27. PJ Harvey: Submerge (The Virtues OST, 2019) Invada
28. PJ Harvey: Prayer (The Virtues OST, 2019) Invada
29. PJ Harvey: The Lonely Wolf (The Virtues OST, 2019) Invada
30. Aphex Twin: Gwely Mernans (The Virtues OST, 2019) Invada
31. PJ Harvey: The Crowded Cell (The Virtues OST, 2019) Invada


Track Listing:

Bag Up
Haviah Mighty · 13th Floor
Tall Basser
Watering · Songs
Let Your Body Learn
Nitzer Ebb · That Total Age
June Anthem
Minimal Violence · InDreams
in ur eyes i see so much more
Jade Statues · in ur eyes i see so much more
Fattal 22
Aurora Halal · Liquiddity
Tiffany Sway
D. Tiffany · D. Tiffany
Shallow Breathing
Phil Western · No Love Lost
Baby Blu
Nilüfer Yanya · Miss Universe
Harmony Hall
Vampire Weekend · Father of the Bride
Autumn Shore
Blaine L Reininger · The Godfather of Odd: A Hardy Fox Tribute
Cigarettes After Sex · Heavenly
Young Mopes
Louise Burns · Young Mopes
White Hair
Kurt Marble · Notes
Distance Dealer
Fly Pan Am · C'est ça
The Cars · Candy-O
Film Credits
Ólafur Arnalds · Living Room Songs
Through the Walls [w.Ric Ocasek]
RJD2 · Through the Walls 7"
Never Say Never
Romeo Void · Benefactor
Memory and Ambition
Colin Stetson · The First OST: Volume 1
The Mind
Rich Aucoin · Release
Extremis [w.Gillian Anderson]
Hal · Extremis 12"
PJ Harvey · All About Eve OST
The Sandman [w.Gillian Anderson]
PJ Harvey · All About Eve OST
PJ Harvey · All About Eve OST
The Moth [w.The Moth]
PJ Harvey · All About Eve OST
PJ Harvey · The Virtues OST
PJ Harvey · The Virtues OST
The Lonely Wolf
PJ Harvey · The Virtues OST
Gwely Mernans
Aphex Twin · The Virtues OST
The Crowded Cell
PJ Harvey · The Virtues OST