Exploding Head Movies Episode August 5, 2019

XHM #467 - “The little frogs & crayfish aren't the only ones that should be worried” (2019 August 05)

6:59pm - 9:01pm

It’s a civic holiday on Canada, marking the middle of the North American summer. Very appropriate to scare you with Bobby Krlic’s score to Ari Aster’s horror film Midsommar. We also pay tribute to actor Rutger Hauer (1944-2019) and composers Michael Colgrass (1932-2019) & Bob Johnston (1926-2019). gak also comes in hot from Tofino and it shows.

1. Deerhunter: Death in Midsummer (Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared, 2019) 4AD
2. Vangelis: Wounded Animals (Blade Runner - EMS Recombination: Definitive Edition, 1982) Tyrell
3. Vangelis: Roy Pushes a Nail through His Hand (Blade Runner - EMS Recombination [Japanese tracks], 1982) Tyrell
4. Vangelis: Tears in Rain [w.Rutger Hauer] (Blade Runner OST, 1994) EastWest/Atlantic
5. Vangelis: The Prodigal Son Brings Death (Blade Runner - EMS Recombination: Definitive Edition, 1982) Tyrell
6. Holly Herndon: Crawler (Proto, 2019) 4AD
7. Childish Gambino: Summertime Magic (Summer Pack EP, 2018) Wolf+Rothstein/Liberator Music/RCA
8. Bonus Points: Summer Romance (Lost in the Tropics, 2017) self-released
9. HAIM: Summer Girl (2019) Polydor
10. The Trolls: Summer Song (Treasure Mountain EP, 2017) self-released
11. Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein: Starcourt (Stranger Things 3 OST, 2019) Lakeshore/Invada
12. Mauno: Summertime (Really Well, 2019) Tin Angel
13. The Courtneys: Delivery Boy (The Courtneys, 2013) Hockey Dad/Burger/Gnar Tapes
14. Valiska: A Denseness of Trees (Shifts, 2013) Unit Structure Sound Recordings
15. Necking: Big Mouth (Cut Your Teeth, 2019) Mint
16. Dorothea Paas: Climbing (Calm Your Body Down EP, 2015) self-released
17. Sarah Davachi & Ariel Kalma: Hack Sat Zoom (Intemporel, 2019) Black Sweat
18. Ada Lea: Wild Heart (What We Say in Private, 2019) Saddle Creek
19. Hedningarna: Räven/Foxwoman (Trä, 1994) Silence/Northside
20. Samuli Kemppi: Cekis (Stockholm_Helsinki 1.0 12”, 2016) Reclaim Your City
21. The Haxan Cloak: Miste (Excavation, 2013) Tri Angle
22. Bobby Krlic: Coursing (Almost Holy OST, 2016) Sacred Bones
23. Emily A Sprague: Synth 1 (Water Memory/Mount Vision, 2019) RVNG Intl.
24. Bobby Krlic: Gassed (Midsommar OST, 2019) Milan
25. Bobby Krlic: Hålsingland (Midsommar OST, 2019) Milan
26. Bobby Krlic: The House That Hårga Built (Midsommar OST, 2019) Milan
27. Bertram Turetzky: Ben Johnston’s Casta Bertram (The Contemporary Contrabass, 1970) Nonesuch
28. The Boston Modern Orchesta Project: Michael Colgrass’ Letter from Mozart (Side by Side, 2019) BMOP Group


Track Listing:

Death in Midsummer
Deerhunter · Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared
Wounded Animals
Vangelis · Blade Runner - EMS Recombination: Definitive Edition
Roy Pushes a Nail through His Hand
Vangelis · Blade Runner - EMS Recombination [Japanese tracks]
Tears in Rain [w.Rutger Hauer]
Vangelis · Blade Runner OST
The Prodigal Son Brings Death
Vangelis · Blade Runner - EMS Recombination: Definitive Edition
Holly Herndon · Proto
Summertime Magic
Childish Gambino · Summer Pack EP
Summer Romance
Bonus Points · Lost in the Tropics
Summer Girl
HAIM · Summer Girl
Summer Song
The Trolls · Treasure Mountain EP
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein · Stranger Things 3 OST
Mauno · Really Well
Delivery Boy
The Courtneys · The Courtneys
A Denseness of Trees
Valiska · Shifts
Big Mouth
Necking · Cut Your Teeth
Dorothea Paas · Calm Your Body Down EP
Hack Sat Zoom
Sarah Davachi & Ariel Kalma · Intemporel
Wild Heart
Ada Lea · What We Say in Private
Hedningarna · Trä
Samuli Kemppi · Stockholm_Helsinki 1.0 12”
The Haxan Cloak · Excavation
Bobby Krlic · Almost Holy OST
Synth 1
Emily A Sprague · Water Memory/Mount Vision
Bobby Krlic · Midsommar OST
Bobby Krlic · Midsommar OST
The House That Hårga Built
Bobby Krlic · Midsommar OST
Ben Johnston’s Casta Bertram
Bertram Turetzky · The Contemporary Contrabass
Michael Colgrass’ Letter from Mozart
The Boston Modern Orchesta Project · Side by Side