Exploding Head Movies Episode June 24, 2019

XHM #461 - "We turn our camera on" (2019 June 24)

6:59pm - 9:02pm

Herbie Hancock performs at this year's Vancouver International Jazz Festival, so amongst other performers, we'll profile his score to the 1966 thriller Blow-Up. We also pay tribute to French Touch musician & producer Philippe "Zdar" Cerboneschi (1967-2019).

1. Cassius: Don't Let Me Be [w.Owlle] (Dreems, 2019) Caroline
2. Motorbass: Ezio (Pansoul, 1996) Different/PIAS France
3. Cassius: La Mouche (1999, 1999) Virgin
4. Wayne Shorter: Oriental Folk Song [La Funk Mob remix] (Blue Note Revisited, 2004) Blue Note
5. La Chatte Rouge: Affaires a Faire/Bargains Galore (Super Discount, 1997) Disques Solid/Different
6. Cat Power: Cherokee (Sun, 2012) Matador
7. Hot Chip: No God (A Bath Full of Ecstasy, 2019) Domino
8. Digitalism: Zdarlight (Zdarlight single, 2005) Kitsuné/Virgin
9. Mamarudegyal: Puttin' On (Music Waste 25 Sampler Pack, 2019) Music Waste
10. Lucinda Williams: Lake Charles (Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, 1998) Mercury
11. I-LP-ON: Poble Dub (Äänet, 2018) Editions Mego
12. Rhiannon Giddens & Francesco Turrisi: Ten Thousand Voices (There is No Other, 2019) Nonesuch
13. Big Thief: Century (U.F.O.F, 2019) 4AD
14. Blank Banshee: Web (Metamorphsis EP, 2019) Hologram Bay
15. Teen Daze: Longing (Bioluminescence, 2019) Flora
16. Yu Su: Of Yesterday [instrumental] (Roll With the Punches 12", 2019) Second Circle
17. Joni Void: Cinetrauma (Mise en Abyme, 2019) Constellation
18. Beverly Glenn-Copeland: Ever New (Keyboard Fantasies, 1986) Atlast
19. Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson: Back Home (Winter in America, 1998) Strata-East
20. Potatohead People: Mellowtune (Mellowtunes EP, 2012) Jellyfish Recordings
21. Thus Owls: Black Matter (Black Matter, 2015) Secret City
22. We Just Stole a Car: The Sixth Time We Met (Chat Tambour, 2013) MUNT
23. Gordon Grdina, Kenton Loewen, Benoît Delbecq & François Houle: Broken World (Ghost Lights, 2017) Songlines
24. Herbie Hancock: Bring Down the Birds (Blow-Up OST, 1996) MGM
25. Herbie Hancock: The Naked Camera (Blow-Up OST, 1996) MGM
26. Herbie Hancock: The Thief (Blow-Up OST, 1996) MGM
27. Herbie Hancock: Curiosity (Blow-Up OST, 1996) MGM
28. Herbie Hancock: Thomas Studies Photos (Blow-Up OST, 1996) MGM
29. Deee-Lite: Groove is in the Heart (World Clique, 1990) Elektra


Track Listing:

Don't Let Me Be [w.Owlle]
Cassius · Dreems
Motorbass · Pansoul
La Mouche
Cassius · 1999
Oriental Folk Song [La Funk Mob remix]
Wayne Shorter · Blue Note Revisited
Affaires a Faire/Bargains Galore
La Chatte Rouge · Super Discount
Cat Power · Sun
No God
Hot Chip · A Bath Full of Ecstasy
Digitalism · Zdarlight single
Puttin' On
Mamarudegyal · Music Waste 25 Sampler Pack
Lake Charles
Lucinda Williams · Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
Poble Dub
I-LP-ON · Äänet
Ten Thousand Voices
Rhiannon Giddens & Francesco Turrisi · There is No Other
Big Thief · U.F.O.F.
Blank Banshee · Metamorphsis EP
Teen Daze · Bioluminescence
Of Yesterday [instrumental]
Yu Su · Roll With the Punches 12"
Joni Void · Mise en Abyme
Ever New
Beverly Glenn-Copeland · Keyboard Fantasies
Back Home
Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson · Winter in America
Potatohead People · Mellowtunes EP
Black Matter
Thus Owls · Black Matter
The Sixth Time We Met
We Just Stole a Car · Chat Tambour
Broken World
Gordon Grdina, Kenton Loewen, Benoît Delbecq & François Houle · Ghost Lights
Bring Down the Birds
Herbie Hancock · Blow-Up OST
The Naked Camera
Herbie Hancock · Blow-Up OST
The Thief
Herbie Hancock · Blow-Up OST
Herbie Hancock · Blow-Up OST
Thomas Studies Photos
Herbie Hancock · Blow-Up OST
Groove is in the Heart
Deee-Lite · World Clique