Exploding Head Movies Episode June 17, 2019

XHM #460 - "Treaties in good faith" (2019 June 17)

6:58pm - 9:01pm

With National Indigenous Peoples Day on June 21st, we profile nêhiyawak's score to the 2017 documentary ôtênaw. We also have the 1st Vancouver International Jazz Festival preview and a sportsdesk update. gak's travels caught up with him planning this odd episode.

1. Rascalz: Northern Touch [w.Kardinal Offishall, Thrust, Choclair & Checkmate, A Tribe Called Red Remix w.Black Bear] (Northern Touch single, 2018) Sony Canada
2. John Williams: Theme from Jurassic Park (Jurassic Park OST, 1991) MCA
3. Kardinal Offishall: Raptors Playoff Anthem (2019) self-released
4. General Genius: Raptorfoot (2019) self-released
5. Sarah Davachi: Perfumes III (Pale Bloom, 2019) W.25th
6. Snotty Nose Rez Kids: The Warriors (Tiny House Warriors: Volume 1, 2018) Tiny House Warriors
7. Wu-Tang Clan: Protect Ya Neck [bloody version] (Legend of the Wu-Tang, 2004) BMG Heritage
8. El Michels Affair: Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthin' to Fuck Wit (Return to the 37th Chamber, 2017) Big Crown
9. Jamila Woods: Sun Ra [w.theMIND & Jasminfire] (Legacy! Legacy!, 2019) Jagjaguwar/Closed Sessions
10. Too Many Zooz: Noda (F Note EP, 2014) self-released
11. Five Alarm Funk: Interlude (Anything is Possible, 2010) self-released
12. Cherushii: Indigo Wave [w.Golden Donna] (Starlight Express EP, 2015) self-released
13. 79.5: Terrorize My Heart [disco dub 45rpm mix] (Terrorize My Heart 12", 2018) Big Crown
14. Tom Trago: Shutters [extended 12" mix] (Horse Meat Disco III, 2011) Strut
15. Dadweed: Big Empty (I Dreamt I Was Running, 2018) Honey Pomelo Forever
16. Laverne: Talk Show (Yarrow, 2018) self-released
17. Giacomelli: Kundalini Timeshares (Weather Calculator, 2017) self-released
18. Nilüfer Yanya: Paradise (Miss Universe, 2019) ATO/PIAS
19. Partner: Everybody Knows (In Search of Lost Time, 2017) You've Changed
20. Get the Blessing: Cellophant (Bristopia, 2018) Kartel Music Group
21. The Ballantynes: Downtown (2018) La-Ti-Da
22. Combo Chimbita: Santo Fuerte (Ahomale, 2019) Anti-
23. Broadcast: Tears in the Typing Pool (Tender Buttons, 2003) Warp
24. Bernard Parmegiani: Image de Marque Extrait (Mémoire Magnetique: Vol. 1 [Compilation De Bandes Magnétiques Inédites 1966-1990], 2018) Transversales Disques
25. Faith Healer: Such a Gemini (Try :-), 2017) Mint
26. Priests: Ice Cream (The Seduction of Kansas, 2019) Sister Polygon
27. Jonny Greenwood: Playground [bass clarinet] (You Were Never Really Here OST, 2018) Lakeshore
28. Tumasi Quissa: Iyagaaluit (Better Times/Meilleurs Jours, 1981) Boot/Gold
29. Ziibiwan: Wanishindis [w.Jeremy Dutcher] (Mayagi Mashkawizii, 2016) self-released
30. Nêhiyawak: Mahihkan Suite (Ôtênaw OST, 2017) self-released
31. Nêhiyawak: Pehonan (Ôtênaw OST, 2017) self-released
32. Nêhiyawak: Storm (Ôtênaw OST, 2017) self-released
33. Nêhiyawak: Signed Patrick [Property] (Ôtênaw OST, 2017) self-released
34. Nêhiyawak: Old North Trail Suite (Ôtênaw OST, 2017) self-released
35. Miles Davis: Rouge (Birth of the Cool, 1949) Capitol


Track Listing:

Northern Touch [w.Kardinal Offishall, Thrust, Choclair & Checkmate, A Tribe Call
Rascalz · Northern Touch single
Theme from Jurassic Park
John Williams · Jurassic Park OST
Raptors Playoff Anthem
Kardinal Offishall · Raptors Playoff Anthem
General Genius · Raptorfoot
Perfumes III
Sarah Davachi · Pale Bloom
The Warriors
Snotty Nose Rez Kids · Tiny House Warriors: Volume 1
Protect Ya Neck [bloody version]
Wu-Tang Clan · Legend of the Wu-Tang
Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthin' to Fuck Wit
El Michels Affair · Return to the 37th Chamber
Sun Ra [w.theMIND & Jasminfire]
Jamila Woods · Legacy! Legacy!
Too Many Zooz · F Note EP
Five Alarm Funk · Anything is Possible
Indigo Wave [w.Golden Donna]
Cherushii · Starlight Express EP
Terrorize My Heart [disco dub 45rpm mix]
79.5 · Terrorize My Heart 12"
Shutters [extended 12" mix]
Tom Trago · Horse Meat Disco III
Big Empty
Dadweed · I Dreamt I Was Running
Talk Show
Laverne · Yarrow
Kundalini Timeshares
Giacomelli · Weather Calculator
Nilüfer Yanya · Miss Universe
Everybody Knows
Partner · In Search of Lost Time
Get the Blessing · Bristopia
The Ballantynes · Downtown single
Santo Fuerte
Combo Chimbita · Ahomale
Tears in the Typing Pool
Broadcast · Tender Buttons
Image de Marque Extrait
Bernard Parmegiani · Mémoire Magnetique: Vol. 1 [Compilation De Bandes Magnétiques Inédites 1966-1990
Such a Gemini
Faith Healer · Try :-)
Ice Cream
Priests · The Seduction of Kansas
Playground [bass clarinet]
Jonny Greenwood · You Were Never Really Here OST
Tumasi Quissa · Better Times/Meilleurs Jours
Wanishindis [w.Jeremy Dutcher]
Ziibiwan · Mayagi Mashkawizii
Mahihkan Suite
Nêhiyawak · ôtênaw OST
Nêhiyawak · ôtênaw OST
Nêhiyawak · ôtênaw OST
Signed Patrick [Property]
Nêhiyawak · ôtênaw OST
Old North Trail Suite
Nêhiyawak · ôtênaw OST
Miles Davis · Birth of the Cool