Exploding Head Movies Episode April 15, 2019

XHM #452 - "What the flerken" (2019 April 15)

7:01pm - 9:02pm

As everyone gears up for Easter and then Avengers: Endgame, it's time to profile Pinar Toprak's score to the most recent Marvel film, Captain Marvel. gak starts out soothing before the usual mischief creeps back in like a cat.

1. The Chemical Brothers: Free Yourself (No Geography, 2019) Virgin EMI
2. Joseph Shabason: 1517 (Anne EP, 2019) Western Vinyl
3. Jayda G: Sunshine in the Valley [w.Alexa Dash] (Significant Changes, 2019) Ninja Tune
4. Kaytranada: Dysfunctional [w.VanJess] (Dysfunctional single, 2019) RCA
5. RAP: Mad Friday (Export, 2019) Jolly Discs
6. Earl Sweatshirt: Cold Summers (Some Rap Songs, 2018) Tan Cressida/Columbia
7. Men I Trust: Numb (2019) self-released
8. Mort Garson: Hair (Electronic Hair Pieces, 1969) A&M
9. Palm Oil: That Dick (Last Time, 2019) self-released
10. Jock Tears: Kits Bro (Bad Boys, 2018) Inky
11. How the Night Came: Any Place is Another Place (The House of Asterion OST, 2019) self-released
12. The New Rituals: Sweets (Sweets demo, 2017) self-released
13. Swervedriver: Year of the Girl (Duel single, 1993) Creation/A&M
14. Kyle Bobby Dunn: Triple Axel on Cremazie (From Here to Eternity, 2019) Past Inside the Present
15. Dead Soft: Waste (Dead Soft, 2014) Infinity Cat/Kingfisher Bluez
16. Little Sprout: Solar Wind (Little Sprout EP, 2017) self-released
17. Astrolope: The Lens (Planets & Polygons, 2015) Plutoid
18. Kero Kero Bonito: Flamingo (2014) Secret Songs
19. Karen O & Danger Mouse: Ministry (Lux Prima, 2019) BMG
20. The Budos Band: Veil of Shadows (V, 2019) Daptone
21. Lee Fields & the Expressions: It Rains Love (It Rains Love, 2019) Big Crown
22. Charles Bradley: I Feel a Change [w.Menahan Street Band] (Black Velvet, 2018) Daptone
23. Menahan Street Band: Black Velvet (Black Velvet, 2018) Daptone
24. KÁRYYN: Yajna (The Quanta Series, 2019) Antevasin
25. Nine Inch Nails: March of the Pigs (The Downward Spiral, 1994) Nothing/Interscope/Island
26. Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross: Trails (Patriots Day OST, 2017) Lakeshore
27. Pinar Toprak: Captain Marvel (Captain Marvel OST, 2019) Hollywood
28. Pinar Toprak: Lost the Target (Captain Marvel OST, 2019) Hollywood
29. Pinar Toprak: Escaping the Basement (Captain Marvel OST, 2019) Hollywood
30. Pinar Toprak: I'm All Fired Up (Captain Marvel OST, 2019) Hollywood
31. Pinar Toprak: More Problems (Captain Marvel OST, 2019) Hollywood
32. Diane De Prima: Revolutionary Letter No. 49 (The Dial-a-Poem Poets, 1972) Giorno Poetry Systems



Track Listing:

Free Yourself
The Chemical Brothers · No Geography
Joseph Shabason · Anne EP
Sunshine in the Valley [w.Alexa Dash]
Jayda G · Significant Changes
Dysfunctional [w.VanJess]
Kaytranada · Dysfunctional single
Mad Friday
RAP · Export
Cold Summers
Earl Sweatshirt · Some Rap Songs
Men I Trust · Numb single
Mort Garson · Electronic Hair Pieces
That Dick
Palm Oil · Last Time
Kits Bro
Jock Tears · Bad Boys
Any Place is Another Place
How the Night Came · The House of Asterion OST
The New Rituals · Sweets demo
Year of the Girl
Swervedriver · Duel single
Triple Axel on Cremazie
Kyle Bobby Dunn · From Here to Eternity
Dead Soft · Dead Soft
Solar Wind
Little Sprout · Little Sprout EP
The Lens
Astrolope · Planets & Polygons
Kero Kero Bonito · Flamingo single
Karen O & Danger Mouse · Lux Prima
Veil of Shadows
The Budos Band · V
It Rains Love
Lee Fields & the Expressions · It Rains Love
I Feel a Change [w.Menahan Street Band]
Charles Bradley · Black Velvet
Black Velvet
Menahan Street Band · Black Velvet
KÁRYYN · The Quanta Series
March of the Pigs
Nine Inch Nails · The Downward Spiral
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross · Patriots Day OST
Captain Marvel
Pinar Toprak · Captain Marvel OST
Lost the Target
Pinar Toprak · Captain Marvel OST
Escaping the Basement
Pinar Toprak · Captain Marvel OST
I'm All Fired Up
Pinar Toprak · Captain Marvel OST
More Problems
Pinar Toprak · Captain Marvel OST
Revolutionary Letter No. 49
Diane De Prima · The Dial-a-Poem Poets