Exploding Head Movies Episode April 8, 2019

XHM 451°F - "Cooking the books" (2019 April 08)

7:01pm - 9:03pm

Looking at the numbers, our profile is on François Truffaut's 1966 film adaptation of Ray Bradbury's 1953 dystopic novel Fahrenheit 451. Keep the fires at bay! gak's back and the CITR Sports Desk comes up with breaking numbers at the end.

1. Hot Chip: Hungry Child (A Bath Full of Ecstasy, 2019) Domino
2. Majeure: Unimara (Union of Worlds, 2015) Constellation Tatsu
3. 2 Chainz: Threat 2 Society (Rap or Go to the League, 2019) Gamebread/Def Jam
4. Nipsey Hussle: Victory Lap [w.Stacy Barthe] (Victory Lap, 2018) Marathon/Paramount/Interscope
5. Phil Western: When the Heart is Breaking (No Love Lost, 2018) self-released
6. Phil Western: The Stages of Grief (New Door Opening, 2018) self-released
7. Download: Mother Sonne (Furnace, 1995) Off Beat/Sub-Conscious Communications
8. Abyss X: Amadeus (Nüshu, 2016) Infinite Machine
9. Sasami: Jealousy (Sasami, 2019) Domino
10. Nilüfer Yanya: Heat Rises (Miss Universe, 2019) ATO/PIAS
11. Thomas Bangalter: Sangria (Climax OST, 2018) Milan
12. Chai: Choose Go! (Punk, 2019) Burger
13. The (English) Beat: Too Nice to Talk to (Too Nice to Talk to 7", 1980) Go-Feet/Arista/Sire
14. General Public: Taking the Day Off (Faults And All 7", 1986) Virgin
15. Persian Rugs: Always All (Always All 7", 2010) Cloudberry
16. Jody Glenham: Gypsy Babe (Gypsy Babe single, 2012) self-released
17. Jarmo Saari Republic: The Wunderers (Soldiers of Light, 2019) Membran
18. Milk: Can't Go Home (Mattress Ranch, 2018) self-released
19. Dumb: Club Nites (Club Nites, 2019) Mint
20. Pye Corner Audio: Claustrophobe (Hollow Earth, 2019) Ghost Box
21. Joni Void: Dysfunctional Helper [w.Noah] (Mise en Abyme, 2019) Constellation
22. Tanya Tagaq: Icebreaker (Toothsayer, 2019) Six Shooter
23. Pablo's Eye: Today (Bardo for Pablo 12", 2018) Stroom
24. Project Pablo: No Interest (Come to Canada You Will Like It, 2018) Verdicchio Music Publishing
25. Suzanne Vega: Blood Makes Noise (99.9 F°, 1992) A&M
26. GP Hall: Fahrenheit 451 (Industrial Blue, 2017) Lullabies For Insomniacs
27. Bernard Herrmann & the National Philharmonic Orchestra: Fahrenheit 451 (The Fantasy Film World of Bernard Herrmann, 1974) Decca/London
28. Ornette Coleman: The Empty Foxhole (The Empty Foxhole, 1966) Blue Note


Track Listing:

Hungry Child
Hot Chip · A Bath Full of Ecstasy
Majeure · Union of Worlds
Threat 2 Society
2 Chainz · Rap or Go to the League
Victory Lap [w.Stacy Barthe]
Nipsey Hussle · Victory Lap
When the Heart is Breaking
Phil Western · No Love Lost
The Stages of Grief
Phil Western · New Door Opening
Mother Sonne
Download · Furnace
Abyss X · Nüshu
Sasami · Sasami
Heat Rises
Nilüfer Yanya · Miss Universe
Thomas Bangalter · Climax OST
Choose Go!
Chai · Punk
Too Nice to Talk to
The Beat · Too Nice to Talk to 7"
Taking the Day Off
General Public · Faults And All 7"
Always All
Persian Rugs · Always All 7"
Gypsy Babe
Jody Glenham · Gypsy Babe single
The Wunderers
Jarmo Saari Republic · Soldiers of Light
Can't Go Home
Milk · Mattress Ranch
Club Nites
Dumb · Club Nites
Pye Corner Audio · Hollow Earth
Dysfunctional Helper [w.Noah]
Joni Void · Mise en Abyme
Tanya Tagaq · Toothsayer EP
Pablo's Eye · Bardo for Pablo 12"
No Interest
Project Pablo · Come to Canada You Will Like It
Blood Makes Noise
Suzanne Vega · 99.9 F°
Fahrenheit 451
GP Hall · Industrial Blue
Fahrenheit 451
Bernard Herrmann & the National Philharmonic Orchestra · The Fantasy Film World of Bernard Herrmann
The Empty Foxhole
Ornette Coleman · The Empty Foxhole