Exploding Head Movies Episode March 4, 2019

XHM #446 - "Stupendous contributions!" (2019 March 04)

7:01pm - 9:04pm

CITR Fundrive 2019 is on! We're celebrating over 80 years on air and we need your help to make new milestones for our double ruby jubilee. We'll profile Michael Giacchino's scores from The Incredibles and its 2018 sequel amongst other gems.

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1. Theresa Andersson: Ruby (Street Parade, 2012) Basin Street
2. Haruomi Hosono: Talking (Watering a Flower, 1984) Fuyuki-sha
3. Sylvan Esso: Radio (What Now, 2017) Loma Vista
4. The B-52s: Legal Tender (Whammy!, 1983) Warner Bros
5. Toshifumi Hinata: Chaconne (Kankyo Ongaku: Japanese Environmental, Ambient & New Age Music 1980-1990, 2018) Light in the Attic
6. Devours: Movie Star (Late Bloomer EP, 2016) self-released
7. Kellarissa: Mirabel (Ocean Electro, 2018) Mint
8. Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band: 1 Thing (The Serpent's Mouth, 2018) Big Crown
9. Cherry Glazerr: Sip O'Poison (Adult Swim Singles Program, 2015) Williams Street
10. Dirty Beaches: Lord Knows Best (Badlands, 2011) Zoo
11. Beat Market: Verona (All Good, 2018) Lisbon Lux
12. Milk: Mattress Ranch (Mattress Ranch, 2018) self-released
13. Jeremy Dutcher: Oqiton (Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa, 2018) self-released
14. Galt MacDermot: The Mouse Roared (Shapes of Rhythm, 1966) Kilmarnock
15. E.R. Roberts: Footpath Theme (Moods for Sauna 1 & 2, 2017) self-released
16. Matti Nykänen: Jokainen Tsäänssi on Mahdollisuus [Vivus remix] (Mäkikotka 50v, 2013) Härmä Rekords
17. Klamydia: Matti Nykänen on Viaton (Pienen Pojan Elämää single, 2005) Kråklund
18. Network Music Ensemble: Interlude (Light Lounge EP, 2011) Network Music
19. Christine & the Queens: Doesn't Matter/Voleur de Soleil (Chris, 2018) Because Music
20. El Remolón: Vestido [w.Lido Pimienta] (Selva, 2014) ZZK
21. Jóhann Jóhannsson: Radio [from Free the Mind OST] (The Mercy OST, 2018) Deutsche Grammophon
22. Solange: Down with the Clique (When I Get Home, 2019) Columbia
23. Tigerwing: Ruthless (2019) self-released
24. Dorothy Ashby: Theme from Valley of the Dolls (Afro-Harping, 1968) Cadet
25. Edith Piaf: Le Droit D'aimer (Le Droit D'aimer 7", 1963) Columbia
26. Francis Lai: Aujourd'hui C'est Toi (Un Homme et Une Femme OST, 1966) Disc'Az/United Artists
27. Francis Lai: Olympia's Theme (The Bobo OST, 1967) Warner Bros
28. Michael Giacchino: The Glory Days (The Incredibles OST, 2004) Disney
29. Michael Giacchino: Lava in the Afternoon (The Incredibles OST, 2004) Disney
30. Michael Giacchino: Marital Rescue (The Incredibles OST, 2004) Disney
31. Michael Giacchino: Intruder Alert (The Incredibles OST, 2004) Disney
32. Michael Giacchino: The Incredits (The Incredibles OST, 2004) Disney
33. Michael Giacchino: Elastigirl is Back (Incredibles 2 OST, 2018) Disney
34. Michael Giacchino: World's Worst Babysitters (Incredibles 2 OST, 2018) Disney
35. Michael Giacchino: Looks Like I Picked the Wrong Week to Quit Oxygen (Incredibles 2 OST, 2018) Disney
36. Kamasi Washington: Fists of Fury (Heaven and Earth, 2018) Young Turks
37. Miles Davis: Milestones (Milestones, 1958) Columbia


Track Listing:

Theresa Andersson · Street Parade
Haruomi Hosono · Watering a Flower
Sylvan Esso · What Now
Legal Tender
The B-52s · Whammy!
Toshifumi Hinata · Kankyo Ongaku: Japanese Environmental, Ambient & New Age Music 1980-1990
Movie Star
Devours · Late Bloomer EP
Kellarissa · Ocean Electro
1 Thing
Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band · The Serpent's Mouth
Sip O'Poison
Cherry Glazerr · Adult Swim Singles Program
Lord Knows Best
Dirty Beaches · Badlands
Beat Market · All Good
Mattress Ranch
Milk · Mattress Ranch
Jeremy Dutcher · Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa
The Mouse Roared
Galt MacDermot · Shapes of Rhythm
Footpath Theme
E.R. Roberts · Moods for Sauna 1 & 2
Jokainen Tsäänssi on Mahdollisuus [Vivus remix]
Matti Nykänen · Mäkikotka 50v
Matti Nykänen on Viaton
Klamydia · Pienen Pojan Elämää single
Network Music Ensemble · Light Lounge EP
Doesn't Matter/Voleur de Soleil
Christine & the Queens · Chris
Vestido [w.Lido Pimienta]
El Remolón · Selva
Radio [from Free the Mind OST]
Jóhann Jóhannsson · The Mercy OST
Down with the Clique
Solange · When I Get Home
Tigerwing · Ruthless
Theme from Valley of the Dolls
Dorothy Ashby · Afro-Harping
Le Droit D'aimer
Edith Piaf · Le Droit D'aimer 7"
Aujourd'hui C'est Toi
Francis Lai · Un Homme et Une Femme OST
Olympia's Theme
Francis Lai · The Bobo OST
The Glory Days
Michael Giacchino · The Incredibles OST
Lava in the Afternoon
Michael Giacchino · The Incredibles OST
Marital Rescue
Michael Giacchino · The Incredibles OST
Intruder Alert
Michael Giacchino · The Incredibles OST
The Incredits
Michael Giacchino · The Incredibles OST
Elastigirl is Back
Michael Giacchino · Incredibles 2 OST
World's Worst Babysitters
Michael Giacchino · Incredibles 2 OST
Looks Like I Picked the Wrong Week to Quit Oxygen
Michael Giacchino · Incredibles 2 OST
Fists of Fury
Kamasi Washington · Heaven and Earth
Miles Davis · Milestones