Exploding Head Movies Episode January 28, 2019

XHM #441 - "All power to all people" (2019 January 28)

6:58pm - 9:01pm

With the nominees for the 91st Academy Awards announced last Tuesday, it's time for our annual profile on the nominated songs and scores. Kicking things off with Spike Lee's adaptation of the unbelieveable true story BlacKkKlansman, scored by long-time collaborator Terence Blanchard. We also have a nominated song off the RBG documentary, along with some music that should've been nominated from Sorry to Bother You, Suspiria and You Were Never Really Here.

1. Rank and File: Klansman (The Slash Years, 2003) Rhino Handmade
2. Kalte: Svalbard (Glaciations, 2009) Dark Winter
3. Ólafur Arnalds: The Land of Nod (Another Happy Day OST, 2012) Erased Tapes
4. Ólafur Arnalds: Saman (Re:member, 2018) Mercury KX
5. Ólafur Arnalds: Re:member (Re:member, 2018) Mercury KX
6. Carol Channing: A Little Girl from Little Rock (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: Original Broadway Cast Recording, 1949) Masterworks Broadway
7. Edwin Birdsong: Cola Bottle Baby (Edwin Birdsong, 1979) Philadelphia International
8. Edwin Birdsong: Rapper Dapper Snapper (Funtaztik, 1981) Salsoul
9. Laverne: Evil Thoughts (Yarrow, 2018) self-released
10. Apollo Ghosts: Nightwitch (Nightwitch 7", 2012) Kingfisher Bluez
11. Mychael Danna: No Lights After Eleven (Vanity Fair OST, 2004) Decca
12. Dumb: Romeo (Seeing Green, 2018) Mint
13. Scattered Clouds: Paragone (EP, 2010) self-released
14. Michel Legrand: The Windmills of Your Mind (The Thomas Crown Affair OST, 1968) United Artists
15. Suuns: Control (Felt, 2018) Secretly Canadian
16. Evy Jane: Nothing So Great (2014) self-released
17. Lena Willikens: Neue Obakel (Dekmantel Best of 2018, 2018) Dekmantel
18. The Shacks: My Name is... (Haze, 2018) Big Crown
19. 79.5: ooo (Boogie 12", 2012) Jenkytime
20. Gazelle Twin: Still Life [Blanck Mass remix] (Fleshed Out, 2016) Anti-Ghost Moon Ray
21. Thus Owls: My Blood (The Mountain That We Live Upon, 2018) For the Living and the Dead
22. We are Enfant Terrible: Eagles Don't Sparkle (Thanks for the Fish EP, 2009) Pil
23. Minimal Violence: HMV 94 (Acid Lakes 12", 2017) Lobster Theremin
24. Jennifer Hudson: I'll Fight (I'll Fight single, 2018) Epic
25. The Coup: OYAHYTT [w.Lakeith Stanfield] (Sorry to Bother You OST, 2018) Interscope
26. Terence Blanchard: Photo Opps (BlacKkKlansman OST, 2018) Back Lot
27. Terence Blanchard: Ron's Theme (BlacKkKlansman OST, 2018) Back Lot
28. Terence Blanchard: Connie and the Bomb (BlacKkKlansman OST, 2018) Back Lot
29. Terence Blanchard: Tale of Two Powers 1 (BlacKkKlansman OST, 2018) Back Lot
30. Terence Blanchard: Ron's Search (BlacKkKlansman OST, 2018) Back Lot
31. Terence Blanchard: Patrice Followed (BlacKkKlansman OST, 2018) Back Lot
32. Thom Yorke: The Hooks (Suspiria OST, 2018) XL
33. Thom Yorke: Has Ended (Suspiria OST, 2018) XL
34. Jonny Greenwood: Tree Synthesizers (You Were Never Really Here OST, 2018) Lakeshore
35. Prince: Mary Don't You Weep (Piano and a Microphone 1983, 2018) NPG/Warner Bros


Track Listing:

Rank and File · The Slash Years
Kalte · Glaciations
The Land of Nod
Ólafur Arnalds · Another Happy Day OST
Ólafur Arnalds · Re:member
Ólafur Arnalds · Re:member
A Little Girl from Little Rock
Carol Channing · Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: Original Broadway Cast Recording
Cola Bottle Baby
Edwin Birdsong · Edwin Birdsong
Rapper Dapper Snapper
Edwin Birdsong · Funtaztik
Evil Thoughts
Laverne · Yarrow
Apollo Ghosts · Nightwitch 7"
No Lights After Eleven
Mychael Danna · Vanity Fair OST
Dumb · Seeing Green
Scattered Clouds · EP
The Windmills of Your Mind
Michel Legrand · The Thomas Crown Affair OST
Suuns · Felt
Nothing So Great
Evy Jane · Nothing So Great
Neue Obakel
Lena Willikens · Dekmantel Best of 2018
My Name is...
The Shacks · Haze
79.5 · Boogie 12"
Still Life [Blanck Mass remix]
Gazelle Twin · Fleshed Out
My Blood
Thus Owls · The Mountain That We Live Upon
Eagles Don't Sparkle
We are Enfant Terrible · Thanks for the Fish EP
HMV 94
Minimal Violence · Acid Lakes 12"
I'll Fight single
Jennifer Hudson · I'll Fight single
OYAHYTT [w.Lakeith Stanfield]
The Coup · Sorry to Bother You OST
Photo Opps
Terence Blanchard · BlacKkKlansman OST
Ron's Theme
Terence Blanchard · BlacKkKlansman OST
Connie and the Bomb
Terence Blanchard · BlacKkKlansman OST
Tale of Two Powers 1
Terence Blanchard · BlacKkKlansman OST
Ron's Search
Terence Blanchard · BlacKkKlansman OST
Patrice Followed
Terence Blanchard · BlacKkKlansman OST
The Hooks
Thom Yorke · Suspiria OST
Has Ended
Thom Yorke · Suspiria OST
Tree Synthesizers
Jonny Greenwood · You Were Never Really Here OST
Mary Don't You Weep
Prince · Piano and a Microphone 1983